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  • MALLARD-ROYLE Merrist Wood, Surrey, 8 March

    nov SP/SHP 1, Team Jago’s Bradmore Faberge; 2 & 3, G Holder’s Prince Charming & Rosemore Jubila Tion. SP 1, E Coates’ Walton High Jinks; 2, A Lloyd’s Blue; 3, G Holder’s Rosemore Jubilation. SHP 1 & ch, G Holder’s Hammonds Next Time; 2, L Comford’s Minifield Minks Chippendale; 3, A Moritell’s Comford Gagle. LR 1 & res, J Harvey’s Barkway Tapdance; 2, unlisted; 3, Mrs Stonehouse’s Islym Allaw Mai. NPS M&M ridden sml 1, P Tyldsley’s Talloris De Kelso; 2, J Healey’s Sunglo Woodlark; 3, S Mason’s Ernford Beauman. do lge 1 & ch, J Somerset’s Talfield Honey Bear; 2 & res, M Guy’s Parvadean Gelert; 3, P Lester’s Wooten High Flyer. ridden: nov horse 1, J Stephenson’s Rocky; 2, K Whiting’s Sea Mist; 3, P Hillary’s Mujiz. hunter 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Pukka Tukka; 2, C Clarke’s Pipers Ovation; 3, T Edwards’ Jasper Flower. cob 1 & ch & 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Callisto & Gemini; 3, K Walsh’s Buzz Light Year. RH BHF Qual 1, F Lander’s Dance The Tango; 2, C Herman’s Blues Missile; 3, J Stephenson’s PPS. hack/light horse 1, Dance The Tango; 2, S Hundy’s Havards Panache; 3, F Featherstone’s Gem. in-hand: coloured 1 & res, M Cutler’s Tommy The Tank; 2, A Eldridge’s Greenhills Folly; 3, S Lynsdell’s Come What May. do ridden 1 & ch, K Ledger’s Triangulem; 2, Greenhills Folly; 3, P Lester’s Santolina. y’lng 1 & ch, B Skeet’s Devon Touch Of Class; 2, Santon Stud’s Santon Solitaire; 3, E Thompson’s Broadstone West Indies. 2-y-o 1, S Hart’s Dejavo; 2, H Vernon’s Monaco Finale; 3, I Wells’ Majestic. 3-y-o 1, A Kemp’s Toyhorse Lord Topaz; 2, S Butler’s Gigman Saphire; 3, J Cooper’s Goytre Kaylee. 4-y-o & over 1 & ch, E Tompson’s Broadstone Avani; 2, B Skeet’s Devon River Dance; 3, L Allison’s Grangefields Peterkin. NPS M&M in-hand sml 1, L Allison’s Grangefields Peterkin; 2, J Prior’s Gregonne Galaxy; 3, Santon Stud’s Wilby Solo. do lge 1 & ch, Falfield Honey Bear; 2 & res, M Stephenson’s Dartdale Bobbie II; 3, Mr Atkins’ Dannaway Welsh Model. LR 1, C Boyles’ A Winters Tale; 2, Islyn Allaw Mai; 3, T Edwards’ Cascob Torrent. in-hand: mixed colours not ext 12hh 1 & ch, Toyhorse Lorn Topaz; 2 & res, C Pepe’s Rusty; 3, Garles Stud’s Tiptoe Ivanhoe. do exc 12hh 1, M Williams’ Glencoe Of Forglen; 2, J Brewster’s Jasmine Queen Of The Desert; 3, M Williams’ Kentchurch Crusader. in-hand: Welsh sec A&B 1 & ch, L Allison’s Grangefields Peterkin; 2, S Butler’s Gigman Saphire; 3, J Prior’s Gregonne Galaxy. sec C&D 1 & res, M Williams’ Hengwm Trumpeter; 2, S Reeve Clements’ First Edition; 3, Mr Atkins’ Danaway Welsh Model. M&M exc Welsh 1, Dartdale Bobbie II; 2, C Ross-Thompson’s Dunkery Fieldfare; 3, D Maskell’s Brymmead’s Galaxy. Arab/Anglo/part-bred 1, J Marchant’s IBN Farique; 2, J Brewster’s Anna; 3, S Nundy’s Harvards Panache. Heritage: LR 1 & res, M Hoare’s Uffington Elvis; 2, M Burchell-Small’s Sunwillow Georgina; 3, J Knight’s Greenfern Bartimaeus. FR 1 & ch, K Brar’s Elkins Fifer; 2, L Firth’s MaxwelltownMisty Flight. Heritage nov ridden M&M 1, Mr & Mrs Crutchley’s Newparc Eclipse; 2 & ch, S Roberts’ Bardsey Jack O Spades; 3, unlisted. M&M exc Welsh ridden 1, T Goodsir’s Falfield Silver Slipper; 2, Mrs Rees’ Arran Andy; 3, C Ross Thompson’s Dunkery Fieldfare. veteran exc 15yrs 1, V Gray’s Just Jeremy; 2, Garles Stud’s Toyhorse Lionheart; 3, S Wright’s Pompren Dai Dando. jnr handler 1, V Maskell; 2, K Hall; 3, E Kemp. spotted horse/ pony 1 & res, P Stanley & J House’s Toyhorse Dande Flyer; 2, B Taylor’s Vermont Meirions Gem; 3, B Taylor’s Broomells Desert Mirage. M&M sml 1, Gigmans Saphire; 2, Dunkery Fieldfare; 3, S Lake’s Jewelled Seeptr. do lge 1 & ch, Hen Gwm Trumpeter; 2, Danaway WelshModel; 3, E Keet’s Avondell Timmy. best rider 7yrs & under 1 & ch, Miss Stonehouse; 2, Miss Leadbeater; 3, unlisted. best rider/FR 1 & res, Miss Holder; 2, G Harvey; 3, J Knight. pony/rider not exc 13.2hh 1 & ch, L Firth’s Kerrells Chardonay; 2, N Barnet’s Peasdown Pablo Picasso; 3, E Edwards’ Seawin Ballad. do exc 13.2hh 1, G Holder’s Rosemore Jubilation; 2, S Wright’s Pompren Dai Dando; 3, M Morrison’s Bella. club type horse/pony ridden 1, M Farrell’s Milas; 2, R Fouracre’s Knockilla Rebel; 3, Miss Marshall’s Zippy.

    PONIES (UK) SCOTTISH Gleneagles, Auchterarder, 8 March

    open M&M sm 1, S Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper; 2, T Hinchliffe’s Wortley The Duchess; 3, E Pottinger’s Wedderlie Marmion. do lge 1 & ch & o’all 2nd res sup, R Deptford’s Thorneyside The Toff; 2 & res, P Robson’s Quest Of Mendick; 3, J-A Brydie’s Lockinge Frank. jun M&M ridden sm 1 & ch, Rotherwood Party Popper; 2, M Roddy’s Ceulan Silyn; 3, E Crate’s Phildon Brandy. do lge 1 & res, V Robertson’s Dunedin Heather Mist; 2, M Pender’s Goosemoor Eros; 3, G McMurray’s Trailtroy Taransay. con nov M&M ridden sm 1 & ch, L Stevens’ Brynoffa Orion; 2, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Roseisle Lewis; 3, Ceulan Silyn. do lge 1 & res, G Younger’s Lishmar Coole Abby; 2, P Burnie’s Durris Lord Brett; 3, H Dick’s Chieftain Of Whitefield. con nov M&M LR 1 & ch, K Miller’s Thistledown Orlando; 2 & res, JCousens’ Greenferns Rachel; 3, A Wedgwood’s Redcairn Dolly Mixture. do FR 1, Brynoffa Orion; 2, K Miller’s Waxwing Tango; 3, T Brook’s Soudley Merlyn. open M&M LR 1 & ch, J Cousens’ Cosford Charmelle; 2 & res, F Stewart’s Brwmstan Cloe; 3, K Stewart’s Penual James. do FR 1, Waxwing Tango; 2, E Crate’s Phildon Brandy; 3, K Stewart’s Penual James. con nov M&M in hand sm 1 & res, D Haig’s Saradon Sweet Secret; 2, D Haig’s Brierdene Prince Charming; 3, J Watson’s Millhouse Dictator. do lge 1 & ch, E Thomson’s Ravenscairn Dictator; 2, J Stoddart’s Denmill Dusty; 3, W Ireland’s Raygill Betty. open M&M in hand sm 1 & ch, C Anderson’s Springwater Happy Day; 2, S Thomson’s Cromagtir Dylan; 3, J Watson’s Willonbry Winter Special. do lge 1 & res & sup in hand, W Ireland’s Village Defender; 2, L McNab’s Taffswells Royal Megan; 3, L Cormack’s Vatersay Of Knoxfauld. do Highland 1, R Stewart’s West Lodge Amy; 2, G McMurray’s Trailtrow Taransay; 3, H Dick’s Chieftain Of Whitefield. RP in hand y’stk 1 & ch & Bankswood ch & G Scott ch & res sup in hand, Mesdames Robertson & Brown’s Rotherwood Dream-a-Long; 2 & res, K Ross’s Katana Shooting Star; 3, L Kelbie’s Lyndrose Lady Penelope. do 4-y-o & over 1, M Cousin’s Fenwick Fleur. competition horse/pony in hand ystk 1 & ch & G Scott res, S Williamson’s Eskside Opal. do 4-y-o & over 1 & res, A Donn’s Merris Astro; 2, K Laver’s Just-a-Muddle. ridden SP 128cm 1, M Nicholl’s Bracon Toytown; 2, P Baker’s Sanderson Wild Poppy. 138cm 1 & res & o’all res sup, P Smith’s Trelawn Spring Song; 2, N Orr’s Chinook Filigree; 3, L Ogilvie’s Antoinettes Riverdance. 148cm 1 & ch, Renelles Sparkling Romance; 2, S Morris’s Greenacres Portrait; 3, N Orr’s Rangehill Musician. open SP LR 1, E Gammie’s Cadlan Valley Fairy Story; 2, J McCluskey’s Rowden Ellouise; 3, L Robertson’s Drumphin Tiddleywink. do FR 1 & ch, D Hibberd’s Drury’s Belltoft Ruby; 2 & res, J Cousens’ Regal Temptation; 3, M Nicholl’s Bracon Cover Girl. con nov ridden SHP 148cm 1 & ch, P Lumsden’s Harlaw Simply Red; 2, L Ogilvie’s Antoinettes Riverdance; 3, B Liddle’s Mini Tidkin Soldier. do 158cm 1,J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 2 & res, A Aitken-Smith’s Gee Whiz; 3, J Bishop’s New Days. ridden SHP 153cm 1, K Slight’s Cnapaton Georgie Girl; 2, L Ogilvie’s Oldmere Windchime; 3, M Andrews’ Tadegavwill Ballerina. 133cm 1, Rotherwood Party Popper; 2, E Brown’s Brookfold Lucky Charm; 3, Antoinettes Riverdance. 143cm 1 & res, Harlaw Simply Red; 2, Lady C Tyrrell’s Blainslie Weddling Breakfast; 3, N Orr’s Rangehill Musician. 153cm 1 & ch, L Minchin’s Courtland JP Blue Peter; 2, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tom Cat; 3, M Roddy’s Lucky Miller. M&M style & performance 1, E Pottinger’s Wedderlie Marmion; 2, Mesdames Aitken & Beattie’s Waxwing Rhys; 3, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer. style & performance 143cm 1, F Rodman’s Rocky B; 2, D Meikle’s Kitevale Serendipity; 3, Blainslie Wedding Breakfast. do 158cm 1 & ch, L Cloy’s Irish Fayre; 2 & res, A Boswell’s Mr Jinks; 3, A Donn’s Thorpe Park. NS 1, H Meikle’s Fayre Jessica; 2, J Buchan’s Eyarth Amigo; 3, T Brooks’ Soudley Merlyn. con nov WHP 1, Harlaw Simply Red; 2, A Brewster’s Forrest Star; 3, J Buchan’s Eyarth Amigo. open WHP 133cm 1 & ch, M Nicholl’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 2, S Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak; 3, M Tannock’s Rosevale Bo-peep. do 143cm 1, Rocky B; 2, Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 3, A Brewster’s Forrest Star. do 153cm 1 & res, A Boswell’s Cloud Nine II; 2, L Cloy’s Irish Fair; 3, A Donn’s Thorpe Park. con nov M&M WHP 1, Waxwing Rhys; 2, C Finlayson’s Nenthorn Bumble; 3, G McMurray’s Rummlegairie Of Trailtrow. do open 138cm 1 & ch, P Burnie’s Waxwing Raffia; 2 & res, M Nicholl’s Rosevale Silver Sonnet; 3, G McMurray’s Rummlegaire Of Trailtrow. do exc 138cm 1, E Brown’s Silver Nutmeg; 2, M Smith’s Llansantffraed Charmer. con nov RH 1, V Campbell’s Foreign Exchange; 2, R Rodgers-Beesley’s Ali-Baba; 3, K Laver’s Just-a-Muddle. do open 1, A Brewster’s Clifton Arizona; 2, L McCulloch’s Oso Fair; 3, Just-a-Muddle. nov hunter 1, M Kennedy’s Balblair Marconi; 2, A Brewster’s Big John; 3, A Brewster’s Dramore. do open 1, Balblair Marconi; 2, Big John; 3, Whiteford’s Rakish Osprey. open int SRT 1 & ch, Courtland JP Blue Peter; 2 & res, V Campbell’s Foreign Exchange; 3, G Heslop’s Red Sawyer’s Dream. do SHT 1, C Pollock’s Dominic Maximus; 2, J Knipe’s Tom’s Lad; 3, Irish Fayre. con nov competition horse/ pony 1, R Rodgers-Beesley’s Ali-Baba; 2, A Webb’s Rotherwood Tom Cat; 3, V Gair’s Deacon Blue. open comp pony 148cm 1 & res, A Donn’s Merris Astro. do horse 1 & ch, Irish Fayre; 2, J Welsh’s Morning Sky. red rosette sport horse/pony 153cm 1 & ch, Rocky B; 2, A Boswell’s Cloud Nine II; 3, Thorpe Park. do exc 153cm 1 & res, Morning Star. part-bred ridden 148cm 1, L Minchin’s Eskside Sapphire; 2 & res, G McCartney’s Stanley Grange Flutes; 3, P Lumsden’s Harlaw Simply Red. do exc 148cm 1 & ch, Ali-Baba; 2, Rotherwood Tom Cat; 3, Courtland JP Blue Peter. part-bred in hand y’sk 1 & ch, Mesdames Robertson & Brown’s Rotherwood Dream-a-Long; 2, S Williamson’s Eskside Opal; 3, K Ross’s Katana Shooting Star. do 4-y-o & over 1 & res, V Mylius’s Apres Moi; 2, A Donn’s Merris Astro. coloured horse/pony 153cm 1 & ch & o’all sup, C Martin’s Merrigan; 2 & res, L Scammacca’s Fernando’s Flying Colours; 3, G Fry’s Ardblae Billie Wizard. jun equitation 1 & ch, Rotherwood Party Popper; 2, J Bishop’s New Days; 3, O Jackson’s Brookvale Groom’s Man. do sen 1 & res, A Aitken-Smith’s Prince Riley; 2, Ali-Baba; 3, Just-a-Muddle. P(UK) handler 1, E Crate’s Phildon Brandy; 2, M Cousin’s Nantcol Suzanna; 3, M Cousin’s Fenwick Fleur.

    BARLEYFIELDS BSPS WINTER Etwall, Derbyshire, 9 March

    BSPS nov WHP (J Griffin & L Lyons) inter 1 & ch, T Jannion’s Salut; 2, F Vaughan’s The Cornish Man; 3, S Carden’s Enrileas Promise. nov 153cm 1, Salut;2, R Stokes’s Parkes Deejay; 3, S Bell’s Maybe. do 143cm 1, E Taylor’s Briony Bell; 2, R Lander’s Wolferlow Montana; 3, R Bailey’s Lochdale Jasmin. do 133cm 1 & res, Z Love’s Lanson; 2, E Heron’s Bright Spark; 3, J Leavesley’s SannanValley. BSPS open mixed height WHP 1, E Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, R Bridgwood’s Purple Ronnie; 3, A Howie’s Pebbly Dun Nicely. do tiny tots 1, G Prince’s Brooklands Nicholas Nickleby; 2, E Gee’s Maestir Mood Indigo; 3, B Payne’s Skellorn Artist. CS 1, V Leavesley’s Isley Walton Sandstone; 2, S How’s Parkes River Dance; 3, Brooklands Nicholas Nickleby. nov NS 1, E Stoddard’s Pantycoed Robin; 2, S Scott’s Pulmon Marinello; 3, I Murray’s Morwyn Bronze Olypian. open NS 1, Z Newsham’s Ardenshoes Firefly; 2, S Scott’s Robdale Sweet Talking Guy; 3, V Oakes’s Ponsbourne Pirate. BSPS Heritage M&M (P Barfield) mixed height WHP 1, S Davies’s Countryside Rambling Boy; 2, A Sargeant’s Tyfry Red Sky; 3, D Cuombo’s Sami. do ridden open LR 1 & ch, F Francis’s Galwyn Legionairre; 2 & res, A Hollings’s Dykes Rosie Mead; 3, L Rushton’s Ladywell Minstel. do FR 1, J Spraggett’s Springbourne Camelot; 2, D Rushton’s Shilstone Rocks Country Squire; 3, E Jackson’s Wydnswood Celebrity. do nov mixed height 1, C Collier’s Twbanadl Gwilym; 2, V Rowland’s Thisledown Xenon; 3, R Singleton’s Pulmon Marinello. do mixed height open 1, G Wormall’s Village Favourite; 2, Springbourne Camelot;3, A Abrahall’s Pentrefellin Empress. CHAPS rest ridden 1, R Lock’s Mr Flash; 2, W Moore’s Blue Shadow; 3, H Gilbert’s Miss Money Penny. BSPS nov SHT 122cm 1, I Murray’s Morwyn Bronze Olympian; 2, W Sargeant’s Minsterley Virginia. do 133cm 1 & ch, H Butcher’s Kyneton Barnaby; 2, S Scott’s Pulmon Marinello; 3, Z Dawson-Payne’s Saint Paddy. do 143cm 1, E Burbank’s Pullsarn Skylark. do 153cm 1 & res, R Barker’s Irish Mist; 2, B Bryson’s Oakdale Last Chance; 3,T Bell-Heather’s Seasons Greetings. BSPS mixed height rest SHP 1, W Dent’s Cornley Panache; 2, A Barr’s Finkley Gladiator; 3, A Winter’s Tyn-a-cae Merlyn.

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