Showing results 26 – 27 May 2001

  • BSPS AREA 16 SPRING GT, Witchingham, Norfolk, 26 May

    CROCKSTEAD PARK EC, Halland, East Sussex, 26-27 May

    CROMLECH MANOR FARM Anglesey, N Wales, 27-28 May

    BSPS AREA 16 SPRING GT Witchingham, Norfolk, 26 Maynov WHP. Unaff. 1, Mrs Cole’s Wynnmere Piccolo; 2, Mr Norton’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 3, Mrs Vaughan’s Bryndale Debutante. Heritage NS. 1, Mrs Edmundson’s Bureside Snickers William; 2, Mrs Standing’s Pendock Nightingale; 3, Mrs Plater’s Isle Of Wight Lemon Pip. Heritage WHP 138cms. 1 & ch, Mrs Gredley’s Grange Homeward Sparrow; 2 & res, Mrs Newling’s Bremar Willow; 3, Mrs Pendred’s Rhosson Matisse. exc 138cms. 1, Mrs Newling’s Tio Pepe; 2, Mrs Poskitt’s Oaklands Cloudburst. RIHS int WH. 1, Mrs Gradley’s Pebbly Tuff Stuff; 2, Mrs Russell’s Llewellyn; 3, Mrs Schumann’s Snettisham SummerBlues. CS. 1, Isle Of Wight Lemon Pip; 2, L Kelly’s Bawdsey Dandelion; 3, Mrs Broad’s Hayley’s Girl. RIHS NS. 1, Mrs Hirst’s Robelle Summer Ghost; 2, Mrs Boldock & Mrs Cubitt Smith’s Brynafon Thomas; 3 , Mrs Walker’s Bledridge Thunder.RIHS WHP 133cms. 1 & res, Mrs Oliver’s Dorlyn Calais; 2, Mrs Newling’s Janinos Little Blue; 3, Mrs Crosbie-Starling’s Greenlinks Lucky Rascal. 143cms. 1 & ch, Mrs Underwood’s Stambrook Pavarotti; 2, Mrs Baldock’s Nytilene; 3, Grange Homeward Sparrow. 153cms.1, Mrs Underwood’s Laughtons Bramble Pie; 2, A Bilbe’s Copper Jayne; 3, Mrs Rice’s Splash Of Colour. LR. 1 & ch, Mrs Beatty’s Shulas Theo; 2 , Mrs Denton’s Rhoson Dandi; 3, Carrs BMW’s Dukeshill Kachina. first year FR. 1 & res, Mrs Deary’s Helsington Mighty Mouse; 2, Mrs Coggles’s Little Chatterbox; 3, K Greenfield’s Bradmore Hadrian. FR. 1, Little Chatterbox; 2, Ms Bunting’s Fofsway Page Boy; 3, Mrs Blacker’s Thamebrook Solo. Herutage LR. 1, Mr Nott’s Cosford Rosecombe; 2, Mrs Clarke’s Bengad Cocos; 3, Mr & Mrs Rust’s Gilmans Gwydion. Heritage FR. 1 & ch, Cooper Corp’s Gryngalt Picturesque; 2 & res, D Bright’s Cwmbachstel Dion ; 3, Miss Marriott’s Everkerry Jacob. Heritage Large Ridden Breeds. 1, Miss Stennett’s Boden Park Fiachra; 2, Ms Cotton’s Knockbridge Commander; 3, Mrs Bingham’s Millgrove Sorrel. Welsh B&C. 1 & res, Mrs Jarrom’s Belchford Arthog; 2, Mrs Martin’s Eyarth Cossack; 3, D Bright’sGryngalt Personality. ridden small breeds. 1 & ch, G Harwood’s Drumphin Confetti; 2, Cwmbachstel Dion; 3, A Attwood’s Springbank Atlantis. mixed height SHP. 1, Mr Court’s Necta Kestral; 2, Mrs Nelson’s Dorlyn Mojo; 3, Mrs Holm’s Brockhill Swingalong. jnr M&M small.1 & ch, Cwmbachstel Dion; 2, Everkerry Jacob; 3, Mrs Lee & Mrs Bland’s Senruf Galaxy. jnr M&M large. 1, D Bright Taiforlan Bonheddwr; 2, Oaklands Cloudburst; 3, Mrs Cox’s Glen Miller. M&M small. 1 & res, A Howard’s Rhyfendegaid Sion; 2, Taiforlan Bonheddwr; 3, Belchford Arthog. nov M&M ridden. 1, Everkerry Jacob; 2, Mrs Lee & Mrs Bland’s Valley Whiskas; 3, Glen Miller. mixed height nov SP. 1, Mr & Mrs Pitcher’s Cynbrook Sovereign. &M LR. 1 & ch, Cooper Corp’s Bryndefaid Patsy; 2, Mr Cole’s Penway Cognac; 3, Mrs Mackay’s Fosterhouse Fairy Princess. M&M FR. 1 & res, Everykerry Jacob; 2, Senruf Galaxy; 3, Drumphin Confetti. 14cms SHP.1 & ch, Ms Armstrong Small’s Spinningdale Ferdinand; 2, Mrs Wilkes’s Fleetcroft Eternity; 3, Mrs Toovey’s Hollyhill Julianne. 138cms SP. 1, Mrs Edmundson’s Chester; 2, Cynbrook Sovereign; 3, Mrs Jarrom’s Courtland JP Fairytale. 128cms SP. 1 & res, Mrs Morley’s Rollswood Phantom; 2, Mrs Scriven’s Bankswood Sorrel; 3, Mrs Johnson’s Thimberley Tom Thumb. RIHS Int Small SRT. 1, Mr Willet’s Rhoden Leading Lady; 2, Mrs Smith’s Ponsbourne Deception; 3, Miss Bond’s Harwent Secret Agent. int large SRT 1, Mrs Lang’s Rivervale Celebrity; 2, Miss Brown’s Ace Of Hearts; 3, Mrs Wilkes’s Robert Browning. 153cms SHP. 1, Mrs Basham’s Sheer Charisma; 2, Mrs Underwood’s Folkins Fern Owl; 3, Mrs Gredley’s Boycott Tonic. 143cms SHP. 1 & res, Mrs Stennett’s Wyndyate Destiny; 2, Mrs Gredley’s Chiddock Oxbow; 3, Allison Show Team’s Looking Glass Light. 133cms SHP. 1 & ch, Wynnmere Piccolo; 2, K Cumbers’s Talk Of The Town; 3, Mrs Jessop’s Rosslayne Musty Blue. 122cms SHP. 1, Mrs Jessop’s Fenbourne Moonwind; 2, Mrs Lewis’s Royalswood Pageboy; 3, Mrs Lewis’s Thamesbrook SoloRIHS int SH. 1&ch Mrs Underwood’s Guy Fawkes; 2, Mrs Rains’s Callinaforcy Dark Snipe; 3, Mrs Gredley’s Just U Wait. RIHS LRH. 1 & ch, Helsington Mighty Mouse; 2 & res, Mrs Veale’s Deben Tiger Lily; 3, Mrs Denton’s Rhoson Dandi. mixed height nov SHP.1, Mrs Stennet’s Dykebeck Wild Falcon; 2, Mrs Gredley’s Doodle Dandy; 3, Mrs Armstrong Small’s Spinningdale Alicia. NS. 1, Brynafon Thomas; 2, Mrs Hirst’s Robelle Autumn Ghost; 3, L Kelly’s Douthwaite Eclipse. mixed height WHP. 1, Splash Of Colour; 2, Mrs Cranmer’s Charlie Girl; 3, Mrs Savory’s Mulan Boy. style and perf. 1 & res, Mr Norton’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 2, Charlie Girl; 3, Mrs Martin’s Fair Springsong. M&M style and perf. 1 & ch, Rhyfendegaid Sion; 2, Mr Tann’s Northlight Solero; 3, Bremar Willow. nov M&M WHP. 1, Mrs Parker’s Crossens Pollyanna; 2, Mrs Cole’s Aberarth King Flyer; 3, J Rushmer’s Willoway Calvadoz. M&M WHP 122cms. 1, Mrs Newton’s Colliyers Wensum; 2, Mrs Newton’s Nantceliog Cadog. 38cms. 1 & res, Bremar Willow; 2, Mrs Ramsey’s Duntarvie Guardsman; 3, Northlight Solero. ex 138cms. 1 & ch, Mrs Carter’s Ryndepandy Black Prince; 2, Tio Pepe; 3, Mrs Macnab’s Croxton Portia. RIHS home prod 122cms SHP. 1, Fenbourne Moonwind; 2, Mrs Francis’s Rosedale Moonbeam; 3, Mrs Morley Seaholm Comic. mixed height SHP. 1, Mrs Moss’s Mynach Juniper; 2, Mrs Morley’s Rollswood Phantom; 3, Mrs Wilkes’s Fleetcroft Eternity. LR. 1, Shulas Theo; 2, Rhoson Dandi; 3, Mrs Ahmet’s Firle Mrs Tittlemouse. FR. 1, Mrs Myott’s Maisie Jayne; 2, Crossens Pollyanna; 3, Fofsway Pageboy. SHP. 1, Wyndyate Destiny; 2, Mrs Whitehead’s Denzil Duke; 3, Doodle Dandi. FR. 1 & res Maisie Jayne; 2, Mrs Ellis-Miller’s Romany River Little Duke; 3, Mrs Hinsley’s Fawsley Jasmine. LR. 1 & ch, Mr Stonehouse’s Classic Charmaine; 2, Ms Fell & Miss Chapman’s Rowden Eloise; 3, M Clement’s Bankswood Blossomtime. RIHS 148cms SP. 1 & ch, Sedgelands Riverdance; 2, Mrs Chamber’s Yealand Quixotic; 3, Spinningdale Ferdinand. 138cms. 1, Mynach Juniper; 2, Chester; 3, Mr & Mrs Pitcher’s Crown Jewel. 128cms. 1 & res, Mrs Bright & Ms Loveridge’s Bradmore Bobkin.

    CROCKSTEAD PARK EC, Halland, East Sussex, 26-27 May

    P (UK) (Beverley Moore) Novice WHP Not exc 133 1, J Marsh-Smith’s Action Man (R. Fenton); 2, M Moon’s Highland Desert Storm (K Cadney-Moon). do not exc 143 1, Mrs Rhyddergh’s Harvens Gamefair (G Strang); 2, J Marsh-Smith’s Apache Scout (G Davison); 3, Mrs Tillard’s Walstead Top Flight (K Tillard). do not exc 153 1, Mrs A Brickell’s Finkley Alex (G Strang).Open WHP Not exc 133 1, M Moon’s Highland Desert Storm (K Cadney-Moon). do not exc 143 1, J Marsh Smith’s Apache Scout (G Davison). do not exc 153 1, Mrs S Woodward’s Poaches Moon (L Woodward); 2, H Cripps’ Stainsbrook Benjamin Brown (J Cripps). NS 1, M Moon’s Highland Desert Storm (K Cadney-Moon); 2, Mrs J Lom’s Thornberry Grenadier (H Lom); 3, J Marsh-Smith’s Action Man (Rose Fenton). (Ride-Mrs Steains, Conformation-Beverley Moore) Novice WH 1, Mrs Bigley’s Llanarth Quickstep (L Woodward). Open WH 1, Mrs Bigley’s Llanarth Quickstep (L Woodward). (Mrs E. Heel) SP LR 1, Mesdames Jailler & Power’s Cadnem Caradoc (A Power); 2, T Salter’s Wharley Silver Chimes (S Salter); 3, Mrs R Thacker’s Farchynys Delyn (A Barr). SP FR 1, Mrs S Powell’s Blue Stone Sapphire (H Powell); 2, M Springett’s Hurst Hill Fleur De Lys (L Clarke); 3, Mrs R Thacker’s Farchynys Delyn (A Barr).SP 1, S Breaton’s Harwood Pandora (L Breaton); 2, C Grisdale/J Rogers’s Fenwick Riverdance (C Deeprose).SHP Not exc 122cms 1, C Buchanan-Jackson’s Sparken Bounty; 2, Mrs J Bloor’s Bejowans Superstar (R Bloor); 3, Mrs J Watt’s Berwycl Brenen (F. Head). do not exc 133cms 1, S Breaton’s Harwood Pandora (L Breaton); 2, Mrs Tillard’s Ashdown Dougal (N Tillard). do not exc 143cms 1, Mrs Tillard’s Walstead Top Flight (K Tillard). do not exc 153cms 1, Miss Z Davidson’s Spyanfly Sandstorm (G Davidson); 2, H Cripps’ Standbrook Benhamin Brown (J Cripps); 3, A Remmen’s I’m Ollie (V Remmen). Champion Spyanfly Sandstorm; Res Champ Sparken Bounty. (Mrs J Phillips) Small Hunter 1, Mrs S Bradford’s Blue Heaven II (J Bradford); 2, Mrs J Hawkins’ Ocean Dream (V Hawkins); 3, A Remmen’s I?m Ollie (V Remmen). Open Ridden Skewbald or Piebald Pony 1, J Marsh-Smith’s Apache Scout (G Davison); 2, A Katkowska’s Cormac (S-A McGrath). Open Ridden Skewbald or Piebald Horse 1, G Keywood’s Simply Red (owner). Open Hunter 1, A Blaker’s Mr Flashman (owner); 2, S Holliday’s Irish Echo (owner); 3, C McIntosh’s West Country Poet (owner). (Mrs Houseman) M&M In-hand Small Breeds 1, A Barr’s Lacy Targed; 2, Mr Hecks’ Bellona of Transy; 3, Mrs J Tompsett’s Catalan Brooklyn Bomber.do Large Breed 1, J Hobden’s Blaengwen Gazzer; 2, Mrs S Burt’s Atlantic Prince of Peace; 3, S Barraclough’s CharleslandMystic Shannon. M&M LR 1, Mrs J Tompsett’s Shilstone Rocks Nicodemius (M Tompsett); 2, Mrs D Barr’s Lacy Targed (A Barr); 3, S Bowe’s Burnbeck Bryony (S Bowe). Confined Novice M&M LR 1, Mrs K Szostac’s Rosslayne Peaches & Cream (C Szostac); 2, J Simmon’s Talgoed Chappaquin (L Simmon); 3, S Bowe’s Burnbeck Bryony (S Bowe). M & M FR 1, C Jackman’s Chaceley William (B Jackman); 2, Mrs Crawford’s Rowfantina Simply Sarah (C Crawford); 3, S Flynn’s Wyndyate Anduska (E Flynn). Confined Novice M&M FR 1, Mrs J Lom’s Throberry Grenadier (H Lom); 2, Mrs Bloor’s Bejowans Superstar (R Bloor); 3, Mrs Crawford’s Rowfantina Simply Sarah (C Crawford). Junior M&M ridden small breeds 1, Mrs Crawford’s Rowfantina Simply Sarah (C Crawford); 2, Mrs J Tompsett’s Catalan Brooklyn Bomber (D Tompsett); 3, C Jackman’s Chaceley William (B Jackman). Large Breeds 1, R Hunt’s Penn Caris (A Hoare); 2, Mr & Mrs Featherstone’s Dyffryngwy Lucky Lad (K Trowbridge); 3, Mrs J Patey’s Moortown Firethorn (L Patey). (Mrs Whiteley) M&M WHP not exc 122cms 1, Mrs Burchell-Small’s Greenlinks Olympic Marksman (R Purkis); 2, M Moon’s Highland Desert Storm (K Cadney-Moon); 3, E Allen’s Trewithian Jack Flash (N Allen). do not exc 138cms 1, A Remmen’s Somerford Ladymay (V Remmen); 2, M Hoare’s Ernford Beauman (A Hoare); 3, Mrs P Keegan’s Symondsbury Sylvester (N Keegan). do exceed 138cms 1, Mrs J Patey’s Moortown Firethorn (A Patey); 2, Mrs J Norton’s Burnmoor Rhodri (E Norton); 3, R Hunt’s Penn Caris (A Hoare). Confined M&M WHP not exc 122cms 1, M Moon’s Highland Desert Storm (K Cadney-Moon); 2, Mrs J Bloor’s Bejowans Superstar (R Bloor); 3, K James’s Highland Jinx (D Keegan). do not exc 138cms 1, S Darlington’s Oakwoodhill Just William (owner); 2, R Thacker’s Farchyns Penri (A Hoare). exceed 138cm 1, Mrs & Mrs Featherstone’s Dyffryngwy Lucky Lad (K Trowbridge); 2, L Blaber’s Kentbrook Kestrel (L Blaber); 3, Mrs Somerset’sFalfield Honey Bear (J Somerset). Mixed M&M Small Breeds ridden 1, S Darlington’s Oakwoodhill Just William (owner); 2, Mrs Crawford’s Rowfantina Simply Sarah (C Crawford); 3, Mrs Bryant’s Frithesden Cedric (E Bryant). Mixed M&M Large Breeds ridden 1, Mrs J Norton’s Burnmoor Rhodri (E Norton); 2, Mr & Mrs Baker’s Starcrest Discovery (D Baker); 3, Miss K Hill’s Ballymore Seamus (Miss K Hill). Confined Novice Ridden M&M 1, Mr & Mrs Baker’s Starcrest Discovery (D Baker); 2, Mrs Merwood’s Danfen Diamond Lady (S Darlington); 3, Mr & Mrs Baker’s Blacknest Brigerdeer (K Trowbridge).

    NW ARAB ?C’ SHOW Preston, Lancs, 27 May

    pure bred in hand (males M Harris, females W Poth) yearling jnr.colt. 1 & sup ch, H Cawley’s Shaikh Al Kurali, 2, P Crick’s LTF Omas; 3, Grogan & Harris’s Ibn Rah Rah. do snr. 1 & res jnr male, P Gamlin’s Czampagne; 2, E Maxwell’s Adawy; 3, A Hallworth’s HT Nyrobi. do jnr filly. 1 & res, P Maxwell’s Hawanem; 2, K Gore’s EA Amellia; 3, Silverdale Trainings Nequitta. do snr. 1, D Brandie’s HT Karenina; 2, E & I Woodward’s HT Georgette; 3, A Hallworth’s HT Organza. 2-y-o colt. 1, P Maxwell’s Hussain; 2, Pyrah & Hunt’s Mareen; 3, G Turton’s HT Orient. Do jnr filly. 1 & ch, P Crick’s LTF Kalisha; 2, AM Arabians Pristinya; 3, A Mitchell’s Marazinta. do snr filly. 1, P Meylan’s Arabella Bint Ilamelle; 2, B Marsh’s Bonka; 3, Pyrah & Hunt’s Jualifah. 3-y-o colt. 1, D Tandy’s Qmriya Ghadames; 2, R Hall’s Ice. do filly. 1,P Crick’s LTF Maharia; 2, Silverdale Trainings Saszarta; 3, J Robinson’s Scheherazade .barren mare. 1& res sup, AM Arabians Helawi; 2, C Kerrane’s Ameelia; 3, C&J Wesley’s Nazarifa. mare with foal 4/6-y-o. 1, Silverdale Training’s Ermina;2, N Armstrong’s Havannah; 3, J Alexander’s Akoolah. foals. 1, N Armstrong’s NPA Hafiz; 2, Silverdale’s unnamed; 3, J Alexander’s Lulu. stallion 4/7-y-o. 1 & ch,M Johnson’s Rashiek Ibn Malik; 2, Carr & Rodgers’s LM Luval. do 8/16-y-o. 1 & res, C&J Wesley’s G Halim Sharib;2, L Taylor’s Ajaccio; 3, A Mitchell’s Azinja El Shaklan. geldings (A Dixon) 2/3-y-o. 1, N Armstrong’s NPA Hazan; 2, S Broomfield’s KA Emir Esteem; 3, Givens & Ing’s Astrologer. do 4 & over. 1 & ch, R Gould’s Shaikh Al Dashah; 2 & res, A Davies’s HT Fayid; 3, D Hill’s Sajiid. anglo & part-bred in hand (S Plant) 2/3-y-o colt. 1 & ch, T Moulden’s Kings Ainjel. do filly/geld. 1, N&C Helliwell’s BH Dominion; 2, M Carswell’s Paddock Paragon. mares. 1 & res, G Neve’s Mereland Mistique; 2, J Walker’s Brownsugar.foals. 1, G Neve’s Styalways Amadeus. geld 4 & over. 1, R Georgeson’s Siroccos Master Touch;2, N&C Helliwell’s BH Ariazona;3,A Chappell’s Yemen Ral. open ridden (S Fleming) pure-bred stallion. 1, Coombes & Vandam’s Valetta Hunters Moon; 2, V Nelson’s Nejmeh Sharaza; 3, V Mann-Wernsten’s Notoriousz. do mares. 1, Grant & Kettles’s Varaina; 2, J Tongue’s Kazmiera; 3, S George’s Luzhana. do geld (A). 1 & ch, A Henriques Kharuss Ibn Sadik; 2, B Marsh’s Johara El Kheil; 3, Givens & Ing’s Ammlah. do (B). 1 & res, N Perry’s Muscodin; 2, G Rees Valletta; 3, S George’s Luzhana’s Star Gazer. anglo & p-b over 153cms. 1& ch, X Barker-Wild’s Binghams Royal Lancer; 2, G Neville’s Sky Prelude; 3, A Chappell’s Yemen Ral. do under 153cms. 1, R Georgeson’s Siroccos Master Touch; 2, M Johnson’s Champagne Hestarra; 3, V Nelson’s Hollyhill Drum Major. ridden novice (C Mould) pure-bred stallion. 1, C Cliffe’s Ocean Eilat; 2, G Beverley’s Ffortune. do mare.1 & ch, M Rowell’s Kalista; 2, N Brook’s HFA Blue Diamond; 3, S Holland’s Tukki Amira. do geld. 1 & res, S Brook’s L’Homme; 2, R Titterington’s Crown Prince Of Silver Blue; 3, P Cornes’s Oscar Dareem. do anglo & p-b. 1, M Johnson’s Champagne Hestara; 2, J Walker’s Brownsugar; 3, M Ainsley’s Guard of Honour.

    CROMLECH MANOR FARM Anglesey, N Wales, 27 – 28 May

    Prestfield Rosettes LR 1, Mrs R Hughes’s Stoak Marie; 2, Mr & Mrs M Johnson’s Nant Y Glyd Valient. Cosford Promise FR 1, Mrs B Williams’ Holltess Whoops-A-Daisy. Brineton RSP not exc 128cm 1, D Gray Williams’s Chinook Birch; 2, J Parry’s Moelgarnedd Richard. exc 128-138cm 1, Mrs M Marshalsay’s Starlyte Paperchase; 2, Mrs M Aughton’s Champagne Sodastream. 138-148cm 1, Mrs M Marshalsay’s Starlyte Mayfair. int nov SRT 148-158cm 1, Mr & Mrs P Duffy’s Pencefn Reprint; 2, Mrs J A Fear’s Lord Chatterley. int open SRT 1, Ms C Lomas’s Duette; 2, D J Lloyd’s Awel Mon; 3, V Thomas’s Pennyhill Little Cracker. int SHT 1, Lord Chatterley. open SHT 1, Awel Mon. nov int WHT 1, Mr J Outram’s Rock On Tommy; 2, Lord Chatterley. int WHT 1, Rock On Tommy; 2, Mrs J Massey’s Farne Island. Pretty Ponies LRHT not exc 122cm 1, Nant-Y Glyd Valient. nov SHP 122-153cm 1, Ms S Proffit’s Carnsdale Oliver Twist; 2, Mrs B Williams’s Night Time; 3, Mrs P Griffith’s Fortunes Enigma. SHT pony not exc 122cm 1, Miss A Jackson’s Breamish Jiminey; 2, Mrs C Davis’s Bryndefaid Dylon Thomas. CS 1, Mrs M S Roberts’s Secret Liason. Lord Frederick NS 1, Mrs F Fenna’s Copybush Be Free; 2, Mrs H Johnson’s Lord Of The Manor. HP 122-133cm 1, Mrs H Proffitt’s Bryn Offa Calypso. 133cm-144cm 1, Mrs J Massey’s Hilin Rosebud; 2, Ms J Talbot’s Cinnamon Charm. Briniton Precision SH 1, Rock On Tommy; 2, J Gough Roberts’s Dyfnog Nightwatch; 3, Awel mon. Wittakers Lord Hunter of the Year/associate RH 1, Miss A Jackson’s Night Walker; 2, Mrs J Garnett’s Aristocratic Princess Rose. Hazeldene/Cooper Mikado/Associate RH 1, O Robinson’s Royal Concerto; 2, B Hughes Lawlight Allowance; 3, Night Walker. Kempley ridden/Cooper Royalist Cob 1, O Robinson’s Odins Specific Performance. AssociateHack 1, P J Griffiths’s Gretle; 2, Mrs G E Duffy’s Pencefn Reprint; 3, Mrs P Griffith’s Summer Secret. Caldecot nov WH 1, Mrs H fisher’s Maelog Ocean Crest; 2, Aristocratic Princess Rose; 3, Awel Mon. Hazeldine open WH 1, K McKlean’s Billy; 2, Mr J Garnett’s Arden Island; 3, Mr P Arnold’s Benson. Colne WHP 143-153cm 1, Miss A Aston’s Beau Baron; 2, Farne Island; 3, Mrs J Wyslynch’s Enough Done 133-143cm 1, Mrs H Proffitt’s Parcside Harper; 2, Lady C Tyrrell’s Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 3, T A Squire’s Eudene Limbara. not exc 133cm 1, Mrs E Edmondson’s Oldcourt Amadeus; 2, Mrs J Houlker’s Millcroft Scallywag; 3, Mrs H Johnson’s Flying Colours. mixed height nov pony 1, Mrs M Dalton’s WoodviewFa‡ade; 2, Moelgarnedd Richard; 3, Miss G Arnold’s Balfour Seren Bach. Baileys Horse Feeds nov WH 1, H Johnson’s Huhous Ambo Gomini; 2, Mrs E Edmondson’s Hursted Larch; 3, Fortunes Eminga. Sir Lancelot smartest on parade LR 1, D Johnson’s Bonnie. jnr 1, J Lamb Williams’s Hilin Lilac; 2, Miss L Williams’s Trysor; 3, J Lamb Williams’s Llangaffo Gypsy Tangle. M&M 1, Mrs C M Griffiths’s Taiforgan Deborah. Wolvers Anglo/part-bred ridden 1, O Robinson’s Strivesdale Northstar; 2, Gretle; 3, Pencefn Reprint. in-hand 4yr & over 1, Pencefn Reprint. b’mare 1, Mr & Mrs Owens’s Derw Sonata. foal 1, Mr & Mrs Owens’s Derw Symphony. y’stk 1, Mr D O Williams’s Vlacq Mimosa; 2, A Murray’s Padric Bridegroom. Lloyd Show Classic 1, Duette; 2, Summer Secret. WHP 133cm 1, Flying Colours; 2, Millcroft Scallywag; 3, Oldcourt Amadeus. 143cm 1, Eudene Limbara; 2, Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 3, S N Proffitt’s Annarde Breeze.153cm 1, B Lears’s Brigadoon; 2, Beau Baron; 3, J Baxter’s Avalanche. Heritage M&M LR 1, Mrs J Mayne’s Kinmel Merlin. FR 1, Mrs B Williams’s Llwynan Caramel; 2, Mrs L A Jones’s Tyncreigiau Tonic. ridden Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland, sec A 1, Mrs C Lomas’s Penrhyn Pinnochio; 2, Mrs D Williams’s Llwyna Caramet. sec B&C 1, P & T Edwards’s Wian Llinos; 2, P & T Edwards’s Wian Mab Spruce; 3, J Parry’s Kohinoor Smartie Pants. Fells, Highland, New Forest, Connemara & sec D 1, Ms C Lomas’s Dwyfor Scarlett; 2, S Williams’s Hendrew Aelod Brenin Llewelyn; 3, Mrs B Williams’s Sorrica. Polyanna LR 1, Mr & Mrs Owens’s Deanshill Pageboy. riding pony 1, F T Roberts’s Falconwood Medoc; 2, Mrs J Jones’s Taffi Triog; 3, Mrs M Fenna’s Copybush Be Free. horse 1, Mrs A Tudur Jones’s Balineen Artureen Arturess; 2, Mrs E Lewis’s Farney Queen; 3, G Wain Hobson Gerllan Top Notch. hunter 1, Aristocratic Princess Rose. M&M LR 1, M & RParry’s Cornelia. jnr 1, Wian Llinon; 2, Ms S M Ackers’s Siont Rhon; 3, Ms S Scott Hunter’s Mullindrait Lancelot. M&M 1, Wian Mab Spruce; 2, Hendrew Aeldod Brenin Llewellyn; 3, Taifargan Deborah. Briniton M&M LR 1, Llwynan Caramel; 2, Tyncreicreigiau Tonic; 3, J Lamb Williams Llangaffo Elfin Sword. Lobster Pot M&M FR 1, M & R Parry’ s Trefaes Cornelia. Dalkeith jnr M&M sml 1, Tyncreigau Tonic; 2, Bizzie; 3, Llangaffo Elfin Sword. lrg 1, Dwyfor Scarlet; 2, Ms S Scott Hunter Mullindait Lancelot; 3, Sorrica. Traxdata Kingsford lrg 1, Mrs J Archer’s Grainanfryn Seran Sadwrn; 2, Dwyfor Scarlet; 3, Mullindrait Lancelot. lrg 1, Wian Mab Spruce; 2, Wian Llion; 3, Penrhyn Pinnochio. Flashman WH 133cm 1, Copybush Be Free; 2, T Gash’s Bizzie. mare/geld 4yr & over 153cm 1, Fortunes Enigma; 2, Gerllan Top Notch; 3, Bizzi. WH 1, Aristocratic Princess Rose; 2, Mrs G Wain Hobson’s Hooray Henry; 3, Gerllan Top Notch. WH 1, P J Morris’s Fflur Charlie; 2, Kohinoor Smartie Pants; 3, Mrs N A Owen’s Garnhill Heulwen. Heritage M&M NS 1, Llwynan Caramel. WHP 128-138cm 1, Kohinoor Smartie Pants. exc 138cm 1, Windrush Prince Charming; 2, Sorrica. Lancashire Nov M&M WHP 122-138cm 1, Kohinoor Smartie Pants; 2, Garnhill Heulwen; 3, Brennin Taran. exc 138cm 1, Sorrica; 2, Mrs J Garnett’s Fir Tree Dawn II; 3, Fflur Charlie. Midas HP in-hand n/e 153cm 1, Fortunes Enigma. n/e 153cm foaled in 2000 1, Pentref Simply Red. do, foaled in or before 1996 1, Moelgarred Richard. JD Risley riding pony breeding 1, T Davis’s Alonby Chatalaine; 2, P Wear’s Deehaven Tinkerbell. 1, Copybush Be Free. under 16yr 1, Falconwood Madoc; 2, Ms J Owen’s Sandy. over 16yr 1, Taffi Triog; 2, Gerllan Top Notch; 3, Mrs C Sims Little Lord Fontilroy. Bobby Dazzler club pony 1, Taffi Triog; 2, Ms J Williams’s Bobby Dazzler; 3,Sorrica. horse 1, Gerllan Top Notch. Glyn Greenwood M&M in-hand sml stallion 1, Wian Mab Spruce; 2, Mr S Wright & Miss A Owen’s Gwtnedd Idris. lrg barren mare 1, Taiforgan Deborah 2, Tregare Mrs N Owen. stallion 1, J McLeod’s Wanstead Tarquin Moon. colt, filly, geld foaled in 1998-2000 1, Mrs N Owen’s Cymran Princess.

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