Showing Results 25-27 April ’03

  • BSPS WINTER CHAMPIONSHIPS Solihull RC, 25-27 April

    WHP (Mr Bayley-Machin, Mr Evans, Mr Nash) CS 1, L Matravers’ Morwyn Bronze Festival; 2, E Barnes’ Master Rascal; 3, A Beaty’s Cefn Charmer. CS 1 & ch, G Stoddart’s Pantycoed Robin; 2 & res, C Howell’s My Little Cracker; 3, Morwyn Bronze Festival. WHP (Mrs Arkell, Mr Machin) CS 1 & res, Pantycoed Robin; 2, My Little Cracker; 3, C Andrews’ Stremda Major. NS 1 & ch, Dr Green & Mrs Newsham’s Arendshoeves Firefly; 2, B Barr’s Edentree Countryman; 3, T O’Connor’s Larchgrove Marcus. winter nov (Mr Evans, Mrs Pritchard) NS 1, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan; 2, K Farrar-Fry’s Brookhouse Bostick; 3, N Thompson’s Spinningdale Sienna. open WHP (Mr Nash, Mrs Donger) NS 1, S Loughton’s Pennbrook Tara; 2, D Edmundson’s Bureside Snickers William; 3, M Roberts’ Secret Liaison. winter rest WHP (Mr & Mrs Bayley-Machin) NS 1, A Scott’s Robdale Sweet Talking Guy; 2, K Farrar-Fry’s Brookhouse Bostick; 3, A Green’s Springdale Sensation. RIHS WHP (Mrs Cameron, Mrs Machin) NS 1, K Farrar-Fry’s Vale Park Holiday; 2, T Measures’ Dorlyn Calais; 3, Y Dixon’s Stockham Stonechat. advance (Mrs Baker-Beall, Mr Cook) NS 1, S Bucknell’s Roodlebats Robert; 2, Y Dixon’s Stockham Stonechat; 3, T Measures’ Dorlyn Calais. winter nov WHP (Mrs Cameron, Miss Jull) 133cm 1 & res, S Nicklin’s Lanson; 2, S Loughton’s Pennbrook Tara; 3, M Stewart’s Gemswood Morning Glory. 143cm 1 & ch, E Edmondson’s Whineray Beachboy; 2, J Houlker’s Pebbly Dun Nicely; 3, S Andrews’ McCoist Cowboy. 153cm 1, T Collett’s Noble Springbok; 2, S Taylor’s Jungle Jim; 3, J Greaves’ Showtime II. winter rest WHP (Mr Cathers, Mrs Donger) 133cm 1, Vale Park Holiday; 2, R Crane’s Burcher Marathon Runner; 3, A Scott’s Robdale Sweet Talking Guy. 143cm 1 & ch, Lady Tyrrell’s Blainslie Wedding Breakfast; 2 & res, G P George’s Clanmills Mr Fudge; 3, S A Taylor’s Oscar Charles. 153cm 1, T Janion’s Salut; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Red Alert V; 3, T Collett’s Noble Springbok. RIHS WHP (Mrs Whiting, Mr Lloyd-Thomas) 133cm 1, J Bridgwood’s Purple Ronnie; 2, S Loughton’s Blainslie Ruby Wedding; 3, J E Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon. 143cm 1 & res, Y Dixon’s John’s Choice; 2, Oscar Charles; 3, A Green’s Stambrook Pavarotti. 153cm 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Red Alert V; 2, S Bishop’s Miss House Mouse; 3, A Newling’s Was Double Dutch. HOYS WHP (Mrs Pole, Mrs Thomas) 133cm 1 & ch, T Scholfield’s Chiddock Final Fling; 2, Purple Ronnie; 3, J Cooper’s Flying Colours III. 143cm 1 & res, D Walker’s Gems Ballykissangel; 2, F Rodman’s Rocky B; 3, A Newsham’s Carnsdale Courageous. 153cm 1, Salut; 2, S Smith’s Black Monday; 3, Miss House Mouse. open WHP (Mrs Donger, Mrs Oakes) 133cm 1, N Thompson’s Yaverland Shot Silk; 2, R Crane’s Burcher Marathon Runner; 3, Blainslie Ruby Wedding. 143cm 1 & ch, Gems Ballykissangel; 2 & res, A Skillman’s Eudene Limbara; 3, S Gee’s Woody Road. 153cm 1, B Yate’s Sannanvalley Hero; 2, Was Double Dutch; 3, H Williams’ Kaliedoscope Callisto. RIHS (Mrs White) LR 1 & ch, E Stanleick’s Trevaylor Tiger Lily; 2 & res, L Hillyard’s Westleake Sophistication; 3, J Harvey’s Barkway Tapdance. RIHS FR 1, S Waldie’s Abba Royal Comet; 2, R Leavesley’s Blithbury Be Fair; 3, F Allsopp’s Barkway Miss Tittlemouse. family-produced (Mrs Cartlidge) LR 1 & ch, G Collins’ Mosstock Isabella Mai; 2, L Curbishley’s Seasons Honour; 3, S Austin’s Barkway Oberon. do (Mrs Machin) FR 1 & res, Abba Royal Comet; 2, K Walmesley’s Maisie Jayne; 3, S Goodman’s Harwel Sequin. RIHS (Mrs Cole) LR of hunter type 1, C Willett’s Boreton Spyman; 2, J Cook’s Foxcroft Jeepers; 3, Mrs Fitzgerald & Mrs Greenwood’s Fylde Majestic Prince. LR do (Miss Howard) 1, S Albinson’s Litton Dancing Dreamer; 2, E Crew’s Fromesway Fizzy Pop; 3, A Martin’s Barkway Polly Poppet. LR (Mrs Cameron) 1 & res, E Crew’s Fromesway Fizzy Pop; 2, Barkway Polly Poppet; 3, G Collinursery stks’ Mosstock Isbella Mai. FR 1 & ch, B Ashdown’s Nant y Bai Candytuft; 2, R Leavesley’s Blithbury Be Fair; 3, A Marling’s Seasons Victory. family-produced (Mr Nash) LR 1 & ch, G Collins’ Mosstock Isabella Mai; 2 & res, E Crew’s Courtway Promise; 3, S Goodman’s Harwel Sequin. family-prod FR 1, Harwel Sequin; 2, F Allsopp’s Barkway Miss Tittlemouse; 3, E Crew’s Courtway Promise. RIHS SP (Mr Lears, Mrs Hawkins) 128cm 1, N B Haynes’ Chinook Happy Talk; 2, M Dalton’s Colbeach Seville; 3, E Wallace’s Moorhall Cats Whisker. 138cm 1 & ch, J L Cook’s Colbeach Soloist; 2, C Welby’s Aberbrwynen Royal Diamond; 3, K Vines’ Sianwood Honeycomb. 148cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Sweeney’s Hamptonne Close Encounter; 2, J Edmondson’s Cat Burglar; 3, J Downs’ Ockley Fiasco. RIHS family-prod (Mr Nash, Mrs White) sp 1, R Bosworth’s Jarik Prince Charming; 2, Sianwood Honeycomb; 3, Ockley Fiasco. open SP (Mrs Machin, Mr Cook) 128cm 1, N Haynes’ Chinook Happy Talk; 2, E Wallace’s Moorhall Cats Whisker; 3, M Dalton’s Colbeach Seville. 138cm 1 & res, Mrs Williamson & K Pitt’s TyrdulaisMiss Marple; 2, Aberbrwynen Royal Diamond; 3, Colbeach Soloist. 148cm 1 & ch, G Chapman’s Westhill Gay Sovereign; 2, S Morris’ Roodlebats Spiceboy; 3, E Skelton’s Harroway Carousel. family-prod SP (Miss Jull, Mrs Pritchard) 128cm 1 & ch, Chinook Happy Talk; 2, Moorhall Cats Whisker; 3, J McCutcheon’s Rosemore Night Owl. 138cm 1, J Taylor’s Jobanker Button Bright. 148cm 1 & res, F Waring’s Billy Big Time; 2, S Blake’s Kelsborrow Chauvinist; 3, D Featherstone’s Breamish Andante. winter (Mr Bourne, Miss Howard) first pony SHT 1, R Templeton’s Ovington Kronos; 2, L Boulton’s Pink Minx; 3, J Cook’s Foxcroft Jeepers. winter nov SHP (Mr Bourne, Mr Bassitt) 133cm 1, L Stevens’ Stanley Grange Henri VIII; 2, R Templeton’s Romai Mr McCawber; 3, T J Cuthbertson’s Tamarind Fancy Me. 143cm 1, J Cook’s Clavering Baritone; 2, D L Thomas’ Chiddock Over The Limit; 3, Mrs Ryder & Mr Phillips’ Mooncoin II. 153cm 1 & ch, S Lancaster’s Dutch Dame;2 & res, G Twitchett’s Comberton Crusader; 3, C Yates’ Party Time III. winter rest SHP (Mrs White, Mrs Bettaney, Mr Lears) 122cm 1, R Templeton’s Ovington Kronos; 2, J Clorley’s Bronheulog Charmer; 3, K Murray’s Morwyn Bronze Olympian. 133cm 1 & ch, Mrs Welby & Gilbert Scotts’ Bennochy Royal Ensign; 2, Miss Farrell & Mrs Curtis’ Hindleap Sweet William; 3, C Heginbotham’s Yealand Granville. 143cm 1, Chiddock Over The Limit; 2, W Pluck’s Wolferlow Nevada; 3, R Bosworth’s Barnside Moonlite Serenade. 153cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Jackson’s Sukhothai; 2, K Hannam’s Towan Barnaby Rudge; 3, H Armstrong-Small’s Mundon Mallow Haze. novice SHP (Mrs Thomas, Mr Nash) 122cm 1 & ch, G Ackrill’s Twinkle Toes; 2, V Wiggs’ Warleigh Meadow Brown; 3, Morwyn Bronze Olympian. 133cm 1, Mrs Starr & Mr Allison’s Yealand Angelina; 2, T McKay’s Crimson Night Light; 3, K Mitten’s Fenwood Sensation. 143cm 1 & res, C Cope’s McCauley; 2, P Martin’s Pebbly Fox Moss; 3,J Thompson’s Carnsdale Casper. 153cm 1, K Always’s Cambrian Rashaaqa; 2, C Yate’s Party Time III; 3, L Watson’s Rumsworth High Society. RIHS family-prod (Miss Jull, Mrs Hawkins) 122cm SHP 1, J Beaty’s Leamington Cliquot; 2, A Baybutt’s Oaklands Minetta; 3, M Thomas’ Nantcol Small Print. RIHS SHP (Mrs Swinnerton, Mrs Cole) 122cm 1, S Hughes’ Centurion Arabella; 2, A Baybutt’s Oaklands Minetta; 3, J Moyers’ Morwyn Bronze Heir. 133cm 1, C Davies’ Stambrook Pivotal; 2,A Hodgkinson’s Erimus Principal Boy; 3, Mrs Platts & Mrs Earp’s Cardells Maximillion. 143cm 1 & ch, B Crosbie-Starling’s Stainswick First Occasion; 2, J Findlow’s Sion St Daniel; 3, Mr & Mrs Coates’ Yealand Chapter. 153cm 1 & res, Mr& Mrs Jackson’s Sukhothai; 2, G Holder’s Hammonds Next Time; 3, J Williamson’s Tarantella. RIHS family-prod (Mr Machin, Mr Lears) SHP 1, B Barr’s Finkley Gladiator; 2, P Keepe’s Darton’s Red Robin; 3, L Dickinson’s Yealand Presberty. HOYS SHP (Mrs Arkell, Mrs Hill) 122cm 1, V Wiggs’ Warleigh Meadow Brown; 2, S Nicklin’s Netherfield Neopolitan; 3, G Thompson’s Stoak Glamour Girl. 133cm 1, T Bailey’s Red Jed; 2, M Dent’s Warleigh Smalltalk; 3, A Hodgkinson’s Erimus Principal Boy. 143cm 1 & res, Yealand Chapter; 2, Mrs Templeton & Mrs Rowland’s Tyrdulais Marshall Monty; 3, T Laycock’s Tamarind Fancy Lady. 153cm 1 & ch, S Curtis’ Starswood Bradley; 2, J Blundell’s Caigers Golden Flute; 3, Mundon Mallow Haze. family-prod SHP (Mrs Cameron, Mr Cathers) 122cm 1 & res, L Goodyear’s Millay Manoleto; 2, A Baybutt’s Oaklands Minetta; 3, Mrs Lewendon’s Coombehill Othena. 133cm 1, M Dalton’s Colbeach Seville; 2, K Vines’ Parkhill Cantona; 3, L Robertson’s Warleigh Wishful Thinking. 143cm 1 & ch, K Mitten’s Hurstead Quince; 2, J Sturgis’ Rosedale Diplomat; 3, L Robertson’s Elwell Master Phoenix. 153cm 1, J Mendoza’s Canteeny West; 2, C Cope’s Va Bien; 3, S Curtis’ Starswood Bradley. winter nov int (Miss Hall, Mr Evans) WH 1, Salut; 2 & ch, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Noble Bing; 3, M Skelton’s Otterburn. winter nov int (Miss Howard, Mr Nash) SH 1, Mrs Theobald & P Theobald’s Sporting Huzzar; 2, J Knipe’s Special FX; 3, J Lockwood’s Siamond Grove. RIHS int (Mr Cathers, Mr Machin) WH 1, H Johnson’s Justin The Spirit; 2, R Barrett’s Jerboa; 3, Miss House Mouse. RIHS int (Mr Cathers, Mrs Cartlidge) SRT 153cm 1, C Fagan’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 2, G Richards’ Washbrook Regal Charm; 3, E Boardman’s Yealand Parcea. SRT 158cm 1, C Yates’ Manhattan; 2, P Russell-Wood’s Whitehouse Chorister; 3, P Ahern’s Huntroyd High Society. int SH 1 & ch, C Yates’ Classified; 2 & res, L Strathern’s Doctor Doolittle II; 3, J Knipe’s Toms Lad. winter rest int (Mr & Mrs Bayley-Machin) WH 1, B Lears’ Woodfield Cross; 2, L Bell’s Miss Inca; 3, S Gilbert’s Royal Replica. winter rest (Mrs Bettaney, Mrs Thomas) int SH 1 & res, L Strathern’s Doctor Doolittle II; 2, A Fowler’s Master Of The House; 3, J Knipe’s Toms Lad. open int (Messrs S & N Hollings) WH 1, R Theobald’s The Rainbow Hunter; 2, M Sargent’s Gretna Gamble; 3, L Bell’s Miss Inca. HOYS int (Mr Bourne, Messrs S & N Hollings) SRT 153cm 1 & res, C Fagan’s Colbeach Starlight Express; 2, N Woods’ Rotherwood Victor; 3, Mr & Mrs Coates’ Whalton High Jinks. int SRT 158cm 1 & ch, P Oliver’s Spyanfly Storm Trooper; 2, S Turner’s 5th Avenue; 3, A Rowbotham’s Dom Celine. int SH 1, Doctor Doolittle II; 2, C Standring’s Majic Max; 3, N More’s Baileys Over Ice. Heritage M&M (Mr Billington, Mr Owens) NS 1, Mrs Ryder & Mr Phillips’ Harwel Wizard; 2, G Stoddart’s Pantycoed Robin; 3, P Keepe’s Gryngallt Playsome. Heritage M&M WHP (Mrs Cameron, Miss Jull) 128cm 1, C Mahon’s Skywood Hi-Mac; 2, B Williams’ Bunbury Czar; 3, D Waterhouse’s Northlight Madonna. 138cm 1 & res, S Flynn’s Brynoffa Dancer; 2, R Leavesley’s Sannanvalley Souvenir; 3, C Walker’s Hobcroft Adam. exc 138cm 1 & ch, S Challinor’s Cymllwyd Georgie Porgie; 2, F Holton’s Sami; 3, S Davies’ Countryside Rambling Boy. winter M&M rest WHP (Mr Nash, Mrs Thomas) 128cm 1 & res, S Skier’s Davdor Alyn; 2, S Cook’s Milford Funtime; 3, P Collier’s Trewithian Bequine. 138cm 1, J Houlker’s Pebbly Dun Nicely; 2, B Butterworth’s Duntarvie Nadia; 3, A Martin’s Newydd Bismark. exc 138cm 1 & ch, Wensum Parsley; 2, Countryside Rambling Boy; 3, S Berry’s Sienna Bright Sparrow. winter Heritage M&M (Mrs Machin) LR 1 & ch, N, P & S Hollings’ Dykes Rosie Mead; 2, P Alder’s Wilby Viscount; 3, K Gibson’s Dukeshill Madonna. winter Heritage M&M (Mr Bourne) FR 1 & res, L Stevens’ Brynoffa Orion; 2, B Daffurn’s Thistledown Xenon; 3, C Fuller’s Shacklebridge Street Warrior. Heritage M&M (Mr Lears) LR 1 & res, K Gibson’s Dukeshill Madonna; 2, Mrs Michaelides & Miss Fenton’s Roseisle Symphony; 3, K Smith’s Brierdene Golden Nugget. do (Mrs Machin) FR 1 & ch, G Taverner’s Colliyers Pearl Bracelet; 2, L White’s Springbourne Camelot; 3, J Brockbank’s Forlan Blueprint. RIHS Heritage M&M (Mrs Mansfield) LR 1 & res, M Haddon’s Escley Top Flight; 2, G Holder’s Yaverland Carlo; 3, P Prickett’s Cusop Biggles. FR 1 & ch, G Taverner’s Colliyers Pearl Bracelet; 2, Springbourne Camelot; 3, K Murray’s Oakwood Hill Just William. winter Heritage M&M nov ridden (Mr Owens) small 1 & res, MissMarriott & Mrs Lewis’ Shilstone Rocks Ruahini; 2, S Darlington’s Fishleigh Saracen; 3, C Mahon’s Skywood Hi-Mac. Welsh sec B & C 1, P Emsley’s Nancys Ap Brenin; 2, Cooper Corporation’s Chicnoir Rascal; 3, J Rushton’s Estel Tempo. large1 & ch, E Lewis’ Swchyrhafod Samson; 2, S Challinor’s Cymllwyd Georgie Porgie; 3, K Lloyd’s Drumbad Master Smokie. winter Heritage rest M&M ridden (Mr Bourne) small 1, E J Boardman’s Dykes Country Mead; 2, S Darlington’s Fishleigh Saracen; 3, R Miller’s Heniarth Quip. sec B & C 1 & res, Cooper Corporation’s Chicnoir Rascal; 2, J Rushton’s Estel Tempo; 3, G Brown’s Wyken Limelight. large 1 & ch, G J Twitchett’s Callingford Minstrel; 2, S Roberts’ Bardsey Jack O’ Spades; 3, S Grantham’s Ladybrook Ammeretti. Heritage M&M ridden (Mrs Thomas) small breeds 1, Heniarth Quip; 2, G Farrow’s Bengad Rumex; 3, J Rosebury’s Heniarth Quill. sec B & C 1 & res, G Brown’s Wyken Limelight; 2, A Peacey’s Morwyn BronzeKnight; 3, A Singleton’s Pumlon Marinello. large 1 & ch, D Devine’s Izadale Amy; 2, D Padfield’s Coedllys Medwyn; 3, P Gawthorpe’s Murrayhill Elizabeth. RIHS Heritage M&M ridden (Mrs Mansfield) small breeds 1 & ch, Forlan Blueprint; 2, J Minnursery stks’ Glenwood Carradog; 3, Heniarth Quip. sec B & C 1, Wyken Limelight; 2, S Flynn’s Brynoffa Dancer; 3, C Twiston-Davies’ Wortley Wizard. large 1 & res, B Bingham’s Millgrove Tayberry; 2, S Burton’s Lintavon Ciro; 3,G Twitchett’s Callingford Minstrel. combined training (Mrs Thomas, Mrs Helps, Mrs Doughty, Mrs Baker-Beall, Mrs Thorne, Mrs Donger, Mr Nash, Mrs Machin) 133cm 1, T Measures’ Dorlyn Calais; 2, J C Cooper’s Flying Colours III; 3, Vale Park Holiday. 143cm 1 & ch, G Gwilliam’s Treworval Herbie; 2, Gems Ballykissangel; 3, J Thompson’s Huttons Ambo Gemini. 153cm 1, S Smith’s Black Monday; 2, T Collett’s Noble Springbok; 3, Kaliedoscope Callisto. 158cm 1, L Bell’s Miss Inca; 2, R E Theobald’s The Rainbow Hunter; 3, H Johnson’s Justin The Spirit. Anglo/part-bred Arab (Mrs Lowe) 148cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Sweeney’s Holtess Virtuoso; 2, Mrs Williamson & K Pitt’s Tyrdulais Miss Marple; 3, S Ferns’ Kelsborrow Candida. ex 148cm 1 & ch, N J Woods’ Rotherwood Victor; 2, A Embleton’s Longriver Eternity; 3, D Clayton’s Stockley Concerto. CHAPS coloured winter rest (Mr N Hollings, Miss Cadman, Miss Hall, Mrs Worthington) non-native horse 1 & res, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, M Glotz’s On The Map; 3, C Knowles’ Indian Dream Catcher. do pony 1, S Wilde’s The Artist; 2, A Prince’s Billy Whizz III; 3, A Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman. native/trad cob/show cob type horse 1, P Porley & PKirby’s Mr Monivae; 2, C Nicholson’s Tonto; 3, A Meehan’s Seamus McMurphy. native/trad cob/show cob type pony 1 & ch, P Gawthorpe’s Good Omens; 2, V Prescott’s Maggie May; 3, M Pickford’s Star Of Michleane. CHAPS coloured LR 1, Billy Whizz II; 2, A Metcalfe’s Millpond Look At Me; 3, R Bennett’s Prince Charming. HOYS non-native coloured horse 1 & res, I Glover’s Hollyland Pacific; 2, N Tomes’ Florida; 3, M Glotz’s On The Map. non-native coloured ponies 1, L Steel’s Wally Stag; 2, J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 3, A Robinson’s Wattlemead Norman. native/trad coloured cob/show cob type pony 1, L Cox’s Romany Girl; 2, P Gawthorpe’s Good Omens; 3, V Prescott’s Maggie May. do horse 1 & ch, Misses William & Nash’s Maytime Challenge; 2, D Ellerton’s Tom O’Hawk; 3, D Willing’s Harlequin Kerryor. winter sup ch Netherfield Neopolitan. winter heritage sup ch Dykes Rosie Mead.

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