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    Clydesdale horses (D Young) 3-y-o & over 1 & snr res, W Hair’s Harwell Emma; 2, W Drummond’s Broadyards Morning Mist. 2-y-o 1 & snr ch, I Young’s Arradoul Sweet Melody; 2, D Greenhill’s Fordelhill Princess Anne. y’lng 1, W Dow & C Johnstone’s Kelvenhead Express; 2, C Mackay’s Bellfield Jake. filly 1, Mrs A Jackson’s Boat Legend Lady Eliza; 2, J Adamson’s Blueton Daisy; 3, W Dow & C Johnstone’s Downhill Lady Jane. sen colt foal 1 & foal res & o’all res, J Young’s Rising Star; 2, Mrs A Jackson’s Boat Legend Jubilee; 3, S Greenhill’s Union Jack. filly 1 & foal ch & o’all ch, T Tennant’s Singlie Lady Gail; 2, J Anderson’s Redcastle Blossoms Gift; 3, N Christie’s Anguston Amy. jun colt foal 1, A Gemmell’s Westwood Ranger. filly 1, A Greenhill’s Tulloes Flora; 2, C Crawford’s Middlebank Carlogie Anna Maria; 3, J Adamson’s Barlauchan Jubilee Princess. pair of foals by the same sire 1, Collessie Cut Above; 2, Bankend Castle; 3, Dillars Leader. Highland (Mrs S Brookes) filly foal 1 & foal ch, Messrs G Baird’s Kayleigh Of Whitefield; 2 & foal res, K Lawson & W Sinclair’sLochlands Magic Flute; 3, Mrs J Jack’s Craiglaw Taransay. colt 1, W & J Ralston’s Moss-side Lairig Ghru; 2, Mr & Mrs J Dykes’ unnamed colt; 3, R & J Alexander’s Rum Of Fourmerk. y’ling 1 & res, W Simpson’s Chapelhill Tess; 2, K Lawson& W Sinclair’s Lochlands Madasun; 3, W Simpson’s Chapelhill Toyah. 2-y-o 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs J Dykes’ Megan Of Craigiecat; 2, J Hendrie’s Tower Maydew; 3, R & J Alexander’s Rannoch Of Fourmerk. Shetland (J Wilson) stallion 1 & o’all res, Mrs C Marshall’s Highfield Delius; 2, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Kelly. 2/3-y-o 1 & jun ch & o’all ch, T & F Young’s Cushenquarter Prince; 2, Mrs R Provan’s Waulkmill Forget Me Not; 3, Mrs C Marshall’s Struie Cindy. y’ling 1 & jun res, Mrs R Provan’s Waulkmill Good Gracious; 2, Mrs C Marshall’s Struie Dera; 3, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Belle. foal 1, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Ruby; 2, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Sheila; 3, Mrs C Marshall’s Struie Dainty.

    NPSSCOTLAND YOUNG STOCK, Devon EC, Alloa, 23 Nov

    Highlands (M Taylor) foal filly 1, R Alexander’s Fourmerk Harmony; 2, H S McGregor’s Lucindadene; 3, H S McGregor’s Traceydene. colt 1 & ch, H S McGregor’s Stirlingdene; 2 & res ch, R & J Alexander’s Rum Of Fourmerk; 3, H S McGregor’s Rannochdene. y’lng 1, H S McGregor’s Rowandene; 2, H Maddox’s Longriggs Suilven. 2/3-y-o 1 ch & sup ch, R & J Alexander’s Rannock Of Fourmerk; 2 & res, WKA Allan’s Myra Of Millfield; 3, H S McGregor’s Zaradene. Shetlands (J Barry), standard foal foal 1 ch & sup, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Ruby; 2 & res, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Rosety; 3, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Sheila. do colt.-1, J & M Slater’s Strocherie Archie. y’lng 1 ch & res sup, R Provan’s Waulkmill Good Gracious; 2, C Marshall’s Struie Dena; 3, J & B Laing’s Eynhallow Belle. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, C Marshall’s Struie Cindy; 2, J Watson’s Willonbry First Lady; 3, K & A Scott’s Kerryston Rowan. miniature foal filly 1, J Murray’s Standuff Bright Star; 2, Wybar’s Endrik Vibrena. do colt 1, K Fletcher’s Rest & Be Thankful Callum. y’lng 1, J & G Wilson’s Myreton Talisman; 2, J & G Wilson’s Myreton Clover. 2/3-y-o 1, J & G Wilson’s North Wells Dando. Eriskays 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, D MacGillivray’s Braincroft Lednock; 2 & res, J Isaac’s Craggie Cyprus; 3, Cochrane’s Craggie Diana. light horse exc 15hh (J Cousens) foal filly 1 & res, M Reid’s Vicky B; 2, M Flynn’s Killashandra; 3, F Reed’s Puddledub Mystery. colt 1, J Luton’s Full Beam; 2, L McFadyen’s Romanno Harry Potter. y’lng 1 & ch, D Allison’s Freetime; 2, L McFadyen’s Broadstone Love Affair; 3, S J Duncan’s Silver Mist. 2/3-y-o 1, G Fry’s Puzzles Pita Pata; 2, L R Reid’s Lynnbank Julianna; 3, L Allan’s Behhesit Caspian Conqueror. RP/HP not exc 15hh foal filly 1 & ch, L Kelbie’s Lyndrose Lady Penelope; 2, K R Fraser’s Lovat Florentine; 3, A Ferguson’s Telynau Difyr. colt 1, S Wadelik’s Beckcroft Best Man; 2, J & A Singleton’s Barleith Ocean Dream; 3, C Thomson’s Bedlay Sovereign. y’lng 1 & res, S Williamson’s Eskside Opal; 2, C Thomson’s Bedlay Jacquie; 3, J Borthwick’s Ceannaiteach Maverick. 2/3-y-o 1, J & A Singleton’s Windale Willow The Wisp; 2, A Ferguson’s Fidlyn Elegance. mixed M&M (R Sutcliffe) foal filly 1, C Thomson’s Bedlay Siobhan; 2, K R Fraser’s Lovat Florentine; 3, E Mowatt’s Gartconnel Ceilidh. colt 1 & res, E Mowatt’s Ceannaiteach Malabou; 2, W R Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Magic; 3, S Thomson’s Pennal The Great. y’lng 1, W R Ireland’s Kilmannan Mischief; 2, J Borthwick’s Ceannaiteach; 3, E & P Rennie’s Lomondside Honeycombe. 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, B Darling’s Goosemoor Dunlinn; 2, A Ferguson’s Fidlyn Elegance; 3, S Thomson’s Neuadd Parc Heidi.

    WIX EC, Manningtree. Essex, 23 Nov

    nov NS 1, L Dixon’s Knapton Windrush; 2, C Williams’ Whalton Minstrel Boy; 3, L Kelly’s Bracon Moonblossom. conf nov WHP 1, A Barter’s Black Amaryllis; 2, D Hunt’s Prince Of Fort; 3, S Johnson’s Otterburn. Downland Smuggler WHP 143-148cm 1, S Brown’s Chiddock Wordsworth; 2, P Cox’s Fortunes Enigma; 3, C Stennett’s Full Circle. exc 133cm not exc 143cm 1, Mrs Cole’s Kilmoneen; 2, S Gault’s Kalifi Bay; 3, I Pendred’s Sanaan Valley Bobby Sox. conf nov M&M WHP 1, P & J Cragie’s Smokey Fireman; 2, Mrs Cole’s Caroworth Pendant; 3, P Cox’s Burnmoor Caradog. Horselode M&M WHP 1, Prince Of Fort; 2, Smokey Fireman; 3, E Prosser’s Frithesden Chiff Chaff. conf nov M&M LR 1, H Bright’s Malyons Centaurias; 2, Frithesden Chiff Chaff. FR 1, J S Barton’s Everkerry Good Fortune; 2, H Armsrtong Small’s Willow Joy Steward. ridden 1, Malyons Centaurias; 2, Willow Joy Steward; 3, A Bush’s Rignell Benriach. Llanarth ridden sml 1, J S Barton & E Arnold’s Holyoak Talisman; 2, K MacKenzie’s Horselode Horation; 3, R Francis’s Bureside Quake. lge 1, L A Hall’s Daicjristau Jack The Lad; 2, J Rose’s Murdoch Of Sunnyneuk; 3, M Hare’s Oaklands Cloudburst. conf novSHP not exc 143cms 1, M Banks-Browne’s Walbro Champagne Cracker; 2, D Edmundson’s Chester; 3,Willow Joy Steward. exc 143cm not exc 158cm 1, Black Amaryllis; 2, B Bayes’ Clifton Grafitti; 3, D Edmundson’s Jazz. Mirage SHP 122cm 1, D Edmundson’s Bradmore Hadrian; 2, C Williams’ Celton Lili Wen Fach; 3, Bracon Moonblossom. 133cm 1, M Banks-Browne’s Winmere Piccollo; 2, Whalton Minstrel Boy; 3, L Kelly’s Homestead Fortune. 143cm 1, Chester; 2, L Hill’s Elegant Boy Of Quarles; 3, Mr Codling’s Necta Jestrel. 153cm 1, Clifton Graffiti; 2, Jazz. int1, S Johnson’s Otterburn; 2, Jazz; 3, J Warriner’s Mochas Hightime.

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