Showing results 2 – 3 June 2001

  • ARLINGTON GROVE Droxfield, Hants, 3 June


    EAST SOLEY EC Berks, 3 June

    HOCON Towerlands, Essex, 3 June

    BOLTON AND DIST. RC, Bolton, Lancs, 2 June

    LR 1 and Res, Megland Vision (D Hughes); 2, Charlie Chalk (A Kershaw); FR 1, and Champ Moonspice (H Bartram). SP 128cms 1, Deanhills Royal Symphony (S Aspinall); 2, Dancing Tiller Girl (L Walsh); 3, Bashrd Blade Diamond (F Beve). SP 138cms 1, & Champ. Rosemore Royal Touch (P Hoyle); 2, Just George (A Taylor); 3, Strinesdale Goodie Two Shoes (M Storey). SP 143cms 1, Yealand Fluellen (L Borrell). SP 148cms 1,& Res Jackets Blues Singer (C Cassidy); 2, Blaircourt Moonwalk (C Salisbury); 3, Millbrook Seraphina (K Salmon). Int. Riding Type 1, Whalton Robbolino (L Sargent); 2, Littlespring Showtime (S Blundell); 3, Mardis Will O?the wisp (P Hodgson). Mixed Height 1, M.Storey; 2, L.Borrell; 3, K.Salmon. Int. Show Hunter 1, Coco Chanel (M Watkinson); 2, Sun Poppy (D Crosbie); 3, Tempest Court Cheeky Man (G Ostick). SHP 153cms 1, & Res Dancing Queen II (K Beirne); 2, L.Sargent; 3, D Crosbie.SHP 143cms 1, & Champ Scolton Cornerstone (S Gresty); 2, L.Borrell; 3, Fair Clover (C Salisbury). SHP 133cms 1, Hollyhill Drum Major (R Nelson); 2, Vale Park Holiday (K Silcock). SHP 122cms 1, Peter Rabbit III (L Johnson); 2, Corn Poppy (S Scott). LR SHP 1, Fair Kalvina (J Boyden). Nov. SHP 1, R.Nelson; 2, L.Burrell. CS 1, S Scott. NS 1, S Scott; 2, L Johnson; 3, My Mate Marmite (T Livesey). Nov. Mixed Height WHP 1, Chinook Genesis (D Appleyard);2, Just Penny (J Ainsworth); 3, Rocky (J Baxter). Open WHP 1, Curyrtai Karelia (A Sharp); 2, Royal Warrant (K Wilson). M&M WHP 122cms 1, Fieldcote Cavalcade (S Gresty). M&M WHP 138cms 1, Cocum Ninian (L Craven); 2, Baledon Folkelaw(V Egglestone). M&M WHP over 138cms 1, Kilcobben Hero (V Egglestone); 2, Penycrug Rhodri (T Robshaw). Novice M&M WHP 1, L Craven; 2, Degle In Time (J Foster); 3, The Devils Own (S Gresty). M&M Style & Perf. 1, J Robshaw; 2, J Foster; 3, Haguemoor Calon Duer (C Connor). Style & Perf. 1, K Wilson; 2, M Watkinson. Glynn Greenwood M&M Small 1, & Champ Wortley Princess Daisy (J Granby). Glynn Greenwood M&M Large 1, & Res Cocum Ninian (L Craven). Nov. M&M Ridden 1, L Craven; 2, C Connor; 3, Tranmoor Sweet Lyric (L Wolfenden). LR M&M 1, Dagwood Bengalese (D Hughes); 2, Celtic Lovesong (D Feilder); 3, Rinnies Playmate (H Gore). FR M&M 1, Cayberry Lieutenant (T Gregson); 2, Lawnswood Illusion (LCraven); 3, Townbent Emerald (P Eastwood). M&M Small 1, Cennen Eclipse (H Rothwell); 2, Wortley Princess Daisy (R Granby-Seal); 3, Dagwood Bengalese (L Jackson). Ridden M&M Large 1, Willowpark Rosannah (G Oliver); 2, T.Robshaw; 3, Pantana Mallug Free Gift (N Bracewell). Lobster Pot M&M LR 1, Waitwith Busy Bee (H Hanson); 2, D Hughes; 3, D Fielder. FR M&M Brineton 1, R Granby-Seal; 2, L Carven; 3, D Eastwood. Junior M&M Small 1, Inglebrook Titania (L Oliver); 2, D Fielder. Junior M&M Large 1, G Oliver; 2, N Bracewell; 3, Another Jacob (C Smith). Small Hunter 1, Peter Pan (P Howarth); 2, Jean Ann (A Price). Riding Horse 1, Peter Pan (P Howaarth); 2, Wilderswood Jazz (J Guthrie); 3, Duke of York(L Goodwin). Ridden Cob 1, Miss Guiness (J Turner). Ridden Anglo & Part Bred Arab 1, Leesburg Safari (C Ravenscroft); 2, P Hoyle; 3, C Cassidy. Ridden Coloured 1, Treacle (S McKenzie). Youngstock 1, Styalways Concerto (G Neve). Riding Pony Broodmare 1, Mereland Mistique (G Neve). Anglo & Part Bred Arabs 1, Mereland Mistique (G Neve); 2, Wilderswood Jazz (A Andrews); 3, Gwyndy V.I.P.(D Hill).

    ARLINGTON GROVE Droxfield, Hants, 3 June

    hunter (N Faulconbridge) nov. 1, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Noble Imp; 2, Miss Moon’s Otterbourne; 3, Miss Guillambert’s Spartacus. small. 1 & res, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Over Ice; 2, Dell Park Stud’s Irish Lights; 3, Mrs Shelling’s Marl James. open. 1 & ch, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Baileys Play Station; 2, L Homer’s Miles Creek; 3, Mrs Walsh’s Diamond Day. amateur hunter. 1, Miss Smith’s Brief Encounter; 2, Miss Barrett’s Granduca; 3, Diamond Day. cob (J Phillips) nov. 1 & ch, Mrs Marchant’s Hortons Corner; 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Krypton; 3, Mr & Mrs Phillips’s Goldburg. open. 1, Hortons Corner: 2, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Pykis; 3, Mr & Mrs Watson’s The Sportsman. amateur. 1 & res, Goldburgh; 2,The Sportsman; 3, Miss Hornsby’s Nice Try. RH nov. 1, Miss Holliday’s Bourne Spring; 2, L King’s Picture Perfect; 3, Miss Downs’s Fools pride. sml. 1 & ch, Dell Park Stud’s Croft Hellious; 2, L Homer’s Coran Bridge; 3, Mrs McRaes’ Blue Lagoon. lge. 1 & res, Ms Stevenson’s PPS; 2, Miss Holliday’s Nutwood Exhibitionist; 3, Dell Park Stud’s St Louis. hack/RH in-hand. 1 & ch, Mrs McKenzie’s Maid To Measure; 2 & res, Miss Mark’s Perseus; 3, Miss Downs’s Cyrils Pride. open. 1,Miss Bacchus’s Humble Pie. ridden nov. 1, Lady Hedgerley’s Constellation; 2, Ms Healy’s Swinging Star; 3, Mrs Cherryman’s Master Link. sml. 1, Constellation; 2, Miss Ham’s Basford Blue Smoke. lge. 1 & ch, Ms Lamsden’s Crime Of Passion;2 & res, Mr & Mrs Williams’s Saran Wild Rose; 3, Miss Tetlow’s Transatlantic Dream. veterans (S Hird) ridden. 1 & ch, Miss Abraham’s Starsky; 2, Mrs Shiels’s Khasseta; 3, H Gilfillan’s Tammy. in-hand. 1, Humble Pie; 2 & res, Mrs Jupp’s Nightingales Charm; 3, Mrs De Freitas’s Brierdene Playboy. foreign breeds in-hand. 1 & ch, Mrs Tatnell’s Broomells Desert Mirage; 2, Mathewman & Delves’s Tanzivan Mark Of Excellence; 3, Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Vermont Merions Gem. open. 1, Mr Stanley’s Toyhorse Dandi Flyer; 2 & res, Mathewman & Delves’s Lincs Crackerjack. WHP M&M (S Lee) nov sml. 1, Greenlinks Stud’s Greenlinks Olympic Bronze; 2, Miss Dennis’s Roseway apollo; 3, Milford Flamingo. lge. 1 & ch, Mr Ireland’s Nell Gwynne; 2,Miss Sims’s Trenley Pacific Adventure; 3, K Roberts’s Rosenharley Laura Beth. open sml. 1 & ch, Miss Woolridge’s Harwel Wizard; 2, Roseway Apollo; 3, S Murray-Brown’s Minsmere Pricilla. lge. 1 & res, Miss Patey’s Moortown Firethorn; 2, Miss Launder’s Burley Gossip; 3, Miss Boylan’s Claymore Lizmore. WHP nov. 1, Miss Mallam’s Clonross Huntsman; 2, Mrs brickell’s Finkley Alex; 3, Ms Osmond’s Riceroaks Country Life. nursery. 1, Minsmere Priscilla; 2, Mrs De Freitas’s TowyvalleyCarousel. open. 1, Harwel Wizard; 2, Clonross Huntsman; 3, Milford Flamingo. pony & rider (J Webb) sml. 1 & res, Kirstee Harris’s Nuthurst Aquarius. lge. 1, K Harris’s Ashley Gazelda Of Ardoyne. LR. 1 & ch, K Robert’s Lacey Blueboy; 2, W Tarrant’s Arosford Pearl; 3, Mr Stonehouse’s Islyn Alaw Mai. LH y’stk. 1 & ch, Mr & Mrs Phillips’s Wot A Dance; 2, R Selleck’s Aztec; 3, Cyrils Pride. open. 1, Fools Pride; 2, Humble Pie. M&M sml. 1 & res, Mrs Vials’s Bounds Adiemus; 2, Mrs Vials’s Mondesfield Mister Mistofolees; 3, Mrs Mardons Ronswood Gamble. lge. 1 & ch, Mr Cooper’s Estoro Mandate; 2, Mis McGrath’s Vernons Valeta; 3, Mr & Mrs Roberts’s Sharpley Quaver. ridden M&M sml. 1, Harwel Wizard; 2, Greenlinks Olympic Bronze; 3, J Whitlock’s Highveld Oberon, lge. 1 & ch, Mrs Kelly’s Walstead Hunny Bear; 2 & res, Mr Bright’s Townend Callum; 3, Mrs Andrews’s Kilncopse Eclipse. beginners ridden (H Cope). 1 & ch, Willow Tarrant; 2 & res, George De Freitas. PC type. 1, Miss Robertson’s Bakeburn Starrman; 2, Tammy; 3, Ms Dennis’s Kilbees cephius. M&M sml. 1 & res, Mrs Bentley’s Longmeadow Clare. comp horse y’stk. 1, Wot A Dance; 2 & res, Cyrils Pride; 3, Mr Strutton’s Sound Barrier. open. 1 & ch, Fools Pride; 2, Humble Pie; 3, Mrs Allison’s Icelander. coloured open. 1, Sound Barrier; 2, Mrs Tarrant’s Tangerine Dream; 3, Mrs Harvey’s Ivoor. best colour. 1, not listed; 2, Tangerine Dream; 3, Toyhorse Princess Mouchella. CHAPS ridden. 1, Ms Moore’s Uncle patch; 2, Tangerine Dream; 3, Miss Warren’s Harroway Moon fairy. BSPA ridden. 1, Tangerine Dream; 2, Miss Stinson’s Punchinello; 3, Countess Of Clarendon’s Jeanie Any Dots. stallion/colt (J Elston). 1, Mondesfield Mr Mistofolees; 2, Ivoor. M&M exc Welsh. 1, Sharpley Quaver; 2, Vernons Valeta; 3, Mrs Hobday’s Sunglow Sovereign. BSPS SHP nov. 1, Mrs Ellison’s Rangehill Pslam; 2, Miss Lodwidge’s Rangehill Minstrel; 3, A Sturgis’s Tynacae Foxglove. 122cm. 1, Miss Ogborne’s Harefield Tom Foolery; 2, Mrs Link’s Oasthill Star Anise; 3, Mrs Bartlam’s Pyek Hall Hot Property. 133cm. 1 & ch, Mr Willet’s High Point; 2, Rangehill Psalm; 3, J Whitlock’s Finkley Willow The Wisp. 143cm. 1 & res, A Winterbourne’s Cherrington Spotlight; 2, Miss Cruttenden’s Lyncombe Liberty; 3, Mrs Small’s Lenmar Shady Reflection. Arab (S Parsons) nov. 1, Miss Leather’s Legend Moon Empress; 2, Mrs Noel’s Shirah El Nil; 3, Mrs Baker’s Botleigh Voyager. pure open. 1 & res, Mrs Coombs’s G Amalfi. y’stk. 1 & ch, Miss Pullen’s Deanoss; 2, Shirah El Nil. Anglo/part-bred. 1 & ch, Mrs Smart’s Fernedge Debonnaire; 2 & res, N Cruttenden’s Lyncombe Liberty; 3, Mrs Hutchings’s Chesapeake Sweet Charity. 2/3-y-o. 1, Legend Moon Empress; 2, Mrs Barnett’s Flamingo Fire Opal; 3, Botleigh Voyager. y’ling. 1, Mr Butt’s Eddas Empress; 2, Mrs Barnett’s Flamingo Fire Opal; 3, Botleigh Voyager. ridden (F Cabrol) pure. 1, G Amalfi; 2, Miss Dinnage’s El Pharoun Ras. Anglo/part-bred. 1 & ch, Lenmar Shady Reflection; 2 & res, Finkly Willo The Wisp; 3, Master Link. BSPS (P Ash) LR. 1 & res, Islyn Alaw Mai; 2, D Easton’s Moelbentyrch Natalie; 3, Miss Pickering’s Golden Niobe. FR. 1 & ch, Mrs Moyers’s Cosford Venetia; 2, S Davis’s Chatmohr Lady Perdita. mixed height nov. 1, Mrs Dyer’s Kazzbrook Nikki; 2, Chatmohr Lady. 128cms. 1, Miss Warwick’s Eskdale Prelude; 2, Chatmohr Lady. 138cm. 1 & ch, Team Jago’s Nuthurst Who Dunnit; 2, Harefield Tom Foolery; 3, Mrs Smith’s Kelsborrow Heart Throb. 148cms. 1 & res, Nuthurst Aquarius; 2, Team Jago’s Cusop Domino; 3, Mrs Smith’s Selor Sapphire. int SRT. 1, Mr Willett’s Rhoden Leading Lady; 2, Miss Allpress’s Wolvers Legacy; 3, Miss Bast’s Riverwood Litigation. M&M (V Millwood) nov sml ridden. 1 & 2, Greenlinks Stud’s Mr Snodgrass & Thorncliffe Saracen; 3, Miss Buchanan’s Cassel Christmas Carol. lge. 1 & ch, Miss Rowley’s Walstead Catmandu; 2 & res, Miss Plester’s Oatfield Midnite Charisma; 3, Miss Harris’s Broughton Rhodri. nov SHP. 1, Rangehill Mistrel; 2, H Caunt’s Hope; 3, C MacPherson’s Comberton Chaffinch. SP. 1, Hope; 2, FE Thompson’s Jarik Hollys Star.int. 1, Miss Barnett’s Theta. BSPS M&M (A Brundle) LR. 1 & res, Mrs Pope’s Yeoland Woodman; 2, J Easton’s Springbourne Eleri. FR. 1 & ch, Linksbury Sensation; 2, Mrs Carse’s Tamevalley Peter.sml. 1, Highveld Oberon; 2, Tamevalley Peter; 3, Mrs Smith’s Crystalline. Welsh sec B&C. 1 & ch, Mr Bright’s Gryngalt Personality; 2, Linksbury Sensation; 3, Mr Ireland’s Neauadparc Gwyn. lge. 1 & res, Miss Miller’s Rosenharley Amy; 2, Mr Maynard’s Sisken Thomas; 3, D Smith’s Broughton Miss Taylor. handlers (G Sabin) 10yrs. 1, Sheilds; 2, C Lanston. 11-16yrs. 1 & ch, B Robertson; 2 & res, J Cumming; 3, L Thompson. family pony. 1, Bakeburn Starman; 2, Tammy; 3, Mr Feest’s Toyhorse Prince Meranti. driving type. 1, Lines Crackerjack; 2, Tanzivan Mark Of Excellence. sec A&B. 1 & ch, Mondesfield Mr Mistofolees; 2, Frosthill Stud’s Waxwing Xeess; 3, Ronswood Gamble. sec C&D. 1 & res, Frosthill Stud’s Blaegwen Gazzer; 2, Cefn Emperor; 3, K Morris’s Plemont Stormy Lady. y’stk. 1, Frosthill Stud’s Trehewyd Arbenigwr; 2, Miss Trowbridge’s Bakersfield Jumping Jack Flash; 3, Bounds Adiemus. mare/gelding. 1 & 2, Mrs Petty’s Heaton Hopscotch & Tiffwyl tammy; 3, Dewilas Megan. RP/SHP. 1 & ch, Mrs Bassett’s Tammy; 2 & res, J Smith’s barka Royal Heir; 3, Jarik Hollys Star. nov LR. 1 & ch, Mrs Heeney’s Twiggy; 2 & res, L Steven’s Tabitha Twitchet; 3, Thornecliffe Saracen. SP/SHP. 1, Jarek Hollys Star. mixed coloured sml. 1, Toyhorse Dandi Flyer; 2, Tanzivan Mark Of Excellence; 3, Lincs Crackerjack. lge. 1 & ch, Barkla Royal Heir; 2 & res, K Arnott’s Curdridge Pink Gin; 3, Legend Moon Empress. WH (R Stack) nov. 1, Mrs Clarke’s Pipers Ovation; 2, Spartacus; 3, Miss Smith’s Sundance Fever. working cob. 1 & res, Miss Merchant’s Hortons Chimney Smoke; 2, Mrs Kelk’s Hugo II; 3, P Stacey’s Black Jack IV. WH sml. 1, G Tatlow’s Parkstown; 2, J Strange’s Appleton Wiske; 3, Miss Osmonde’s Riveroaks Country Life. lge. 1 & ch, Miss Barrett’s Granduca; 2, J Cooper’s William; 3, Baileys Noble Imp. nov. 1, S Greene’s Frankfurt; 2, Parkstown; 3, Miss Watson’s Sprayswater Jester. British miniatures (J Ryde-Rogers) y’ling. 1, Snowbella Miniatures’ Toyhorse Princess Dechtra; 2, Mrs Williams’s MHB Apollo; 3, Mr Stanley’s Woodhorn Glamour Girl. 2/3-y-o. 1 & ch, Snowbella Miniatures Farthingwood Romeo; 2 & res, Mrs Williams’s MHB Lucky Strike; 3, Mrs Snook’s Toyhorse Princess Eclipse. open. 1, Mr Stanley’s Little Miss Frost Of Woodhorn; 2, Mrs Snook’s Toyhorse Princess Mouchella; 3, Miss Leppard’s Toyhorse Princess Wanda. British sport horse (T Wareham) y’ling. 1 & res, Mrs Thompson’s Broadstone Lovejoy. 2/3-y-o. 1 & ch, R Selleck’s Aztec. open. 1, Humble Pie; 2, P Lester’s Tynefield Furioso; 3, Mrs Clarke’s Callum. ridden nov. 1 & res, G Amalfi; 2, Mr Helling’s Alambra; 3, Mrs Clark’s Barwell Gorge. open. 1 & ch, Mr Morgan’s Tiger Bay;2, Mrs Hawkins’s Kizzie; 3, Mrs Michael’s Badger. RC type sml. 1 & ch, Mrs Shier’s Khassata; 2, Tangerine Dream; 3, C Amos’s Belle. lge. 1 & res, Ms Bowler’s Cornish Spice; 2, Humble Pie; 3, Mrs Hastings’s Carla. side-saddle (J Strange) open. 1 & ch, Miss Hislam’s Jolila Chinoise; 2 & res, Miss Kampa’s Late Expectations; 3, Mrs Marks’s Harcomb Abby. RC/RP. 1, Harcomb Abby; 2, S Hislam’s Fiddler Flight Of Fancy. best horse/pony. 1, Jolila Chinoise; 2, Late Expectations; 3, Harcomb Abby. concours d’elegance. 1, Jolila Chinoise; 2, Starsky; 3, Harcomb Abby. style & perf. 1, Harcomb Abby; 2, Late Expectations. best rider LR. 1, L Stephens; 2, G Heanney; 3, R Day. FR. 1, W Tarrant; 2, A Wall; 3, H Allan. 9-12yrs. 1 & ch, A Wathen; 2 & res, B Robertson; 3, A Wilson. 13yrs. 1, S O’Halloran; 2, S Murray-Brown; 3, L Thompson.

    EAST SOLEY EC, Berks 3 June

    Prestfield LR (Mr David Clarke)1, Lousan Rolling Stone, (J Boyles);2, Cosford Cherub, (Z Moore-Williams); 3, Rosemary, (M Horton); 4, Abbeybells Augustne, (G Allock).Unaffil M&M LR 1, Rosie Tudor Minstral, (Z Moore-Williams); 2, Greendown Floyd, (E Charmings);3, Littlewern Tiny, (J Hurdley);4, Littlewern Tiny, (N Hurford);5, Greenferns Minstral, (F Goess- Saru);6, Clarmore Contessa, (A Horton).Unaffil FR1&ch, Cottrell Camellia, (O Kuropatwa);2, Brynotta Olympia, (O Digby);3, Wyndyate Anouska, (E Flynn);4, Polaris Bavdsman, (L Abberley);5, Pendock Penny Black, (F Hurdley);6, Lousan Rolling Stone, (J Boyles).Brinton M & M FR1&res ch, Glenwood Caradog, (L Collet);2, Rothiemay Beach Boy, (E Grange);3, Wyndyate Anouska, (E Flynn);4, Brynotta Olympia, (O Digby);5, Polaris Bavdsman, (L Abberley);6, Whinberry Quality Fair, (R Palmer).Glyn Greenwood M&M In hand 1, Coedeneirin, (D Plumtree);2, Akadame Champagne Charlie, (G Davies);3, Pendock Penny Black, (F Hurdley);4, Haida Hale Bopp, (N Hurford);5, Craydon Wood Fairy, (H Cook);6, Dunedin Frachlan, (A Mitchell).Ponies (UK) Equitation 1, Follywood Minsterbit, (A Hoare);2, Mainmrk Party Games, (H Cole);3, Millcroft Spindrit, (H Traynor);4, Brynotta Olympia, (A Digby);5, Pip, (J Austin);6, Pendock Midas, (V Kenyon). Traxdata Kingsford M&M Ridden Small1, Millcroft Spindrit, (H Traynor);2, Moelgarnedd Burlwm, (L Collet);3, Millcroft Spindrift, (A Hoare);4, Cottrell Maestro,(J Aspell);5, Hafore Liquice,(K Sheath);6, Christmas Rose Revorn, (M Halsall). Traxdata Kingsford M&M Ridden Large1, Bryndir De Niro, (I Aylwin);2, Csgrbank Miss Moonbeam, (D Cooper);3, Range Hill Rainbows end, (A Cooper);4, WyedeanOthello, (C Phipps);5, Folly Bremin, (A Hoare);6, Coedeneirin Rhian, (D Plumtree). Timberwolf Hunter Pony (Mr James Piper)1, Tynyea Merlin, (P Bailey);2, Longnner Medas, (S Kuropatwa);3, Northlands Sweet Pea, (E Jenkinson);4, Midsummer, (B Morrison);5, Defalog Envoy, (K Abberley);6, Mainmorne Party Games, (H Cole). Ridden Part Bred (Mrs P Miller)1, Classic Curiousity, (S Kuropiatwa);2, Classic Curiousity, (E Jenkinson);3, Follywood Misterbit, (A Hoare).Riding Club Horse1, Just the One, (L Miles);2, Pip, (J Austin);3, Moonlight Sonata, (A Westcott).Open Ridden Hunter1, Denford leader, (D Brookes);2, Mighty Mouse, (A Sturgent);3, Flow, (R Grove);4, Pip, (J Austin);5, Moonlight Sonata, (A Westcott).Unaffil NS/CS (Ms S Grayson)1, Rosemary, (J Brooks);2, Magilil, (Alexandra); 3, Pendock Midas, (V Kenyon);4, Crugmelyn Ticer Bach, (F Watherston);5, Tynyea Merlin, (P Bailey);6, Oscar Wilde, (J Boyles).Unaffil WHP1, Liefield First Edition, (A Smith);2, Lady, (A Etchells);3, Granby Galaxy, (A Matchwick);4, Wyedean Othello, (C Phipps);5, Kiltinane Chorus, (E Harris);6, Christmas Roses Rewan, (M Halsall).Shearwater M&M WHP1, Greendown Floyd, (N De Boinville);2, Crugmelyn Tincer Bach, (Fiona Watherston);3, Moelgarnedd Burlwm, (L Collet);4, Pendock Midas, (V Kenyon);5, Tow River, (E Grange);6, Halfre Liquice, (K Sheath).Baileys Novice WHP1 & res ch Pendock Midas, (V Kenyon);2, Granby Galaxy, (A Matchwick). Hazelden WH 1 & ch Z for Zara, (R Grove).

    HOCON Towerlands, Essex, 3 June

    pure-bred colts (P Gamlin) y’lings. 1 ch & sup, Mr & Mrs Hickford’s Aja Svengali; 2, J Bassingdale & A Holling’s Benito; 3, Major & Mrs Maxwell’s Kaiser. 2-y-o. 1, T Aggad’s Om El Mareikh; 2, Mr & Mrs Taylor’s Aja Ben Rajah; 3, Mr & Mrs Harris & Mr Hardcastle’s Aybac. 3-y-o. 1 & res, H Brown’s Psyches Spirit; 2, Mr & Mrs Turner’s Azteq; 3, Mr & Mrs Rodgers’s Khamali. fillies (S McMorrow) y’lings A. 1, Mr & Mrs Hickford’s Aja Cecilia; 2, D Smith’s Movinka; 3, Mrs Lavanda-Dale’s RAS Aliah Bay. B. 1, S Hall’s Oas Panache; 2, Mr & Mrs McCormick’s Kubinaia; 3, A Ware’s Sahibaa. 2-y-o. 1 & res, W Carr’s FL Mar Saba; 2, Mr & Mrs Hickford’s Aja Benija; 3, P Crick’s LTF Kalishq. 3-y-o. 1, ch & res sup. 1, T Aggad’s Ludjbrosiaa; 2, A Atkin’s Miffologia; 3, J Bishop’s Medekya. broodmare. 1, R McCormick’s Erminia (PL); 2 , P Crick’s Viuga. pure-bred foal. 1, P Crick’s unnamed; 2, R McCormick’s unnamed. mare 4-7y-o. 1, A Leslie’s Spring Kantata; 2, A Antoniades’ Brede Bellisima; 3, C Carpenter’s Esta Samirah. 8-11-y-o. 1, R McCormick’s Zadyma (PL); 2 , A Pulsford & W Garbutt’s Helawi Bint Ashgar; 3, H Brown’s Marih Lela. 12yr +. 1 & ch, J Ware’s 11 Ibn Galal 11-1; 2 & res, A Ware’s Meenah; 3, C Reeves’s Magdalina. Anglo/part-bred 1-3-y-o not likely to exc 148cm. 1 & res, J Grace’s Renelles Sparkling Romance; 2, P Gussin’s Renmark Master Mason; 3, N Hutton-McKenzie’s Mettlewood Liberty. do to exc 148cm. 1, ch & 2nd res sup, D Tyler-Davis’s Princely Heights; 2, L Alexandroff’s Apres Noous; 3, P Smedley’s Step Aside. pure-bred Arab gelding 4yr & over. 1 & ch, E Jones Al Atak; 2, A Burr’s Rushkar; 3, J Johansson-Massey’s Bluebells The Moon Prince. 1/3-y-o. 1 & res, J Johansson-Massey’s Radmus; 2, L Maryon’s Aqtal; 3, Mrs Johnston-Forshaw’s Whitebrdige Merlin. young handler (J Grace). 1, A Flint’s Pristinya; 2, S Brown’s Renmark Sparkling Star; 3, C Wood’s Oleander. Anglo & part-bred in hand 4yr & over not exc 148cm. 1, ch & res sup, J Johansson-Massey’s Fantastica; 2, W Moore’s Jackets Nightlife; 3, Renmark Sparkling Star. lge. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Carr’s Dancing Tobias; 2, Mrs Waring’s Hes A Diamond; 3, L Alexandroff’s Weirton Fleur De Lune. pure-bred stallion jnr. 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Turner’s Centurionn; 2, Mr & Mrs Westwood’s Rassam; 3, W Carr & Mr & Mrs Rodgers’s LM Luval (AT). snr. 1 & res, A Taylor’s Hakka; 2, A Reeve’s G Shakib; 3, J Ratcliffe’s & J Lowe’s Isharah. ridden Anglo/part-bred (Mr M Rankine) sml. 1, C Welby’s Sparnbrook Sophistication; 2, Jackets Nightlife; 3, Renmark Sparkling Star. lge. 1, ch & res sup, A Lucas’s Litton Magical Mistral; 2, J Moss’s Paradelles Just William; 3, A Lacey’s Bush Lady. stallions. 1, ch & res sup, T McCarthy’s PHA Silvern Risalm; 2, BPurkis & Mr Poole’s Matrah; 3, J Powell’s Moashiro (DE). mares. 1 & res, D Ash’s Jammilah; 2, A Leslie’s Lalique; 3, S Coombs’s Valetta Foxglove. gelding. 1, Mrs Budge & Mrs Dobberson’s Sambuka; 2, R Creedy-Mills Chivalry; 3, C Pope’s Al Kamir. 24b. 1, N Perry’s Muscodin; 2, P Biles’s Shekhan; 3, J Adkins’s Rajar. nov pure-bred ridden (J Hugo) gelding. 1& res, M Wragg’s Muzonomy; 2, Miss Burr’s Hasleem; 3, K Copley’s Maelzaneer. stallion. 1, ch & sup, A Fleming’s Syphytum; 2, Mrs Cooper’s Sahir Crusader; 3, C Cliffe’s Ocean Eilat. mare. 1, C Sussex’s Sa’ira; 2, S Whittaker’s Silpa; 3, L Pilcher’s Namara. 27b. 1, B Rowell’s Kalista; 2, S Oswald’s Angelina Balerina. nov ridden Anglo/part-bred sml. 1, ch & res sup, A Burr’s Toy Story; 2, A Miller’s Ahslings Kristilea May; 3, Y Gill’s Jetsam Midnight Dancer. lge. 1, Mr & Mrs Carr’s Dancing Tobias.

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