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  • BSPS AREA 15, 20 October

    BSPS SCOTTISH Muirmill, 19 October

    BSPS SCOTTISH Muirmill, 19 October

    Heritage WHP (P Clifford) open NS 1, A Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak. nov mixed height 1 & res, R Barrett’s Templedruid Mogul; 2, Lady Howick’s Kettlesing Lightning; 2, A Hoggans’ Rotherwood Party Popper. do open 1 & ch, B McColl’s Tunstall Princess II; 2, A Hoggans’ Brynoffa Zak. WHP (N Hollings) rest openint 1, S Cloy’s Irish Fayre; 2, H Forster’s Pengelly Sudini; 3, J Donn’s Thorpe Park. nov mixed height 1, L Murray’s Penmaric Miss Moppet; 2, H Hunter’s Windborne Eclipse; 3, P Lumsdens Harlaw Simply Red. open CS 1, A Adams’ Rhydyfelin Solten. nov NS 1 & ch, C McLeod’s Kincraig Impressionist; 2, Penmaric Miss Moppet; 3, L Brewster’s Stockham Golden Eye. open NS 1, C McLeod’s Kincraig Impressionist; 2, Penmaric Miss Moppet; 3, L Brewster’s Stockham Golden Eye. open mixed height 1 & res, H Hunter’s Puddledub Welsh Witch; 2, S Cloy’s Irish Fayre; 3, M Brown’s Brush Strokes II. Heritage ridden (P Clifford) M&M FR 1 & res, SJ Crichton’s Bigstone Romantic Piccolo; 2, D Jarvis’s Greenpark Benjamin; 3, Z Nicoll’s Maxwelltown Malibu. do nov mixed breeds 1 & ch, Lady Howick’s Kettlesing Lightning; 2, L Jarvis’s Rosedust Desert Sand; 3, V Harvie’s Cloieen Rory. do open 1, L Jarvis’s Rosedust Desert Sand; 2, Windborne Eclipse. SHP(E Dun) LR of HT 1, A O’Neil’s Pringles Toy Soldier. FP of SHT 1, R McCulloch’s Windborne Adagio; 2, K O’Neil’s Pringles Toy Soldier; 3, A Adams’ Rhydyfelin Soltern. open SHT 122cm 1, Pringles Toy Soldier; 2, R McCulloch’s RosedustAristocrat. do mixed height 1, L Bishop’s Newdays; 2, G McNinch’s Greenacres Mountain Air; 3, V Harvie’s Merriment Evans. do nov int 1, L Bishop’s Newdays; 2, A McCartney’s Whisper; 3, A Small’s Small’s Choice. open int SHT 1 & ch, R Darling’s Chesterhill Pericles; 2 & res, Newdays; 3, H Outram’s Raggithill Rush. CHAPS winter rest qualifier 1, G Beattie & E Aitken’s Hocus Pocus; 2, H Forster’s Pengelly Sudini; 2, S Harvey’s Marvellous Mavis.

    BSPS AREA 15, 20 October

    open NS 1, J Bradley’s Trowswellion Gypsy; 2, D Edmunson’s Brock Minstrel; 3, A Malin’s Little Pongo. open WHP 133cm 1 & ch, Trowswellion Gypsy; 2, Brock Minstrel. 143cm 1, S Hamilton’s Tiyrcel Stardust. 153cm 1 & res, S Boldocky’s Lawford Lulaby; 2, H Cook’s Brendig Flash Jack. open inter WH 1, N Heseltine’s Brendown Hills Shamrock. nov NS 1, C Williams’ Whalton Minstrel Boy; 2, D Edmunson’s Bradmore Hadrian; 3, L Dixon’s Knapton Windrush. nov WHP 133cm 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Weedon’s Telyman James; 2, Knapton Windrush; 3, Whalton Minstrel Boy. 143cm 1, S Gault’s Kalifi Bay; 2, Mrs Walker’s Charma Pickpocket. 153cm 1 & ch, R Harvey-Jones’ Starz Tikka; 2, S Boldock & S Cubbiti-Smith’s Lawford Lulaby; 3, G Ashard’s Noble Lennon. nov inter WH 1, S Johnson’s Ottoburn; 2, Brendon Hills Shamrock. open SHP 122cm 1, C Williams’ Celton Lili Wen Fach. 133cm 1, Walton Minstrel Boy. 143cm 1 & ch, M Kingston’s Fair Domenic; 2, Charma Pickpocket; 3, Mrs Harling’s Scorton Cornerstone. 153cm 1 & res, Starz Tikka. open inter SHT 1, Ottoburn; 2, A Barker’s Black Ama Ryllis; 3, Allison Show Team’s Mr Morse. first pony SHT 1, S Prosser’s Barkway Peter Pan; 2, Bradmore Hadrian; 3, R Pearson’s Halfway Little Drummer Boy. nov SHP 133cm 1 & ch, Mrs Hinton’s Highmead Potmian; 2, J Hopkins’ Sinton Fairy Daisy; 3, Mr & Mrs Weedon’s Tellyman James.143cm 1, C Hickman’s Liychwood Belamy; 2, D Edmunson’s Chester; 3, E Povey’s Barham Aramis. 153cm 1 & res, Starz Tikka; 2, B Bayes’ Clifton Grafitti; 3, J Harding’s The Bedrock Boy. nov inter SHT 1, D Court’s Just Miller; 2, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Noble Harbour Lights; 3, Black Amaryllis. M&M heritage open: LR 1 & ch, C Thorpe’s Senruf Galaxy; 2 & res, Messrs Lee & Bland’s Haven Just A Jeanie; 3, H Bright’s Hisley Saunter. FR 1, Senruf Galaxy; 2, Hisley Saunter; 3, H Armstrong-Small’s Colliers Pearl Bracelet. Heritage M&M nov ridden Dartmoor/ Exmoor/Shetland/Welsh sec A 1 & res, J Barton’s Whinberry Flord; 2, J Lee’s Springbank Stormcloud; 3, H Armstrong-Small’s Mosford Charade. do sec B&C1, Colliers Pearl Bracelet; 2, F Keeler’s Burberry’s Blaze; 3, M Springett’s Isbornden Comet. Fells/Dales/Highlands/New Forest/Connemara/Welsh sec D 1 & ch, G Jewell’s Pentreflin Pheonix; 2 & 3, S Lewis’ Midsummer Moonshine & Mount Temple Silver. Heritage M&M nov WHP 128cm 1 & res, Colliers Pearl Bracelet; 2, D Edmundson’s Fayre Crusadia; 3, H Armstrong-Small’s Mosford Charade. 138cm 1, C Kingham’s Brockwell Aces Wild. exc 138cm 1 & ch, H Cook’s Brewdig Flash Jack;2, Midsummer Moonshine; 3, M Collins’ Murray Hall Simply.

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