Royal Highland showing results

  • ROYAL HIGHLAND Ingliston, 21-24 June

    Highlands in-hand, male (S Coutts) stallion— 1, ch & sup, T B Haliburton’s Echo Of Achnacarry; 2, S Wardrop’s Carlung Fergus; 3, H Dick’s Carlung Findlay. stallion, 2/3-y-o— 1, A McLeod’s Nicoll Of Forglen; 2, S Walsh’s Strathleven Drumochter; 3, A McLeod’s Rhinna Point Fergus. colt, y’ling— 1 & res, J Dykes’ Sulasgeir Of Dunrui; 2, E R Ormiston’s Arisaig Luchag Mhor Of Creag Dhubh; 3, M McCloy’s Carlung Lewis. geld 2/3-y-o— 1, J Hendrie’s Tower Lewis; 2, F Laing’s Culleann Of Dunrui; 3, N Munro’s Angus Of Glen Roy; 3, J McNaught’s Thorn Hamish. do 4-y-o & over— 1, A Milne’s Cairns Angus; 2, N Thorburn’s Ericht Of Achnacarry; 3, J McNaught’s Thorn Hamish. Highlands in-hand, female (C D Ormiston), broodmare— 1, ch & res sup, G M Baird’s Gloria Of Whitefield; 2, G M Baird’s Islay Of Whitefield; 3, G M Baird’s Heather Honey Of Whitefield. foal— 1, G M Baird’s; 2, G M Baird’s; 3, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s. yeld mare competing in ridden classes— 1, S Wardrop’s Dhaina Of Carlung; 2, M Campbell’s Tormaukin Bryony; 3, J Reid’s Shevock Sapphire Speedwell do in-hand only— 1 & res, K M & W J Taylor’s Shona Of Sunnyneuk; 2, S Yeaman’s North Wells New Rose; 3, R Stewart’s West Lodge Annie. filly, 3-y-o— 1, S Brooks’ Jen Of Ednam House; 2, M Comrie Bryant & A Macmillan’s Monika Of Whitefield; 3, W Simpson’s Chapelhill Blondie. do, 2-y-o— 1, K Lawson & W Sinclair’s Lochlands Madonna; 2, J Hendrie’s Tower Heather Cream; 3, F & L Boyd’s Shaunidene. do, y’ling— 1, E Lawson’s Failte Of Craigieloch; 2, G M Baird’s Ola Of Whitefield; 3, J Hendrie’s Tower Gypsy Meg. Shetland in-hand (S Strang), stallion— 1, J Barry’s Kinkell Guardsman; 2, L Scott’s Kerryston Tristar; 3, C Marshall’s Highfield Delius. colt, 2/3-y-o— 1, C Lyttle’s Minster Of Mawbray; 2, J Barry’s Kinkell Elegy; 3, J Murray’s Mawcarse Earl. geld— 1, male ch & sup, Transy Stud’s Ajax Of Transy; 2, L Cheyne’s Mill Of Towie Toffee Teddy Bear; 3, C Lyttle’s Magnum Of Mawbray. b’mare— 1, female ch & res sup, Transy Stud’s Exhibit Of Transy; 2, C Marshall’s Struie Dalma; 3, Eynhallow Stud’s Eynhallow Belle. foal— 1, C Marshall’s; 2, J Murray’s; 3, Eynhallow Stud’s. yeld mare— 1, P & L Sellars’ Virella Of Dryknowl; 2, Transy Stud’s Phoebe Of Transy; 3, L Reay’s Struie Kim. filly, 2/3-y-o— 1 & res jnr, Eynhallow Stud’s Eynhallow Bloom; 2, Barughs’ Birchmoor Georgia; 3, J Swan’s Lignite Prima. colt/filly y’ling— 1 & jnr ch, P & L Sellars’ Dryknowl Enkissie; 2, J Barry’s Kinkell Geisha; 3, J Glacken’s Struie Daz. 34in— 1, A McDonald’s Balgay Kee-Noodle; 2, J Swan’s Stow Candyflow; 3, J Glacken’s Gilslandwells Lolliepop. group male & 2 females— 1, Transy Stud’s Ajax Of Transy, Phoebe Of Transy & Exhibit Of Transy. Highland ridden (K Blackmore), 4-6-y-o— 1, S Wardrop’s Grace Of Carlung; 2, H Jamieson’s Catriona Of Balvonie; 3, J Mc Naught’s Thorn Hamish. 7-y-o & over, under 143cm— 1, K McKay’s Stuartdene; 2, K Newton’s Lauren Of Langley; 3, E Crate’s Fingal Of Strathavon. exc 143cm— 1 & ch, R Davidson’s Trowan Moulin; 2 & res, S Brooks’ Jay-Jay Of Ednam House; 3, T B Haliburton’s Echo Of Achnacarry. Welsh sec A in-hand (R K Rees), b’mare— 1 & res, S Scott’s Tullibardine My Fare Lady; 2, B Kennedy’s Ceannaiteach Monaliza; 3, J A Russell’s Gartconnel Class; foal— 1, S Scott’s; 2, B Kennedy’s; 3, J A Russell’s. barren mare/geld— 1, S Paton’s Tahuna Charlie 2, A Shaw’s Fouroaks Clarissa; 3, S Scott’s Criccieth Cuckoo. y’ling— 1, E Ferguson’s Mardenway 007; 2, J A Russell’s Gartconnel Wild Fire Fly; 3, L & K Moy’s Cromagtir Devi. stallion— 1 & ch, J A Russell’s Gartconnel Shooting Star; 2, E Ferguson’s Brierdene Newsflash; 3, D Rowland’s Gartconnel Starlight. filly/geld, 2/3-y-o— 1, R & E Mowat’s Brierdene News Star; 2, A Dobinson’s Brierdene Norris; 3, W Lewis’ Rhydefelin Starflower. sec B (D M Davies), b’mare— 1 & ch, M Gethin’s Mynach Oriana; 2 E Fraser & N Whittington-Davis’ Howeview Fairy Sparkle; 3, S & R Lane’s Rosslayne Tinkerbell. foal— 1, M Gethin’s; 2, S & R Lane’s; 3, E Fraser & N Whittington-Davis’s. barren mare/geld— 1, M McCoul’s Boston Bright Eyes; 2, S Robson’s Perrington Premier; 3, A Wedgwood’s Kyneton Mayflower. filly/geld 2/3-y-o— 1 & res, M E Mansfield’s Rotherwood Golden Rose; 2, M Gethin’s Mynach Arcadia; 3, D Dawson’s Davdor Diana. sec C/D (W G Davies), sec D— 1 & ch, C Frith’s Ristol Corrine; 2, A Gray’s Vantage Welsh Rose; 3, K Hill’ s Llanllugan Mike’s Lad. sec C— 1, R Deptford’s Brimstone Dai; 2, M Warren’s Eywas Lowri; 3, C Wilson’s Moorcroft Bay Lady. sec D 2/3-y-o— 1, A Jamieson’s Brynfa Lucky Charm; 2, J McKnight’s Trefaldyn Lady Alis; 3, A Kay’s Ellington Model Lady. sec C do— 1 & res, Waxwing Stud’s Waxwing Rigmarole; 2, C J Anderson’s Tycwm Triple Crown; 3, N Luti’s Glynhir Triple Crown. sec D y’ling— 1, C J Anderson’s Glynhir Brenin; 2, Passford Stud’s Passford Bronwen; 3, S & S Murray’s Passford Sunnay Jim. M&M in-hand (G Wright) Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, exc stallions & colts— 1 & ch, M Wilson’s Townend Bethany; 2, E & P Rennie’s Willoway Carousel; 3, A Fildes’ Braimer Bonnie Prince Charlie. Dartmoor, Exmoor, do— 1, F Dickson’s Tawbitts Mystic Madam; 2, Moorland Mousie Trust’s Rosefinch; 3, A Downing’s Heathpool Pendragon. Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, 2/3-y-o do— 1, Messrs Smith’s Bracklinn Stella; 2, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Primrose; 3, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Robert The Bruce. Dartmoor, Exmoor, do— 1, C J Anderson’s Rushfield Morgan Spice; 2, D & L Anderson’s Greenferns Romany; 3, G Whetter’s Cosmic Lacerta. Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara y’ling— 1, Messrs Smith’s Greenholme Albert; 2, W Ireland’s Gullivers Man O’ War; 3, J Thomson’s Lunesdale Aurora. Dartmoor/Exmoor do— 1, C J Anderson’s Moortown Grey Granite; 2, F Dickson’s Cona Mheal; 3, D & L Anderson’s Greenferns Ryan. stallion/colt, Fell, Dales, New Forest, Connemara, Dartmoor— 1 & res, D & L Anderson’s Dunmere Buff Ermine; 2, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Magic. NPS Kilmannan Stud silver medal— 1, T B Haliburton’s Echo Of Achnacarry. St John’s Wells M&M in-hand pairs— 1, Miss M Gethin’s Mynach Miss Primm & Mynach Arcadia; 2, F & L Boyd’s Moss-side Lorna Doone & unlisted. Eriskay (S Clark), ridden— 1 & ch, Lady Sanderson’s Braincroft Cameron; 2, Lady Sanderson’s Belzars Quest; 3, F Misselbrook’s Callernish Caolas. y’stk— 1, D McGillivray’s Braincroft Thrift; 2, A Misselbrook’s Auchenbrook Siskin yeld/b’mare— 1 & res, D Johnston’s Mhairi; 2, A Misselbrook’s Braincroft Lark; 3, D McGillivray’s Braincroft Sundew. M&M open ridden (J Etheridge, R Bown) Dartmoor, Exmoor, Shetland— 1, V Dowdeswell’s Raphael; 2, A McRobbie’s Wind In The Willows; 3, J & E Rainy Brown’s Ridgeacre Sky Boy. sec A— 1, A Anderson & K Scott’s Bryndefaid Pingu; 2, K Miller’s Waxwing Typhoon; 3, M Fairley’s Waxwing Eqerry. sec B— 1 & ch small breeds, J Dun’s Lindesfarne Grouse; 2, F Stewart’s Aytounhill Annabelle; 3, J Warnock’s Wedderlie Marengo. Fell, Dales— 1 & res, W Ireland’s Kilmannan Black Magic; 2, D Slack’s Raisbeck Casino; 3, G Reilly’s Townend Sam. New Forest, Connemara— 1, K Gordon’s Siskin Lad; 2, J Fairburn’s Rebel Rouser; 3, K Stewart’s Blackwood Dancer. sec C— 1 & ch, D Picken’s Kilmar Perfection; 2, C J Anderson’s Yrallt May Day Surprise; 3, K Miller’s Wyken Pyrene. sec D— 1, G Burnie’s Blaentawe The Charmer; 2, Lady Vestey’s Kentchurch Charity; 3, C Macmillan’s Dyfriog Tom I. M&M LR (J Woods & C Nelson)— 1 & mini ch. Transy Stud’s Rosebestman Of Transy; 2, M Nicoll’s Haven Just A Jewnie; 3, C Myles’ Greenferns Shem. M&M first ridden— 1 & res, A Hay’s Greyoaks Gillian Rose; 2, A Anderson & K Scott’s Bryndefaid Pingu; 3, G Shuttleworth’s Shilstone Rocks Sea Lord. Clydesdale males (J MacArthur) 3-y-o or over— 1, W Hair’s Harwell Sir William; 2, W Rae’s Moorview C J. 2-y-o colt— 1, ch & res sup, M King’s King Of The Ring; 2, I & H Anderson’s Middlebank Carlogie Magnificent; 3, W Combe’s Homer. y’ling— 1 & res, D Greenhill’s Fordelhill Rising Star; 2, M Bedford’s Deighton Benjie; 3, V & M Peterkin’s Bogton Druid. geld 4-y-o & over— 1, P & W Bedford’s Deighton Ringo; 2, I & H Anderson’s Knowehead Jock; 3, J McMillan’s Rab. 3-y-o— 1, H Ramsay’s Bud; 2, S Greenhill’s Lodge Super Ally; 3, G Skinner’s Glenside Prince Harry. 1/2-y-o— 1, Mr & Mrs M & J Wilson’s Grove Garnock Valley Apollo. mares & fillies (D Young) b’mare— 1, R Sibbald’s Thorn Orange Blosson; 2, J Adamson’s Blueton Pride; 3, J Adamson’s Blueton Daisy. foal— 1, R Sibbald; 2, J Adamson; 3, J Adamson. yeld mare 4-y-o & over— 1 & ch & o’all ch & heavy horse ch, G Gray’s Fawnspark Elizabeth; 2, A Jackson’s Boat Perfect Lady; 3, C Carrisk’s Littleward Jennifer. yeld mare/filly 3-y-o— 1 & res, J Marshall & C Halliday’s Howgillside Lady Heather; 2, T Mitchell’s Rashillhouse Sherry Blossom; 3, J McMillan’s Millisle Ellie Bel. filly 2-y-o— 1, R & J Trotter’s Ormiston Mains Amelie; 2, D Laing’s Blueton Princess; 3, J Henderson’s Udale Poppy. y’ling— 1, J Anderson’s Gregglea H.C.Nicole; 2, C Carrick’s Littleward Alexi; 3, S Ferrie’s Davmar Lady Margaret. national final Clydesdale young handlers (J Adamson)— 1, G Tennant; 2, K Johnston; 3, Y Wilson. young stockman— 1, K Wilson; 2, A Stewart; 3, L Young. hunters in-hand (D R Walters) lwt b’mare— 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Cranswick Alice; 2, S Brownie’s Outburst B; 3, F Thomson’s Aline. foal— 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster; 2, M Ryce; 3, F Thomson. mwt/hwt b’mare— 1, L Grant’s Craigallechie Tout-De-Suite. foal— 1, L Grant. y’ling filly— 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Cliftons Alice; 2, J Stuart’s Kimberlys Bollin Bella; 3, L McArthur’s West More Destiny. do colt/geld— 1, D Kirkpatrick’s Redwood Sage; 2, J Garland’s Dark Moon; 3, S-J Riss’ Rovie Twister. 2-y-o filly— 1, L McFadyen’s Bordergrove Ace’s Affair; 2, R Aitken & L Campbell’s Lexus; 3, C Myles’ Kengarth Almera. do geld— 1& res, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Look North; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Rockafella II; 3, D Kirkpatrick’s Redwood Ash. 3-y-o filly— 1, ch & sup, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Arlington Park; 2, R Aitken & L Campbell’s Tranquil Grace; 3, A Dunlop’s Dash Of Class. do geld— 1, Mr & Mrs W Moran’s Badgers Wood; 2, M English’s Va Va Voom. sport horse y’stk (J Werners) y’ling— 1, P J Lillington’s Woodbury’s Amazing Grace; 2, I More’s Mansefield Court; 2, D Wheeland’s Kalemino. 2/3-y-o filly/geld— 1 & ch, S Abbott’s Zevida; 2 & res, G & R Charlish’s HHS Dramatiker; 3, R Telford’s Anthem RT. ridden hunters (C Hunnable) HOYS WH— 1 & res, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Freckleton Maxmimus; 3, Mr & Mrs G Drummond’s Forever Mhor. nov lwt— 1, ch, ch & res sup, Mr & Mrs A McCowan’s Irish Squire; 2, R Boyd’s Connswater Elite; 3, I More’s Flashpoint II. hwt— 1, R Boyd’s Connswater Classic; 2, S Finlay’s The Spruce Goose; 3, S Cowie’s Kingsmill II. HOYS hunter (Mrs J Webber) lwt— 1, Mr & Mrs A McCowan’s Fusilier; 2, Mr & Mrs R Waterston’s Chaseview Overseer; 3, G Clifford-Graham’s Lord Of The Shivers. mwt— 1, ch & res, H Rodgers’ District Court; 2, Mr & Mrs A Hall’s Ozier Hill; 3, J Flanagan’s Teddy Boy II. hwt— 1, P Creighton’s Freddie Cruger; 2, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s Dramore; 3, S Ashton’s Twickenham. sml— 1 & res, J Knipe’s Exotic Dancer; 2, J McNeice’s Whalton Bengal Tiger; 3, R Hethington’s Cloverslittletiger. RP in-hand (D Lloyd Thomas) b’mare 148cm— 1 & ch, D Lee’s Bradmore Chit Chat; 2, L McGowan’s Craiglea Pipkin; 3, C Dawson’s Scarlett Silk. foal— 1, D Lee; 2, L McGowan; 3, Z Kirk. filly/geld 2/3-y-o 128cm— 1, P Greenleaf’s Bradmore Celebration; 2, L Cheyne’s Auchmaliddie Partytime; 3, D Robertson’s Courtway Pippa. 138cm— 1, W Merryweather’s Hinwood High Jinks; 2, D Robertson’s Courtway Amazing Print. 148cm— 1, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Royal Talk; 2, Mr & Mrs C Duke’s Greenbarrow Miss Eloquence. y’ling 122cm— 1, M Reeves’ Stanley Grange Cock Robin; 2, Mr & Mrs C Duke’s Greenbarrow Prince Of Light; 3, M Sivewright’s Blackford Beautiful Wedding. 133cm— 1, M Comrie Bryant & A Macmillan’s Rustums Tarlo; 2, K O’Dwyer’s Raemoir M’Lady; 3, A Aitken-Smith’s Pardovan Solaris Dreams. 143cm— 1 & res, J Laffey’s Wytchwood Desert Prince; 2, C Harper’s Braeglen Masterpiece; 3, W Merryweather’s Rosamel Golden Prince. HP breeding (M Ball) y’ling 133cm— 1, Mr & Mrs McCoul’s Landswood Royal Occasion; 2, L Cameron’s Rosedust Fairyqueen; 3, A Middler’s Carigmancie Chocolate Chip. do 2/3-y-o filly/geld— 1, M Foran’s Roseisle Brave Romance; 2, J Cormack’s Hanmere April. y’ling 153cm— 1 & ch, L McArthur’s Westmore Destiny; 2, M & T Carswell’s Paddocklow Ambassador; 3, A Aitken-Smith’s Pardovan Solaris Dreams. do 2/3-y-o filly/geld— 1 & res, S Williamson’s Eskside Jasper; 2, Mr & Mrs C Duke’s Greenbarrow Miss Eloquence; 3, E Crate’s Penmaric Beginagain. ridden Arab (Mrs C Bennett) Anglo/part-bred 153cm— 1 & res, G Rooney’s Scarlet O’Hara; 2, V & C Powell’s Audene Blue Disciplin; 3, K Melville’s Tamarind Fancy Lady. exc 153cm— 1, L McCulloch’s Derwent Shadow Play; 2, L Hay’s Pure Gold; 3, L Gordon’s Behesht Tsunami. pure-bred— 1 & ch, E & S Ross’ Frosted Knight; 2, P Willox-Hamilton’s Saiyid El Kheil; 3, M Mieras’ Ammlah. Arabs in-hand (Mrs L Tait) pure-bred male 2-y-o & over— 1, K McCann’s Ice; 2, A Turner’s Northashalabar; 3, E MacLean’s Razif. do mare/filly— 1, D Ing & J Givens’ Amour Etoile; 2, L-A Mitchell’s Judals Little Kiss; 3, E MacLean’s Razelle. Anglo/part-bred— 1 & res, J Gilchrist’s Rotherwood Flamenco; 2, K O’Dwyer’s Whalton Above Suspicion; 3, A Efthymiou’s Rangehill Musician. 2/3-y-o— 1, y’stk ch & ch, J Gilchrist’s Romanno Royal Talk; 2 & y’stk res, J Gilchrist’s Bradmore Swan Song; 3, M Robertson’s Rotherwood Mr Pepys. y’ling— 1, M Comrie Bryant & A Macmillan’s Rustums Tarlo; 2, K O’Dwyer’s Raemoir M’Lady; 3, M & T Carswell’s Paddocklow Ambassador. BSPS mini (Mrs R Young) LR— 1 & ch, C Dickens’ Haighend Miss Georgette; 2, A Campbell’s Ceannaiteach Jiro; 3, L & M Govan’s Pendley Encore. FR— 1 & res, L Tinson’s Caridines Greetings; 2, C Bankier’s Cosford Perilla; 3, C Mason’s Capernwray First Adventure. BSPS SP (Mrs R Young) mixed height nov— 1, K Slight’s Moor Hall Musical; 2, D Robertson’s Courtway Amadeus; 3, Z Prentice-Guthrie’s Markoak Evensong. 128cm— 1 & ch, J McCluskey’s Bracon Toytown; 2, D Robertson’s Courtway Amaryllis; 3, M Graham’s Chalaborough Damsil Fly. 138cm— 1 & res, M Nicoll’s Willowhill Forget Me Not; 2, J McCluskey’s Rhos Virtuoso; 3, M Crighton’s Valentine Minuet. 148cm— 1, J Brewster’s Marshbrook Autumn Sun; 2, L & M Govan’s Jackets Touch Of Class. BSPS WHP (A Bowie, Mrs L Black) int 158cm— 1 & ch, C Richardson’s Lough Crew; 2, Mr & Mrs V Peterkin’s Balhagarty Glenmorangie; 3, M Moore’s What A Diamond. 153cm— 1 & res, M Moore’s Toto Matata; 2, F Rodman’s Silk Cut; 3, J & M Turnbull’s Meiklekims Secret. 143cm— 1, L Ogilvie’s Cambrai Fenman; 2, G Rowan Hamilton’s Running Bear; 3, A Casey’s Orkneys Jet Spring. 133cm— 1, E Geddes’ Fearless Freddy; 2, H Sloan’s Alandale Fair Cameo; 3, J McNee’s Brynsaeth Samson. NS— 1, D Douglas Mundell’s Crosbeian Go Lightly; 2, J Dun’s Lindisfarne Grouse; 3, Mr & Mrs R Weir’s Polaris Geralt. SHP (Miss S Jill) 122cm— 1 & res, A Hay’s Farchynys Pererin; 2, C Bankier’s Bronheulog Charmer; 3, A Hood’s Blaenpentre April Dancer. 133cm— 1, K Slight’s Mount Pleasant Stardust; 2, M Nicoll’s Lintonhills Country Squire; 3, S Snowie’s Blyth Choir. 143cm— 1 & ch, E McCulloch’s Aytounhill High Society; 2, Craigie Equestrian’s Princess Xantia; 3, J Brewster’s Marshbrook Autumn Sun. 153cm— 1, Mr & Mrs A Brewster’s High Flyer III; 2, N Orr’s Mayflower; 3, C Davidson’s Bee, Bee Fern. int— 1, K McCall’s Censored; 2, J McNeice’s Whalton Bengal Tiger; 3, V Campbell’s Righ Oliver. ridden Clydesdale (J Munro) pure-bred— 1 & ch, Glasgow City Council’s Glasgow City Council ILPH Baron; 2 & res, I Young’s Arradoul Majesta; 2, G Skinner’s Jamie. donkey (Mrs J Flint) yeld/b’mare— 1 & res, E Cunningham’s Tapo’noth Seonaid. stallion/geld— 1 & ch, E Kempsell’s Kirkbuddo Silver Commando; 2, C Armet’s Baxter; 3, S Laing’s Inglewood Josh. 3-y-o & under— 1, A French’s Country Music’s Johnny Paycheck; 2, E Kempsell’s Falmeridge Bertie; 3, A French’s Wolfheart’s Chica. RH (Miss J Bradwell) nov— 1 & res, Y Pearson’s Double Take; 2, E Henderson’s Sonder; 3, H McCloy’s Classic Supreme. HOYS sml— 1 & ch, J Knipe’s Foxy Formula; 2, P Langrick’s Lady Bracknell; 3, S Snowie’s Loch Leaf Ruby. lge— 1, J Rutherford’s Balblair Maribou; 2, J Bell’s Blue Sapphire; 3, V Sinclair’s Moonlight Meisterin. coloured (Miss P Brown, J Conifey) CHAPS y’stk— 1, ch & o’all res, J Cousens’ Rustums Scotch Pie; 2 & res, Tullibardine Stud’s Doylan Cochise; 3, Performance Arabians’ Incandescent Flame. non-native open in-hand— 1, J Cousens’ Rustums Scotch Pie; 2, Tullibardine Stud’s Doylan Cochise; 3, A Minnis’ Mossvale Razzmatazz. native/cob/trad— 1, C Bell’s Indian Rocky; 2, G Chippendale’s Lady Of he Dawn. HOYS non-native ridden pony— 1, B Liddle’s Mini Tidkin Soldier; 2, S Avery’s Rising Sun; 3, S Avery’s Belwins Thriller. do horse— 1, ch & o’all ch, P Langrick’s Mr Nutmeg; 2, V Ross’ Arhanna Ruairidh Carron; 3, Country Farm Stud’s Country Top Dollar. native/trad/cob ridden pony— 1 & res, G Gerrard’s Eywas Magpie; 2, J Smith’s Lady in Red; 3, G Chippendale’s Lady Of the Dawn. do horse— 1, P Langrick’s Aghaboe; 2, L Dolan’s Logan; 3, K Methven’s Balvaig Sal. side-saddle (Miss J L Carter) equitation adult— 1, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana; 2, J Bakchouse’s Peter III; 3, M Grant’s Morven Of Turin Hill. do jnr— 1, S Garrigan’s Penni Farthing; 2, Mr & Mrs Myerscough’s Mr Tom; 3, C Davidson’s Bee, Bee Fern. classical— 1, P Creighton’s Freddie Kruger; 2, V Hogg’s Millwalk Havana; 3, J McNeill’s Inishmore. harness, grooming & decoration (J McMillan) best kept harness— 1 & ch, B & N Cameron’s Clyde; 2 & res, D Proctor’s Knowehead Jock; 3, S & C Graham’s Isla. best groomed horse— 1,D Proctor’s Knowehead Jock; 2, B & N Cameron’s Clyde; 3, G Skinner. best decorated harness, floral— 1, B & N Cameron’s Clyde; 2, S & C Graham’s Isla; 3, G Skinner. do wool— 1, D Proctor’s Knowehead Jock; 2, S & C Graham’s Dick. heavy horse turnout (Mrs S Weir) single, twin axle— 1, J Cowen’s Sandbed Superstar; 2, J Fairbairn’s Mick; 3, P Stirling’s Mossend Chancer. do, single axle— 1, Glasgow City Council’s Duke; 2, G Skinner’s Harry; 3, G & A Robertson’s Davy. tandem— 1,H Ramsay’s Ben & Ricky; 2, P Stirling’s Mossend Chancer; 3, A & D Govan’s Tam & Mac. pairs— 1, P Stirling’s Mossend Samson & Mossend Shunter; 2, H Ramsay’s Ben & Bud; 3, A & D Govan’s Tam & Seumas. teams Of 4— 1, P & W Bedford’s Cargo, Rio, Ringo & Dick; 2, A & D Givan’s Tam, Seumas, Mac & Donald; 3, G Holmes’ Patrick, James, Thomas & William. unicorn— 1, A & D Govan’s Tam, Seumas & Mac; 2, G Holmes’ Patrick, James & William. Cuddy sup in-hand ch (P Warcup)— 1, L McArthur’s Westmore Destiny; 2, D Lee’s Bradmore Chit Chat.

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