Rose’s road to HOYS: Search for a Star countdown

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    Getting ready for SEIB Search for a Star is turning into a military operation. It will be the first time we have stayed away for a show and I have written lists upon lists to make sure nothing vital gets forgotten. I’ve got a list for me, a list for Fergus, a list for the lorry; there is so much to think about.

    I got my HOYS passes through on Wednesday, which made the whole thing feel very real. It’s only two weeks away now and I’ve got so much to do. The paperwork stressed how important it is for the horse’s flu vaccinations to be up to date and so I have checked and double checked his certificate. It would be devastating to get the whole way there and then get turned away at the gates!

    Everyone I know is being so supportive and kind. My friend Nicky Green has said I can take her lorry to Birmingham, which is great as I only have a trailer. She has also lent me her tailcoat in case we manage to qualify for the championship. It would be terrible for that to happen and me not have the right clothes to wear. I haven’t managed to find a top hat yet, but I’m working on it.

    My class is on Wednesday afternoon, but we are going to travel up on the Tuesday and stay Tuesday and Wednesday night. The only chance we will have to ride in the arena before the class is at 5.30am on Wednesday morning so that is going to be an early one and I don’t suppose I will get much sleep before hand.

    Everything is leading up to the big day at the moment and I am trying to juggle Fergus’s work to make sure he has got just the right amount of sparkle without being over the top on the day. He is having a combination of hacking, schooling and days off at the moment.

    I was considering taking him to show last Sunday, but it was quite warm and he is quite hairy so I gave it a miss. Normally I would have clipped him and gone, but I didn’t want to have his coat growing back before HOYS, so I’m planning to clip him next week instead.

    On Tuesday I had a flatwork lesson including some lateral work, plus lots of transitions and circles to keep his mind occupied so he doesn’t anticipate and keep him off his forehand. I also organised for 19-year-old Natasha Lean to come and ride him as he isn’t used to being ridden by anyone other than myself and Gary. Natasha is very slight, but a good rider, and it was nice to see him going well for someone else who knows the right buttons to press. Fingers crossed he will go as well for the ride judge on the day!

    Until next week


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