NPS Area 20 Ardingly, West Sussex, 24 June

NPS M&M nov ridden (MG Evans): sml 1, J & S Hobden’s Covdale Gigi; 2, Hart & Whitmee’s Cranford Hector; 3, Z Evans’ Uppacott Tiki Ridge. Welsh sec B/C 1 & ch, S Roberts’ Russetwood Ecstacy; 2, A Corney’s Clawddcoch Eagle Star; 3, A Mountain’s Twyford Elen. Connemara/NF 1, J Kerslake’s Wootton Monarch; 2, M Syned’s Richfield Callum; 3, Z Bryant’s Lovelyhill Hardys Touch. Dales/Fell/Highland 1, Hird & Wardrop’s Alysse Of Carlung. Welsh sec D 1 & res, L Waite’s Kenwood Duke; 2, R Challinger’s Bryncendl Gerallt; 3, Y Curtis’ Cwmtawe Vivian. NPS M&M int ridden (MJ Saunders): sml 1, J & S Hobden’s Waxwing Xcess; 2, P Smith’s Yaverland Chieftain; 3, L Card’s Ulverscroft Midnight Blue. Welsh sec B/C 1 & ch, J Stuart’s Bronheulog Apricot; 2, J Minns’ Hanmere Gold Sovereign; 3, A Burchell-Small’s Westaire Gemini. Connemara/NF 1 & res, C Kingham’s Quick Silver; 2, McGrath’s Vernons Valeta; 3, S Douglas’ Toblerone. Dales/Fell/Highland 1, D Spears’ Ffrica Of Forglen; 2, L Waite’s Stonygill Will O’ The Wisp; 3, Erander’s Ghillie Of Nethabrae. Welsh sec D 1, M Hoare’s Uplands Valentino; 2, M Batchelor’s Shardells Remo; 3, D&S Bright’s Powys Valley Minstrel. NPS M&M ridden (BM Halls): sml 1 & res, B Firth’s Hilin Challenger; 2, M Springett’s Priestwood Figaro; 3, Ulverscroft Midnight Blue. lge1 & ch, Stonygill Will O’The Wisp; 2, D Bright’s Waxwing Rheel; 3, S Flynn’s Dunedin Megan. NPS M&M nov LR (BM Halls) 1 & res, L Burton-Taylor’s Rhydgwillim Gwen; 2,C Ingham’s Vean Rosa; 3, M Higgins’ Pinewell Bourbon Mist. FR 1 & ch, J Cobley’s Ulverscroft Columbian; 2, D Barr’s Waulkmill Swift; 3, A Burchell-Small’s Winalda Hiem’s Henschel. NPS M&M jnr ridden sml 1,D Barr’s Heaton Katrin; 2, Bronheulog Apricot; 3, M Boulby’s Moortown Hamish. lge 138cm 1 & ch, S Sulsh’s Springgrove Alexander; 2, L Thorne’s Monray Queenie; 3, S Baker’s Peasedown Perfect Poseur. do, over 138cm1 & res, S Powell’s Millfields Tara Breeze; 2, Dunedin Megan; 3, Ghillie Of Nethabrae. HOYS M&M LR (CM Whiteley & R Bown) 1 & res,T Baldwin’s Cosford Xcella; 2, Waulkmill Swift; 3, K James’ Highland Joli. FR 1 & ch, G Atkinson’s Glenwood Caradog; 2, J Barugh’s Birchmoor Admiral; 3, L Hillyard’s Brookhall Ana Marie. NPS M&M LR (G Sells) 1 & ch, Z Evans & E Wilson’s Shoormal Skalva; 2, Highland Joli; 3, H Mackin’s Wilrick Sophie. FR 1 & res, D Plumb’s Blacknest Prince Hal; 2, S Wulff’s Brynave Little Cracker; 3, C Davis’ Dunmere Danse-Du-Feu. SHP (CM Whiteley): LR 1, M Syned’s Foxcroft Jeepers; 2, Mrs S Davidson’s Firle Diggory Delvet; 3, N Crouch’s Ish-Koo-Dah. 122cm 1, Ish-Koo-Dah; 2, C Frost’s Twylands Paen; 3, J Knight’s Bradmore Possum. 133cm 1, G Holder’s Language Spring Time; 2, J Harvey’s Yealand Breeze; 3, Coulstock’s Parkhill Cantona. 143cm 1 & ch, A Lucas’ Warleigh Eclipse; 2, J Stuart’s Fidra Moonraker; 3, J Minns’ Clemenstone Rumba. 153cm 1 & res, S Powell’s Odins Perfection; 2, J Bourne’s The Artist; 3, T Heaver’s Alpha Centauri. SP (JD Harvey): LR 1 & res, T Baldwin’s Cosford Veronique; 2, G Lichtenburg’s Caridines Damsel; 3, C Ingham’s Burnbeck Dreamcatcher. FR 1 & ch, P Baker-Beall’s Hollybush Libretto; 2, D & A Aungier’s Tamarind Just William. 128cm 1, Coulstock’s Parkhill Golden Girl. 138cm 1 & ch, J Harvey’s Beckside First Impression; 2 & res, L Edsell’s Hollyhill Debonair. NPS nov SP/SHP (S Tanner) 1, Jago & Carvosso’s Rivenhall Last Waltz; 2, S Eaton’s Rosevean Romany Song; 3, Fidra Moonraker. NPS SP/SHP FR 1, Tamarind Just William; 2, E Boyles’ Nantcol Sir Galahad; 3, B Skeet’s Devon Raindance. NPS SP/SHP 128cm 1, L Hillyard’s Barkway Frivolity; 2, E Boyles’ Deanhills Fairystory. 138cm1 & res, Yealand Breeze; 2, Jago & Carvosso’s Posh Spice II; 3, J Newnham & M Godden’s Moor Hall Topcat. 148cm 1 & ch, Wallace’s Ninfield Windsor Girl; 2, Rosevean Romany Song. ridden anglo/PBA 1, Rivenhall Last Waltz; 2, Ninfield Windsor Girl; 3, T Heaver’s Night Shadow. NPS Olympia qual (G Sells): Welsh D 1 & ch, M Hoare’s Pentripiod The Judge; 2, G Hasdel’s Botleymill Magic Spark; 3, L Barsoum’s Crugmelyn Owain Glyndwr. Dales/Fell/Highland 1, K Gatland’s Sunglow Lady Paula; 2, The Queen’s Carltonuma Emma; 3, A Edwards’ Waverhead Ted. Connemara/NF1, CA Large’s Willoway Patience; 2, Vernons Valeta; 3, CA Large’s Willoway Minstral. Welsh B/C 1 & res, J Smith’s Barkla Royal Heir; 2, Waxwing Rheel; 3, Heaton Katrin. sml 1, Stewart’s Waitwith Connie; 2, D Barr’s Waitwith West Wind; 3, Glenwood Caradog. home-produced M&M ridden (MG Evans): sml 1 & res, J Knight’s Defaelog Luke; 2, J Lloyd’s Blaenpentre Foxy Lady; 3, Clawddcoch Eagle Star. lge1 & ch, Willoway Patience; 2, D Spears’ Lochlands Banjo; 3, C Langrish’s Dorridge Nobleman. PUK nov ridden M&M (CA Stevenson): lge 1 & ch, M Dell’s Cocas Pretty In Pink; 2 & res, Toblerone; 3, A Page’s Floreat King Bee. sml 1 ,L Thorne’s Wharley Court Jester; 2, J Stuart’s Springbank Jonquil. ridden M&M 4/5-y-o (K Humble): sml1 & ch, Russetwood Ecstacy; 2, Springbank Jonquil; 3, B Joyce’s Springbank Argo. lge 1 & res, R Fry’s Peters Button Box; 2, Kenwood Duke; 3, L Barsoum’s Ty’r Eos Billie Fury. in-hand Shetland (R Bown): y’ling 1, D Barr’s Champlers Roseanna. 2/3-y-o 1,C Buchanan-Jackson’s Chironsland Lulu McPherson; 2, PJ Price’s Merry Minstrel Of Quimper; 3, K Spillett’s Avonlie Black Bandit. 4 & over 1 & ch, L Buchanan-Jackson’s Blackator Rhonda; 2, Hart & Whitmee’s Greenhurst Daybreak; 3, A Page’s Ceann Winston. mini y’ling 1, Rogers & West’s Littlegrie Bambi; 2, J Exall’s Buxted Joshua; 3, Rogers & West’s Buxted Columbine. 2-3-y-o 1, J Ward’s Balmedie Alfred; 2, M Sansom’s Cranford Emperor; 3, S Read’s Byways Morgan. 4- & over 1 & res, Hart & Whitmee’s Cranford Plie; 2, J Exall’s Buxted Persuader; 3, A Page’s Kerswell Raven. Dartmoor/Exmoor (CA Stevenson): y’stock 1 & ch, E D’Alton’s Chafford Debonair; 2, J Rylah’s Stourton Amethyst; 3, S Nugent’s Uppacott Cristal. adult 1 & res, S Thompson’s Merribridge Maddeleine; 2, RM Thornley-Taylor’s Vean Zoe; 3, J Kerslake’s Wendel Tommy. Highland y’stock1 & ch, E Edmunds’ Varrie of Strathmore; 2, Hirstmund Stud’s Sancerre of Hirstmund. adult 1 & res, Hirstmund Stud’s Brungrange Steffanie; 2,K Johnson’s Cloverdene; 3, A Charman-Ord’s Brownbread Jubilee. Dales/Fell y’stock 1 & ch, L Waite’s Carrock Emperor. adult 1 & res, L Ahmet & K Goldsmith’s Aquilas Stud Pendragon; 2, D Weedon’s Akehurst Rainbow. NF (K Humble): y’stock 1, P Armitage’s Wolloway Madeline. adult 1 & ch, J Lowth’s Burley Holly; 2 & res, Wootton Monarch; 3,Cocas Pretty In Pink. Connemara y’stock 1, S Burt’s Walstead Lady Isobella. adult 1, ch & sup, H Somerset’s Falfield Honeybear; 2 & res, S Burt’s Walstead Cartier; 3, C Dutton’s Hillymead Cabaret. Mixed M&M (MJ Saunders): lge y’stock 1, Carrock Emperor; 2, J & S Hobden’s Maenan Rivendel; 3, Sancerre Of Hirstmund. adult 1 & ch, Falfield Honeybear; 2, Walstead Cartier; 3, G Wills’ Cocas High Society. sml y’stock 1 & res, L Cornford’s Telynau Leo; 2, A Cox’s Cefnhendre Cari; 3, Board-Jones’ Thamesbourne Myfanwy. adult 1, PJ Price’s Maid Marion Of Quimper; 2, A Page’s Dewland Silver Star; 3, A Coulburn’s Raci The Dreamcatcher. Welsh A (LB Hillard): y’ling 1, D Drake’s Winters End Nimbus; 2, A Cox’s Lavantdown Grampy; 3, S Green’s Rhydygrug Vellum. 2/3-y-o 1, H Carrington & S Case-Green’s Marsh Midas; 2, S & J Rand’s Duranti Maybe Magic; 3, Melliver Stud’s Dukeshill Peeping Tom. adult 1, Raci The Dreamcatcher; 2, S & J Rand’s Duranti Marksman. Welsh B y’stock 1, Board-Jones’ Thamesbourne Night Wish; 2, D Burkin & S Taylor’s Elvet Angelica; 3, C Ellison’s Bobbin Jarman. adult1, A Berryman-Horne’s Greenlinks Tiger Lily; 2, B Laffan & J Tompsett’s Glebedale Questionnaire; 3, A Remmen’s Plumpton Smarty Pants. Welsh C/D y’stock 1, Maenan Rivendel. adult 1 & ch, James’ Fairbourne Masterpiece; 2 & res, M Bell’s Penhill Haran; 3, L Heywood’s Keeshen Lady Arwen. part-bred Welsh y’stock 1 & res, J Miles’ Story Time; 2, J Weedon’s Jipson Nightingale; 3, T Manning’s Twylands Pedro. adult 1 & ch, J Weedon’s Deanhills Kittiwake; 2, J Carmichael’s Fielden Fieldmouse. owner-bred M&M y’stock 1,Thamesbourne Night Wish; 2, M Tratt’s Elsinore Luke Skywalker; 3, Walstead Lady Isobella. adult 1 & ch, Aquilas Stud Pendragon; 2 & res, M Burchell-Small’s Rowfantina Tribute; 3,Greenlinks Tiger Lily. home-produced M&M sml 1 & ch, N True’s Toprock Valua; 2 & res, Blackator Rhonda; 3, Maid Marion Of Quimper. lge 1, Aquilas Stud Pendragon; 2, Cloverdene; 3, Hillymead Cabaret. pot LR/FR (JD Harvey): y’stock 1, J Dockray’s Nook Cinderella; 2, Chafford Debonair; 3, Story Time. owner-bred SP/SHP y’stock 1 & ch, B Wells’ Wellstan Orlando; 2, E & A Kelly’s Sandlings Humble Pie; 3, H Watkins’ Hindleap Tipsy Mouse. adult 1 & res, L Robinson’s Perfect Polly. anglo/PBA y’stock 1, T Wallace’s Ninfield Free Spirit; 2, L Wright’s Seamoor Showgirl. adult 1 & ch, M Davey’s Ninfield Millionaires Dream; 2 & res, Night Shadow; 3, Perfect Polly. NPS home-produced (S Tanner): y’ling 1, D Courtridge’s Ninfield Debonaire. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Jipson Nightingale; 2, J Townshend’s Anton Seduction; 3, Sandlings Humble Pie. adult 1 & ch, Deanhills Kittiwake; 2, A Pocock’s Santigma Feet Of Flames. NPS HP breed (D Williams): y’ling 1, Hindleap Tipsy Mouse. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, M Palmer’s Sahereca Starry Night; 2, Story Time; 3, J & S Hobden’s Frosthill Jackaroo. adult 1 & ch, Fidra Moonraker; 2, Fielden Fieldmouse; 3, V Wade & A Greenwood’s Warleigh Pussy Willow. NPS RP breeding: adult 1, Santigma Feet Of Flames. y’ling1, Hindleap Tipsy Mouse; 2, Wellstan Orlando; 3, Ninfield Debonaire. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, Sandlings Humble Pie; 2, Anton Seduction; 3, Jipson Nightingale. b’mare 1 & ch, Ninfield Millionaires Dream; 2, Deanhills Kittiwake. foal 1, M Davey’s Ninfield Dream On; 2, J Weedon’s Jipson Curlew. hack/RH y’stock 1 & res, J Townshend’s Classic Top Totty; 2, Sahereca Starry Night. adult 1 & ch, Night Shadow; 2, T Heaver’s Minoru Chatterbox. sup in-hand (MG Evans & JD Harvey) ch, S Hird’s Brungrange Steffanie; res, B Wells’ Wellstan Orlando. yng handler ch (JD Harvey) ch, O Small; res, C Somerset. veteran (D Robinson): in-hand 15/19-y-o 1, S Searle’s Calypso Dancer; 2, A Page’s Ceann Harry. 20/24-y-o 1, J Exall’s Threapwood Heidi; 2, V Nunn’s Grayswood Sea Spray; 3, M Tratt’s Blackthorn Persuasion. ridden 15/19-y-o 1 & ch, S Barnett’s Shilstone Rocks Rough Mountain; 2, L Whiting’s Roseisle Honour Bound; 3, L King’s Dunorlan Diplomat. 20/24-y-o 1 & res, Grayswood Sea Spray. 25 & over 1, V Parker’s Coffee. NPS int M&M WHP (F Leadbitter & VG de Quincey) 122cm 1 & ch, D Barr’s Waitwith Choice; 2 & res, J Guy’s Highland Jury. 138cm 1, Hanmere Gold Sovereign; 2, H Somerset’s Tyan Tullamore; 3, J Guy’s Peasedown Perfect Puzzle. over 138cm 1, S Barnett’s Taffechan Welsh Dragon; 2, C Crawford’s Finnes; 3, F Pearce-Thomas’ Tardebigge Royal Magic. NPS M&M FR WHP (J Seymour & F Leadbitter) 1, Highland Jury; 2, G Worrow’s Pasadena Morgan; 3, L Burton-Taylor’s Harwel Wizard. NPS M&M jnr WHP 138cm 1 & ch, Tyan Tullamore; 2 & res, S Barnett’s Peasedown Party Popper; 3, J Mackay’s Thistledown Royal Cadet. 138-148cm 1, T Strapp’s D’Jill; 2, Dunorlan Diplomat. NPS M&M WHP (VG de Quincey & J Seymour): 122cm 1 & res, Highland Jury; 2, K Hill’s Forlan Nutcracker; 3, P Smith & J Hillyard’s Blackbridge Sweet Pea. 138cm 1 & ch, Peasedown Party Popper; 2, Shilstone Rocks Rough Mountain; 3, Peasedown Perfect Puzzle. over 138cm 1, S Douglas’ Sunnydale Marmiduke; 2, Finnes; 3, Taffechan Welsh Dragon. sup mini (MJ Saunders) ch, Glenwood Caradog; res, Rhydgwillim Gwen. sup rid (LB Hillard) ch, Pentrepiod The Judge; res, Rhydgwillim Gwen. NPS British Isles qual Rivenhall Last Waltz.