M&M ponies to compete at Burghley

  • Mountain & Moorland ponies will have the opportunity to compete at the Land Rover Burghley Horse Trials next year in a championship class that will run as part of the established Burghley Event Pony final.

    Details of the class have still to be announced, but there will be a limited number of qualifiers, the first being at the Ponies (UK) Winter Championships (4-6 March 2011).

    Others already organised will take place at the Ponies (UK) West Midlands (7 April) and the Ponies (UK) South (7 May) shows.

    Finalists in the Burghley Young Event Pony final, won in 2010 by Elinor Strapp and Dancing Hero, perform a dressage test followed by a showjumping course that includes standard showjumps and cross-country type fences.

    The last phase is conformation, where ponies are judged on their correctness and suitability.

    For more information about the class visit www.poniesuk.org.

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