Katie Jerram undergoes emergency neck surgery

  • Horse & Hound columnist Katie Jerram underwent emergency surgery at the London Independent Hospital in Stepney yesterday (Monday 1 June) after an accident in the horse walk at Suffolk Show last Thursday (28 May).

    Katie was initially taken to Ipswich Hospital, but later discharged.

    However, a scan the following day showed she had dislocated a disc in her neck, which was pressing on the spinal cord.

    The show producer had a tungsten steel plate inserted between two vertebrae, which surgeons hope will fuse with the bone.

    “It was the quickest way to recovery,” said her mother Jill on Monday afternoon.

    “She could have been in a neck brace for eight weeks, but hopefully it could only be about six weeks before she’s back in the saddle. She’s fit and healthy, and it depends how quickly she heals.

    “She should be out of hospital by the end of the week and luckily she’s got a lot of owner-riders, so although she can’t ride, she can still teach. We’re optimistic.”

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