International flavour to RIHS showing classes at Hickstead

  • Giving the Royal International Horse Show at Hickstead a truly international flavour, the Russian-bred stallion Adres stood top in the Arabianlines.com pure-bred ridden Arab class.

    Jointly owned by Nadia Howard-Price and Paul and Frances Atkinson, the 12-year-old gave judge Nicola Faulconbridge a superb ride. By Drug out of Agata, Adres was bought in Holland in 2004. Although lightly shown this season, Adres has stood supreme twice at the Northern and Wessex AHS shows.

    “The champion is a true Arab type, and he gave a lovely ride,” said Nicola. Taking second place in the international arena was Darren Crowe riding Susan Rose’s Shayna Maydel.

    Becky Edwards took the show hunter pony title riding her mother Leigh’s 133cm winne Hindleap Choir Boy. In her third year with the quality seven-year-old bay gelding, the pair stood supreme at Ponies (UK) winter championships and the NCPA Lancashire championships.

    By Whinfell Tom Kitten II out of Starlite White Mischief, the classy pony was talent spotted as a three-year-old by Hickstead’s showing director Roger Stack. Reserve champion was Emma Jackson riding the Julie Templeton show team’s Thimbley Final Edition.

    After jumping a superb round over Kevin Millman’s rustic course, Jon Allen headed his 153cm section, and went on to take the working hunter tricolour riding his mother Sam’s All Fired Up.

    In his first season with the bold jumping skewbald, Jon manages to fit in riding around boarding school at Oundle. Having qualified All Fired Up at The Gate, the 14-year old rider also clinched a Horse of the Year Show ticket at Staffordshire Festival.

    “He’s the easiest pony to do anything with, and he loves jumping” said Jon.

    Taking the reserve, was Danielle Gardham riding her Cheshire County champion Belle Vue Royal Prince.


    Results: Tuesday 22 July

    Coloured ponies – Indian Trail skewbald & piebald mixed type – 1 & res, V Windsor-Phillips’s Millpond Look At Me; 2, K Bass’s Millpond Look Again; 3, B Liddle’s Mini Tidkin Soldier. do mixed type small – 1, M Burrows’s Secret Weapon; 2, P Howarth’s Hullabaloo; 3, C Bishop’s Miss Dynamite. lge pony – 1 &ch, C Brunskill’s Soulbury Spot O; 2, S Lanz’s Misty Blue; 3, G Taverner’s Fanville David. traditional lge pony – 1, S Hollinshead’s Longdon Domno; 2, K Talbot’s The Pied Piper 3, S Harrison’s Chantilly Lace VI. coloured horses – lwt – 1, M Doherty’s Shybont Master Class; 2, T Veale’s Shybont Bean Dance; 3, J Blundell’s Electric Storm. plaited – 1, ch & supr, E Place’s Red Andes; 2 & res, S Lawrence’s Wulfstan King of the Mountain; 3, S Jones’s Nibeley Bertie Bassett. native/trad – 1, A Stewart’s Tapestry; 2, K Ahern’s Jasper Bailey; 3, Baileys Horse Feeds’ Zenith. Sandal BMW SHP 122cm – 1, Dr Yule’s Little Briars Told You So; 2, V Rudd’s Rillaton Trade Fair. LR – 1, Mrs Burrell’s Lochar Red Buttons; 2, S Leech’s Annandale Darcy; 3, S McMullan’s Templedruid Hypericum. 153cm – 1, K Bott’s Cool Justice; 2, E Lorimar’s Seatshill Little Rogue;3, A Love’s Pocohuntus. 143cm – 1 & res, J Templeton Show Team’s Thimbley Final Edition; 2, S Hinchliffe’s Roseberry Serendipity; 3, L Hillyard’s Van Gogh. 133cm – 1 & ch, L Edwards’s Hindleap Choir Boy; 2, L Anderson’s Parkhill Beckham; 3, Fitzgerald & O’Kelly’s Highmead Politician. Irish Sport Horse Stud Book WHP 153cm – 1 & ch, S Allen’s All Fired Up; 2 & res, D Gardham’s Belle Vue Royal Prince; 3, E Barnes’s Noble Rock Star. 143cm – 1, C Heginbotham’s Whineray Beach Boy; 2, D Ward’s Sannn Valley Ovation; 3, D Wittbrick’s Folly II. 133cm – 1, K Melville’s Defaelog Rhianon; 2, M Sargent’s Valentine Heathcliffe; 3, B Maybin’s Wedderlie Marmion. The Members of Arabianairlines.com ridden pure bred arab – 1, Atkinson & Howard-Price’s Adres; 2, S Rose’s Shayna Maydel; 3, S George’s Bolaero.

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