HOYS riding horse champion is over height

  • Captain Hastings, the HOYS small riding horse champion who measured out in December, has failed his remeasurement.

    Producer Allister Hood told H&H last month that he had objected to the result of the original measurement and would be appealing. But last week he confirmed that the gelding had, once again, been found to be taller than his stated height of 15.2hh. Mr Hood did not wish to make any further comment.

    It now remains to be seen if Captain Hastings will be stripped of his riding horse of the year title. HOYS director Mark Wein told H&H last month he would resist moves to withdraw the championship on the basis of an invalid height certificate.

    This week, Mr Wein sain he stood by his pevious comments: “At the time of the competition that animal had a life height certificate – how can we now prove he was overheight then?”

    The certificate the gelding competed with at HOYS will now be withdrawn and replaced with one issued by the Joint Measurement Board stating his new height.

    This news story can be read in full in today’s Horse & Hound (1 March, ’07)

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