Horse of the Year Show 2010 qualified horses

  • Find out who has qualified for the 2010 Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) with Horse & Hound’s round-up of qualified horses.

    Cuddy Owner Handler Class Venue Date
    Firebrand Victoria Clayton Jack Cochrane hunter South of England 10 June
    Timpany Bay Vicky Smith Mark Tamplin hunter Three Counties 20 June
    Rendene Royal Charm Mr & Mrs R Rennocks Craig Ellenor RP Royal Festival 10 July
    Kirkhamgate Lady Rhiannon Dawn Gant & Paul Smith Paul Smith Welsh sec C Great Yorkshire 15 July
    Daldorn Spring Whisper Mr & Mrs C Welby C Welby riding pony broodmare Kent County 18 July

    Hunter Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Jazz Band Sue Simpson owner lwt Three Counties 18 June
    X Factor Samantha Fisher owner mwt Three Counties 18 June
    Cabra West Sam Roche owner hwt Three Counties 18 June
    Lanson Paul Mortimer Danielle Heath sml Three Counties 18 June
    Time Lord Pippa Moon owner ladies Three Counties 18 June
    Get Smart Louise Bell owner working Three Counties 18 June
    Lowmoor Playboy P Duncan Katie Jerram mwt Hickstead 27 June
    The Wonderer Victoria Key owner mwt Royal Festival 10 July
    Irish Whisper Scott & Andrea Robinson Rory Gilsenan working Royal Festival 10 July
    Castlehaven Star Vanessa Lawes owner lwt Hickstead Derby 24-27 June
    Camblin Boy Joli Smith & Hilary Fordyce Joli Smith WH Stithians 12 July
    Criminal Justice Sara Wicks owner mwt Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Act Flyn Lad Leonard Holt Oliver Hood hwt Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Miracle Mickey Sally Anne Cowley Oliver Hood sml Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Rougemont Gemma Chapman owner ladies Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Uroko Eve Botham Oliver Hood working Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Lorenzo M Lewis & J Ryan Jane Cooper ladies Derby County 27 June
    Out Of Order Ginny Rose working Derby County 27 June
    Kings Road Carol Bardo Jayne Webber lwt Lincoln 23 June
    Bann View Mr & Mrs A Hall Loraine Homer mwt Lincoln 23 June
    Intuition Mr & Mrs M Tollemache Wendy King ladies Lincoln 23 June
    Working Girl Louise Bell owner working Lincoln 23 June
    Loch Royal P Underwood Leon King lwt Cheshire 27 June
    Redwood Thyme Jenny Banks Jenny Banks mwt Great Yorkshire 13 July
    What A Day Gemma Reed Gemma Reed ladies Great Yorkshire 13 July
    Mr Gibson S Jones S Jones hwt Royal Highland 24-27 June
    Get Smart Louise Bell Louise Bell mwt Kent County 16 July
    Clifton Graffiti B Bayes Steph Rider hwt Kent County 16 July
    Highlane Milo A Susca L Ennet sml Cheshire County 22-24 June
    Working Girl Sunrising Show Hunters Louise Bell lwt New Forest 27 July
    Get Smart Sunrising Show Hunters Louise Bell mwt New Forest 27 July
    Lord Litchfield Laura Young Justine Armstrong-Small hwt New Forest 27 July
    William Bonney Libby Cook owner working New Forest 27 July
    Opium Vaulette Kate Findlow Adam Winbourne sml New Forest 27 July
    Penstrumbly Pen Arthur Kate Marfleet owner ladies New Forest 27 July
    State Policy Jean Bartle Alwyne Fradley sml Bakewell 3 August
    Hoghton Humbug Raine Harthern owner lwt Bakewell 3 August
    Pilgrims Progress Monserrat Sport Horses Peter Hodgkinson mwt Bakewell 3 August
    Ben Mhor Joanne Hunter James Munro hwt Bakewell 3 August
    Paper Moon Michael Cooper owner working Bakewell 3 August
    The Wonderer Heather Cornwall Victoria Key mwt Royal Festival 10 July
    Agherlow Sir Walter Jane Cooper owner ladies National Side-Saddle 6-8 August
    Rubins Miss D Weston C Luscombe lwt Royal Welsh 19 July
    Autumn Fox M P Surtees owner hwt Ryedale 27 July
    Jemoon Star Catcher Gina Kobbe Charles le Moignan sml Addington 14 Sept
    The Optimist Julia Bickerton owner mwt Addington 14 Sept
    Rockerfeller Debbie Godber Craig Diddier hwt Addington 14 Sept
    Kenlis Caruso Alison Davis Rory Gilsenan worker Addington 14 Sept
    Shanbo River King Ali Tate Lesley Whitehall ladies Moreton-in-Marsh 4 Sept
    Conspiracy Theory Rosamund Lane Sophie Lane ladies Monmouth 26 Aug
    Hack Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Whalton High Flyer Kathy Mitten Vicky Hesford sml Three Counties 20 June
    Saatchi Carol Bardo Jayne Webber lge Three Counties 20 June
    Opium Casa Leona A Winbourne A Winbourne lge Hickstead 26 June
    Classic Chauvinist Lyndsey Kelbie Edward Young sml Royal Festival 10 July
    Prince Bishop Collette McGoldrick owner lge Royal Festival 10 July
    Golden Gunner Katie Dove Katie Jerram sml Lincoln 23 June
    Paschal High Flyer Hazel Broom Martin Skelton lge Lincoln 23 June
    Romeo Victoria Jenkins Natalie Reynold lwt Lincoln 23 June
    Hercules Kim Chapman Simon Reynolds hwt Lincoln 23 June
    Pendley Apassionata L Robertson Simon Charlesworth sml Cheshire 27 June
    Fylde Cheeky Lady Mr & Mrs A Hood Allister Hood sml Kent County 16 July
    Night Prayers Jill Jerram Katie Jerram lge Kent County 16 July
    Courtland Be Fair Mr & Mrs M Underwood Amy Underwood sml New Forest 27 July
    Pendley Sir Gayle Moira Jarnet Simone Jarnet sml Mid Herts 7 August
    Holden Moviestar Rebecca Leech Oliver Hood lge Mid Herts 7 August
    Riding horse Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    In Tune Samantha Holryod Edward Young sml Three Counties 20 June
    Travelling Solo Pat Duncan Katie Jerram lge Three Counties 20 June
    Galtee Park S Cuddy Yasmin Cuddy sml Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Aquilas Stud Nigia L Ahmet owner lge Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Funtime Frankie C Heseltine L Heseltine sml Lincoln 23 June
    Broadstone Dolce Vita Mr & Mrs M Underwood Amy Andrews sml Lincoln 23 June
    Party Time J Day Sarah Walker sml Cheshire 27 June
    Marshbrook Masterpiece Julia Watts owner sml New Forest 27 July
    Colorado Justine Fay Adam Winbourne lge New Forest 27 July
    Helsington Tailor Made Maria Peill Alexandra Peill sml Bakewell 3 August
    Holtess D Day Lucy Smith Crallan Sarah Walker lge Bakewell 3 August
    Foxcourt Accola Beaverfast Ltd Jo Jenkins lge Mid Herts 7 August
    The Comet Jane Scriven Nigel Oliver sml Mid Herts 7 August

    Cob Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    The Duke Simone Cuddy Yasmin Cuddy lwt Three Counties 20 June
    Ballyell Turbo Mrs Oseman Lizzie Oseman hwt Three Counties 20 June
    Fait Acobbli C Bardo Jayne Webber lwt Hickstead 25 June
    Shaneally Angel John Tanner owner hwt Royal Festival 10 July
    Ballygrange Bumper Joanne Miller lwt Chard 10-11 July
    Colebrooke H Hyde-Andrews Matthew Ainsworth hwt Chard 10-11 July
    Costello Lucy Carvall & Anna Robinson Katie Jerram lwt Royal Norfolk 1 July
    The Entertainer Lady Caroline Tyrell Allister Hood hwt Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Rodney Boy Heather McLoy owner hwt Cheshire 27 June
    Casanova Natalie Reynolds owner lwt N of E 3 July
    Mr Morrow Jim McTiffin owner hwt N of E 3 July
    Tomcrean Of The Antarctic H Hume H Hume lwt Great Yorkshire 13 July
    The Cobbler Sara Wicks Sara Wicks hwt Great Yorkshire 13 July
    Benetton Mr & Mrs R Bartolomy Avril Bartolomy lwt Kent County 16 July
    Wellington Sue Phillips Sue Phillips hwt Kent County 16 July
    Gallifrey Baileys Horse Feeds Lynn Russell lwt New Forest 27 July
    Waterford K Bury Steven Norris hwt New Forest 27 July
    Paddy Power C Twiston Davies Vicky Hesford lwt Bakewell 3 August
    Equator Mr & Mrs Tunnicliffe Charles Tunnicliffe hwt Bakewell 3 August
    Grigio Fumo Karen Ledger lwt Mid Herts 7 August
    Randalstown Causeway Gillian Hughes Lucy Fisher hwt Mid Herts 7 August
    Weeden’s Earl Grey Liana Young owner Nantwich & South Cheshire 28 July
    Intermediate Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Hearts On Fire C Collier Emmie Collier WH BSPS Winters 1-4 April
    Weggs Tiger Mountain Mrs C Burrows Yasmin Burrows SHT Three Counties 19 June
    Mountcaulfield Freedom Simone Cuddy Yasmin Cuddy sml SRT Three Counties 19 June
    Zaddrick Mrs Henderson Chelsea Foster SHT Royal Festival 10 July
    The Gigolo Jane Cooper Rachel Cooper lge SRT Royal Festival 10 July
    Cymcarrog Catalin Mrs C Mackness Hannah Horton sml SRT Stithians 12 July
    Royal Doulton Jill Lang Yasmin Burrows lge SRT Stithians 12 July
    Azers Plan B T Luxton Hannah Horton SHT Stithians 12 July
    Get Set II Diane Ward Sarah Gould WHP Stithians 12 July
    Kelsterton Merlin B White Vicky White SRT Chard 10-11 July
    Cadee Z S Moullt K Moullt WH North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Touch Of Spirit L Minchin Kimberley Minchin sml SRT North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Small-Land Silvertown Julie Brookshaw Gemma Bott sml srt Bakewell 5 August
    Helsington Tailor Made Maria Peill Alex Peill lge srt Bakewell 5 August
    Silken Story Mary Rose Boundy Abigail Gresty sht Bakewell 5 August
    Holltess Veni Vidi Vici Alex Graham Katie Bacon sml SRT Wincanton 13 July
    Show pony Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Moorgate High Hopes M Wrighton Jess Nevin 148cm Area 7 1-2 May
    Pickmere Anser T Barnett Elliott Barnett 138cm Area 7 1-2 May
    Primrose Sweet Violet Simone Cuddy Katie Roberts 128cm Three Counties 19 June
    Chaseford Aspen Suzanne Hatton Melissa Hatton 138cm Three Counties 19 June
    Rhos Emblem John Harvey Rebecca Harvey 148cm Three Counties 19 June
    Rocksgreen Scarlet Pimpernel Mrs Lobb & Mrs Dymond Victoria Dymond LR Three Counties 19 June
    Copybush Moonsprite L Bowen Nicole Bowen FR Three Counties 19 June
    Ninfield Peter Pan Sarah Gilbey Amy Allen 128cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Wescoe Regal Charm Kim Smith Katie Roberts 138cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Crafton Touch Of Gold Lorna Fitzgerald Alice Greenwood 148cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Kenilwood Music Boy Jayne Shields Lauren Hughes LR Royal Festival 10 July
    Woodview Fantasia S McDowall Charlotte McDowall FR Royal Festival 10 July
    Basford Playboy Bridget Garner Kinvara Garner LR Stithians 12 July
    Cosford Sky Blue Cynthia Trodd Alexia Trodd Bohin FR Stithians 12 July
    Chinook Easter Magic Beverley Moore Lauren Moore Williams 128cm Stithians 12 July
    Beckside First Impression Beverley Moore Zoe Moore Williams 138cm Stithians 12 July
    Tonkenfig Tom Thumb Louise Anderson Katie Roberts 148cm Stithians 12 July
    Fairley Masquerade N Evans & J Maycock Daniela Gennuso 128cm Chard 10-11 July
    Broadgrove Jester A Fowler Millie Wonnacott 138cm Chard 10-11 July
    Champlers Storyteller R Obbard Millie Wonnacott 148cm Chard 10-11 July
    J Harvey Zara Clark-Jones LR Chard 10-11 July
    Lowlands Pied Piper D Morgan Holly Yowel FR Chard 10-11 July
    Moluccas Saffron Surprise A Harrison Mia Harrison 128cm Lincoln 23 June
    Rosamel Golden Promise Wayne Merryweather Lucinda Elliot 138cm Lincoln 23 June
    Rhos Escapade John Harvey & Mrs Brewis Rebecca Harvey 148cm Lincoln 23 June
    Heatherton Posy L Eadon Courtney Rees FR Cheshire 27 June
    Milford Grand Marnier H Forrest Charis Forrest 148cm TBC 27 June
    Barkway Moonflight Michaelle Woodman TBC LR Derbyshire 13 June
    Sycamore Candyman B Edmondson M Edmondson-Allen 148cm Derbyshire 13 June
    Parkhills Little Aria Jacqueline Tyldesley Heather Tydlesley 128cm Great Yorkshire 15 July
    Wyndham Aristocrat J Cambray Daisy Cambray 138cm Great Yorkshire 15 July
    Hideaway Night Thyme Jacqueline Tyldesley Amber Tyldesley 148cm Great Yorkshire 15 July
    Kolbeach Hollys Fire Fly A Hunt Sophie Hunt 128cm Kent County 18 July
    Crafton Moonlight Serenade P Townsley Joshua Thompson 138cm Kent County 18 July
    Small Land Tapdance Stephanie Fitt Hannah Horton 148cm Kent County 18 July
    Treowen Chicora K Carter Poppy Carter LR North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Milton Pageboy C Lockhead N Lockhead-Anderson 128cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Kenilwood Sirocco S Meer Shannon Meer 138cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Barkway Moonflight Mrs M Woodman Megan Brookes LR Derbyshire Festival 12-13 June
    Mybella Demure Jill Rushton Isobel Lines 128cm New Forest 27 July
    Beckside First Impression B Moore Zoe Moore Williams 138cm New Forest 27 July
    Chiddock New Limit A Hewitson Yasmin Burrows 148cm New Forest 27 July
    Lowlands Shadow Fax M Dent Charlotte Dent 148cm Bakewell 5 August
    Moluccas Moonlight Male S Blythe Ellie Blythe 138cm Bakewell 5 August
    Mount Pleasant Black Jack E Lister Shannon Meer 128cm Bakewell 5 August
    Barkway Tiara Grant Tuen Anna Tuen LR Bakewell 5 August
    Redford Busy Bee Simon Renshaw Smith Jessica Renshaw Smith 122cm Bakewell 5 August
    Rocky Julia Moorhouse Jo Dodson 153cm Bakewell 5 August
    Litton Whispering Flame Carol Stewart Shannon Stewart 143cm Bakewell 5 August
    Layballands Armani D Clarke Berreton Harriet Dennison 133cm Bakewell 5 August
    Thurston House Sundance Terry Baldwin Jessica Soltermann FR Mid Herts 7 August
    Okewood Delightful Hayle Lee Amelia Lee LR Mid Herts 7 August
    Sandbank Early Bird Fiona Parr Shannon Meer 128cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Small-Land Mazdino N Jeffery Amy Allen 138cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Morrington Carin Hivan Kate Gibbard Abigail Hibbard 148cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Cosford Bitter Aloe Charlotte Read Holly Read LR Scottish 14 August
    Conway Blue Moon Charlotte Simpson-Jones Georgie Kirby-Moore LR Great Yorkshire 15 July
    Broadgrove Springtime Mrs A Fowler Millie Wonnacott 128cm Area 7 1 May
    SHP Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Hanmere Showman Sam Armson Philip Armson 122cm Arena UK 1-4 April
    Barford Rasamatazz Thomas & Lovell Katie Roberts 133cm Area 7 1-2 May
    Finkley Chitter Chatter T Guyett John Lamb 143cm Area 7 1-2 May
    Music Trend rider Duncan Roberts 153cm Area 7 1-2 May
    Courtway Anastasia A Lines Isobel Lines 122cm Three Counties 19 June
    Courtway Cadlan Valley Picasso A Meyrick Abigail Meyrick 133cm Three Counties 19 June
    Courtway Chiddock Over The Limit N Haynes Katie Roberts 143cm Three Counties 19 June
    Courtway Farellys Charlie Mrs Spencer H Spencer 153cm Three Counties 19 June
    Westleak Esprit Elri Perry Dylan Perry 122cm Stithians 12 July
    Lyndeth Fairy Tale Tana White Lauren White 133cm Stithians 12 July
    Coed Fryn Secret Whisper Ruth Perrin Sophie Curry 143cm Stithians 12 July
    God’s Gift Ms D Miller Harriet Miller 153cm Stithians 12 July
    Barrdene Mr Valentine S Field Jessica Field 153cm Chard 10-11 July
    Moortown Harvest Moon M Alford Charlotte Alford 133cm Chard 10-11 July
    Wyndham High Society S Dent Chloe Hughes 143cm Chard 10-11 July
    Alfie IV C Scudamore Zara Scudamore LR SHT Chard 10-11 July
    Rodham Sir Thomas J Hawkins Emily Hawkins 122cm Chard 10-11 July
    Templedruid Hypericum Sharon McMullan Abigail McMullan LR Lincoln 23 June
    Broxwood Star C Welby Isadora Welby 153cm Lincoln 23 June
    Orley Wishful Joker Linda Hemsworth Lucinda Elliot 143cm Lincoln 23 June
    Helsington Material Girl Leo Bowen Olivia Bowen 133cm Lincoln 23 June
    Templedruid Hypericum Sharon McMullan Hannah McMullan 122cm Lincoln 23 June
    Annandale Darcy K Gillott Chloe Renshaw -Smith 122cm Cheshire 27 June
    Cosford Charbanc Michelle Woodman TBC LR Three Counties 18 June
    Vaguely Venture A Cook Amy Cook 153cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Ellenbrook Masterplan J Findlow B Findlow 143cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Annandale Motivator S Dennison Harriet Dennison 133cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Cosford Charabanc Mrs M Woodman Megan Brookes LR Three Counties 18-20 June
    Chaseford Sparkle Ann Fowler Millie Wonnacott 143cm Kent County 18 July
    Cwmcarrog Catalin Caro Mackness Hannah Horton 153cm Kent County 18 July
    Amesbury Mandinka C Trodd Alexa Trodd Bohin 122cm New Forest 27 July
    Vanathany Dream Catcher Jenny Leech owner 133cm New Forest 27 July
    Wharleigh Eclipse A Lucas Emma Jayne Holder 143cm New Forest 27 July
    Noble Star Adrian Curry Sophie Curry 153cm New Forest 27 July
    Barford Little Gem Julie Templeton Shannon Meer 122cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Chevalian Bitesize L Pass Jodie Simmons 133cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Crafton Waltz of the Torreadors Y Thompson Holly Thompson 143cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Glenmanus Sue Wythe Leah Wythe 153cm Mid Herts 7 August
    Wortley Celebration Sam Darlington Georgia Darlington 122cm East of England 18-20 June
    Hollowmarsh Archie C Wonnacott Millie Wonnacott Dunster 20 August
    Waxwing Pringle J Nicholls Georgia Nicholls-Black 122cm Area 16 25 July
    Waxwing Pringle J Nicholls Amber Nicholls-Black LR BSPS Summer Champs 25-28 August
    Birtley Rainbow Quest Mrs E Lister Charlotte Lister LR Mid Herts 7 August
    WHP Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Carnsdale Casper Jules Guy Eleri Guy 143cm South of England 24 June
    Lute Katy Green owner int Royal Festival 10 July
    Rossdale Sandpiper Monica Herbert Jemima Herbert 133cm Royal Festival 10 July
    The Pied Piper Mrs K Melville Nikki Melville 143cm Royal Highland 26 July
    Spinningdale Sienna N & T Picknett Lauren Picknett 133cm Stithians 12 July
    Ballinasloe Boy Sarah Please & Mrs Stable Jessica Please 143cm Stithians 12 July
    Ritz & Pieces Lynn Robertson Rachael Robertson 153m Stithians 12 July
    Crabbswood Nutmeg A Meyrick Grace Gibbon 133cm Chard 10-11 July
    Bryngarn Alibi S Bishop Alex Bishop 143cm Chard 10-11 July
    Parc Playboy G Davies Jenna Davies 153cm Chard 10-11 July
    The Diamond Hunter B Crosbie Starling Rebecca Crosbie Starling intermediate Lincoln 23 June
    Bulcaun Eddie Abigail Taylor Holly Taylor 153cm Lincoln 23 June
    Smokin Gun Sofia Woyka Hetty Woyka 143cm Lincoln 23 June
    Seaford Top Cat June Connelly Laura Whittington 133cm Lincoln 23 June
    Otto S Weir Ariadne Weir 153cm Cheshire 27 June
    Pebbly Hornblower K Hirst E Hirst 133cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Glengoole Boy S Nicklin Georgina Love 143cm North of England Summer Pony 17 July
    Silverstar Archie Julie Guy Eleri Guy 133cm Kent County 18 July
    Mundon Petanque M Herbert Jemima Herbert 143cm Kent County 18 July
    Hallmark Marnie Moon Rohan Cadney-Moon 153cm Kent County 18 July
    Mr Binks Mrs N Horsley-Gubbins Henrietta Horsley-Gubbins 143cm BSPS Area 16 25 July
    Woodland Amarula Bekky Ashmore owner 153cm P(UK) Summer Championships 11-14 August
    Royal Opposition Amanda O’Kelly Bea O’Kelly 133cm BSPS Summer Championships 25-28 August
    My Blue Eyed Boy A Boyle Millie Wonnacott 133cm Midlands County 5-6 June
    Coloured Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Costello L Carvall & A Robinson Katie Jerram nat/trad/cob 153cm BSPS Winters 1-4 April
    Llanafanfawr Brandy Snap Joan Riding-Smith Sarah Challinor nat/trad/cob BSPS winter champs 1-4 April
    Heathersedge Eurovision Kerrie Ibbotson owner plaited exc 148cm CHAPS North Wales 1 May
    Rock TJ Kim McNeil owner 148cm nat/cob/trad CHAPS N Wales Borders 2 May
    Brookhouse Royal Mandy Sant Mandy Sant lrg nat/cob North Wales 2 May
    Winchester D Shelley Wheeler Sarah Parrott plaited 153cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Shybont Navaho Girl Teresa Waters Jo Bates plaited exc 153cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Monivae Royal Doulton Pippa Kirby owner unplaited 148cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Charlie Naylor Jeff Osborne Alison Tucker unplaited exc 148cm Royal Festival 10 July
    Energy Shelley Wheeler owner unplaited East of England 19 June
    Shybonts Broadways Dazzling Moments Sally Dennis Rebecca Dennis plaited 153cm Lincoln 23 June
    Tapestry Wendy Edgar Louise Edgar unplaited exc 148cm Lincoln 23 June
    Del Boy A Shuttleworth S Bolton unplaited 148cm Lincoln 23 June
    Travellers Fortune James Bardwell Sarah Fortt unplaited 148cm New Forest 27 July
    Satilite C Luscombe owner unplaited exc 148cm New Forest 27 July
    LWS Artful Zoe Bartlett Mathew Lawrence plaited exc 153cm New Forest 27 July
    Patchwork Puzzle Janet Dewhurst Jane Dewhurst unplaited pony CHAPS Championships 5 September
    G W Dubya Jim McTiffin Philippa Hoyle unplaited pony CHAPS Championships 5 September
    Two Tone Tony Nicky Crawshaw owner unplaited 148cm CHAPS Championships 5 September
    Blue Moon John Tanner owner cob CHAPS Championships 5 September
    Snaafi Bright Spark Sandra Wood Alexandra Hollings plaited pony CHAPS Championships 5 September
    Perriland Politician Maria Pook owner plaited 153cm CHAPS Championships 5 September
    Sioux Pauline Miller owner plaited exc 153cm CHAPS championships 5 September
    Jamberoo Jigsaw Jane Skinner Cindy Sims non-native horse Midland Counties 5 June
    M&M Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Blackator Rhonda L Buchanan-Jackson Elizabeth Evans sml P(UK) South 1 May
    Sunwillow Jubilee Salima Keswan Rebecca Jarvis Ward sec A P(UK) South 1 May
    Bronheulog Harvey A Bates Sam Roberts sec B P(UK) South 1 May
    Eric S Fitzgerald Katy Marriott-Payne NF/Connemara P(UK) South 1 May
    Waterside Ben Tracy Millward TBC lge P(UK) South 1 May
    Tawelfan Red Robin Fiona Cork TBC sec C P(UK) South 1 May
    Tynfid Marchos Elaine Herman Cheryl Street sec D P(UK) South 1 May
    Big Ton Mrs Barr Alice Barr sml Three Counties 19 June
    Hoekhorst Eclipse L Card Joanna Clowes sec A Three Counties 19 June
    Thistledown Fairy Lustre Julie James Becki Penny sec B Three Counties 19 June
    Lychfields Scrumpy Jack A Ravenscroft Katy Marriot Payne sec C Three Counties 19 June
    Galloon Rollover Katie Bacon owner Connemara Three Counties 19 June
    HS The Moneymaker Kate Chester Annah Chester sec D Three Counties 19 June
    Kilmannan Kilty Claire Dawson Aimee Hoare lge Three Counties 19 June
    Dunmere Buff Ermine B Firth Lauren Firth sml Hickstead 25 June
    Lemonshill Falcon J Filmer Claire Sheeman Welsh B Hickstead 25 June
    Glencarrig Duke Lauren Kingston owner Connemara Royal Festival 10 July
    Townend Sonny Caroline Pennington owner fell Royal Festival 10 July
    Dykes Lily Mead A Rigby Emma Boardman Dartmoor Royal Festival 10 July
    Polaris Justin Pamela Brown owner sec A Royal Festival 10 July
    Holyoake Enchantment Dee Blick Jack Starkie sec B Royal Festival 10 July
    Ffoslas Ceredig Mark Reeves & Sandra Fitzgerald Sarah Challinor sec D Royal Festival 10 July
    Whitsand Warrior Gill Simpson Amelia Newby FR Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Waxwing Milk Tray Julie Templeton Show Team Gabrielle Kozersky LR Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Moss-side McLaren D Bright Bobby Bright lge Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Moortown Master Craftsman L Eaton Ellie Eaton sml Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Millfields Sportsman Paul Cook Lucy Cook Connemara Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Vennebos Pearly King A Burchell Small Katy Marriot-Payne sec A Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Nebo Herbert Mikileigh Batchelor owner sec D Royal Norfolk 1 July
    Callowfeenish Mary Sarah Hodgkins Barbara Gallimore Connemara Lincoln 23 June
    Carrock I’m Yer Man Alistair Smith Chris McMillan Fell Lincoln 23 June
    Moortown Honeyman Julei Barton Katie Bacon Dartmoor Lincoln 23 June
    Bengad Rumex M Nevin Rebecca Jarvis Welsh A Lincoln 23 June
    Gunthwaite Harbour Mist Lee Pritchard Katie Goulding Welsh B Lincoln 23 June
    Menai Martino Menai Stud Gemma Paxford Welsh D Lincoln 23 June
    Skellorn Harrison K Wainwright Stuart Mason Connemara Derby County 27 June
    Peasedown Mr Muddle Stephanie Wheway owner sec C Lincoln County 23-24 June
    Castle Hill Raven Hayley Reynolds owner fell Staffordshire Country Festival 3 July
    Dykes Diplomead Mrs E Lister Harriet Lister FR Derbyshire Festival 13 June
    Sabinas Gold Sovereign Gina Williams Sabine Andree-Parsons 138cm NPS Wessex Area 24 13 June
    Briars Amarula Kerry Bates Katie Bates LR New Forest 27 July
    Thistle J Ward Abigail Hamper FR New Forest 27 July
    Lowhouses Rebel Mr & Mrs Pennell Sarah Challinor fell/Highland/dales Cheshire County 22 June
    Dunmere Buff Ermine Horse Patrol Sam Darlington Dartmoor Hickstead Derby 24-27 June
    Moortown Choir Boy Horse Patrol Sam Darlington Dartmoor Thames Valley 10 July
    Sedgwick Conqueror Sue Ash Sam Darlington sec A BSPS Area 16 25 July
    Gems The Rustler Katrina Poole owner sec D Royal Welsh 19-21 July
    Moortown Countryman Mr & Mrs Jordan Millie Wonnacott 122cm Royal Cornwall 10-12 June
    M&M WHP Owner Rider Class Venue Date
    Derrygimbla Atlantic Storm Deirdre Scott Christopher Scott 138cm Cheshire County 22 June
    Deerleap Ollie Jade Cannon owner 138cm NCPA Derbyshire Festival 8 June
    Colliyers Pearl Bracelet Emma Conway Sophie Conway 122cm Derbyshire 12 June
    Bradmore Raindance Polly Eddis Lucy Eddis 122cm Lincoln 23 June
    Brymstone Bowman Vicky O’Connor Sarah Challinor 138cm Lincoln 23 June
    Grange Bobbing Surf K Gibbard Emily Gibbard exc 138cm Lincoln 23 June
    Deerleap Ollie Jade Cannon owner exc 138cm Derbyshire 10 June
    Waitwith Westwind Deborah Barr Tomma Shepherd 122cm New Forest 27 July
    Llwynhywel Victorias First Kathryn Gorman Sarah Gorman 138cm New Forest 27 July
    Westside Ronnie Sunrising Show hunters Louise Bell exc 138cm New Forest 27 July
    Samber Serendipity Mrs A Ryan Storm Ryan 122cm Monmouth 26 August

    Subject to ratification by the society concerned. Have you qualified but not appeared in our listing? Let us know Nicola_j_swinney@ipcmedia.com

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