Height certificate reissued to HOYS-winning show hack

  • Winning large show hack at the Horse of the Year Show (HOYS) Opium Casaleona has been issued with a new height certificate by the Joint Measurement Board after the original document was withdrawn on 20 October.

    Howard Robinson, who runs the JMB, told H&H there had been concerns about the identity and age of the mare owned by Southampton-based showing producer Adam Winbourne.

    Opium Casaleona, a former racehorse, had previously been issued with a Wetherbys passport in the name of Romany Country and a Horse Passport Agency passport in the current name, which claimed the mare was two years younger.

    “The situation is now resolved,” Mr Robinson. “The age of the horse has been amended on the height certificate and the name changed on the Wetherbys passport.”

    Mr Winbourne described the incident as a “petty misfortune” that had been “cleared up”.

    A spokesman for HOYS said the class placing was not affected.

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