Dublin Show 6-10 August ’03

  • DUBLIN 6-10 August

    Tattersalls Ireland tb y’ling 2/3-y-o 1&res ch filly, Hurst Show Horses and Mrs H Cox’s Very Smart; 2, P Byrne’s unnamed; 3, J Cuddy’s Midleton Rose. quality mare retention scheme 1, T Gill’s Flogas Royal Touch; 2, Claremorris Horse Breeding Centre’s Robertstown Cruise; 3, R Loney-Glendinning’s Bellevue Betti Spaghetti. thoroughbred mares 1, Cloneyhea Equestrian Services’ Cloneyhea Paupers Ryme; 2, J Hyde’s Rockfield Mist; 3, L Buckley’s unnamed. thoroughbred foals 1, J&R Andrews’ Sayarshan Frist; 2, R D McCombe’s unnamed; 3, S Bates’ Bijou. hunter breeding mares h’wt 1, Mrs AM Sturges & M Maryan’s Red-Path Seabourne Ruby; 2, M English’s My Irish Charm; 3, Hurst Shows Horses’ Tattygare Golden Moments. l’ wt 1&Ch, M English’s Dimmer Light; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ My Golden Bonnie; 3, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Golden Delight. colt foals 1, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Best Buddy; 2, MJ McCarthy’s Kilnagross Star; 3, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Sharon’s Choice. filly foals 1, D Rothwell’s unnamed; 2, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare Third Generation; 3, M English’s unnamed. stinted mares 1&res, J Tempany’s Leader Star; 2, FP Flannelly’s Forever Young; 3, Cloneyhea Equestrian Services’ Cloneyhea Paupers Sport. Libra Design ID mares 3/4-y-o 1, C Deon’s Guraun My Way; 2, G Draper’s Rosses Quiet Kim; 3, A Moloney’s Raferagh Lilac. ID mares 5&over 1&ch, M McKenna’s Roma Silver Pearl; 2&res ch, M McGrath’s Rosetown Annie; 3, V Coulter’s Millhollow Starlet. colt foals 1&res ch, C Deon’s Guraun Keep Away; 2, V Coulter’s Carrickrock Star; 3, M Weymes unnamed. filly foals 1&Ch, M McGrath’s Dreamtime Mayfie; 2, W Savelkouls unnamed; 3, Mrs Mbourke’s unnamed. foals 1, P McKinney’s Anjo Forn Diamond; 2, M Marron’s Adastra Clover Crest; 3, R&P Mullen’s Oshea. stallions 1&Ch, F Branigan’s Crosstown Dancer; 2&Res, Ballinteggart Stud’s Sir Rivie; 3, E Deane’s Fast Silver. ridden hunters 4-y-o h’wt 1&Res, A Brewster’s Dramore; 2, J Lewis’s Fairman; 3, C Healy’s Silent Symphony. 5-y-o 1, G Hood’s Chapelwell; 2, SA McAteer’s Knightsbridge; 3, N Holloway’s Ark Royal. 6-y-o&over 1&Ch, Mrs PM Creighton’s Freddie Kruger; 2, A McCusker’s Rumours; 3, M Butterly’s Olympic Night. m’wt 6-y-o&over geld 1, Ms W McIlwaine’s Lord of the Dance; 2, M King’s Freetouch; 3, M Bell’s Lawdale. 5-y-o geld 1&ch, F Purcell’s Simon; 2, W Phipps’ Ozier Hill; 3, T Holland’s West Cliff. 4-y-o geld 1, FP Flannelly’s Westland Row; 2, V McBride’s Valamiro; 3, M Ryan’s Atlantic Mist. mares 1&res, J Tempany’s Leader Star; 2, M Roche’s Assagart Wonder; 3, M Hardy’s Magenta. l’wt 6-y-o&over geld 1&ch&supreme, Mr & Mrs P Curling’s Hochmagandy; 2, Miss A McKee’s The Favour Royal; 3, K Reid’s Tomazino. 4-y-o geld 1&res&res supreme&4-y-o ch, M Leonard & Mrs G Jerram’s Ringwood Dunbeacon; 2, Mrs C McAlpine’s Kilcotty Jim; 3, SM Clifford’s The Bonnie Prince. 4-y-o m 1&Res 4-y-o, R Slator’s Something Special; 2, Mrs M McCorry’s Watt A Star; 3, V O’Connor’s Ballinapark Ruby. 5-y-o geld 1, Cairnside Farm’s Cairnside Expectation; 2, P O’Connor & F Kenny’s Good Company; 3, D McCann’s First Mate. 5-y-o&over mares P Scott’s Absolutely Fabulous; 2, Mr C Bradbury’s Pink Mist; 3, Mr & Mrs K Ryan’s Recuerdame. Exhibition Catering sml hunters up to 158cm 4/5-y-o 1&ch, Miss K Yates’ Teddy Star; 2, E Wentges’ Beethoven; 3, GM O’Gorman’s Exclusive. up to 158cm 6-y-o&over 1&res ch, T Wallace’s Windy Millar; 2, Mr & Mrs Burgess’s Coronea Kestrel; 3, D Lefroy’s Picasso. side-saddle 1, Mr & Mrs Burgess’s Coronea Kestrel; 2, Mrs VA Jenkins’ Domino Dancing Sox; 3, GM O’Gorman’s Exclusive. Fifth Avenue Food Co Ltd Cobs l’wt 1, D & N Wood’s Carrowbawn Ziggy; 2, Cairnside Farm’s Braeside Copper; 3, Mrs SL Gault’s Maurice Minor. h’wt 1&ch, D O’Connor’s Checkmate; 2&Res, R Morrow’s Mr Morrow; 3, R Dunlop’s Private Benjamin. Thornton Waste Disposal WH 4-y-o 1&Ch, M Leonard’s Ringwood on Springs; 2, D Considine’s Willows Kilroan Diamond; 3, R Loney-Glendinning’s Bellevue Betti Spaghetti. 5-8-y-o section 1 1, A E Cafferkey’s Shadow Light; 2, Mrs A Stuart’s Lord of the Ring; 3, AW Buller & B Sykes’s Sohot Whynot. 5/8-y-o section 2 1&res ch, M King’s Freetouch; 2, V Flood’s Cavalier Express; 3, T Holland’s West Cliff. children’s riding ponies nov 148cm 1, Mrs R Henry’s Clonross Talisman; 2, D Deery’s Silver Sarason; 3, W Ferguson’s Cuan Sea Storm. nov 138cm 1, Mrs R Daly’s Haynevalley Pierre; 2, D Collins’ Ernford Buckwheat; 3, K Bowe’s Wyndham Celebration. nov 128cm 1, L Dowley’s Kilcreene Peaceful; 2, Mrs A Grimes’s Windsong Satisfied; 3, M Dennehy’s Ballyloughan Subadah Major. open 148cm 1, P Chapman’s Knockreigh Mistletoe; 2, E Fitzgerald’s Knowle Minstrel; 3, K Reynolds’s Roodlebats Sinnitta. open 138cm 1, Mrs M Moore’s Rhos Royal Velvet; 2, Mrs M Dempsey’s Ardcru Master Minstrel; 3, Mrs P Mansergh-Wallace’s Night Shadow. open 128cm 1, B Andrews’s Kilbride Sonatina; 2, C Healy’s Golden Grove Zara; 3, TG Judge’s Brandon Valshal. WHP starter stakes 1, D Scott’s Newstown Peppermint; 2, N Spurr’s Snowstorm of Tyrella; 3, E Wentges’s Jingle Bells. 133cm 1, L Young’s Ardfry Ahab; 2, M Morrissey’s Tanto; 3, Mrs JE McNiece’s Tilston Jacana. 143cm 1, P Crawford’s Ardfry Cedar; 2, F O’Toole’s Rylane Kelly; 3, B Brindley’s Gransha’ Gerry Mouse. 153cm 1, J Rocca’s Guinness Legend; 2, M Lawlor’s Park Benjamin; 3, H Gordon’s Little Mount Classic. SHP starter stakes 1, D Scott’s Newstown Peppermint; 2, R Kelly’s Brookvale Playboy; 3, Mrs R Henry’s Burlwood Stud Charlie Fox. 133cm 1&res ch, M Dempsey’s Ardcru Master Minstrel; 2, M Blennerhassett’s Moonlight Saunter; 3, E Wentges’s Jingle Bells. 143cm 1&ch, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 2, C O’Carroll’s Golden Grove Boy; 3, W Derham’s Windsong Classic Touch. 153cm 1, T O’Brien’s Lady Milverton; 2, A Naughton’s Blue and Gold; 3, Mrs A Stuart’s Antwerp Honey Bee. M O’Byrne Hire LR 1, J Taggart’s RomanyRiver Victoria Rabbit; 2, Mrs R Daly’s Barkway Queen Bee; 3, A Grimes’s Cosford Pendant. FR 1, M Rice’s Courtway Posy; 2, M Morrissey’s Ballykilty Flame; 3, D Scott’s Starry Knight. Southside Contract Cleaners Equitation 138cm 1, T Igoe’s Strawberry Top; 2, C Thornton’s Little Cheeno; 3, L Young’s Ardfry Ahab. 153cm 1, V Moore’s Rockmount Odyssey; 2, P McConville’s Glenville Lad; 3, P J Goggins’s Furtardo. Connemara in-hand stallions 1&res ch, G Curran’s Glencarrig Prince; 2, M Igoe’s Kippure Crusader; 3, P & N Heanue’s Kenagh King. y’ling filly 1, R Fallon’s Cashelbay Lady; 2, Mrs J Dolan’s Kilpatrick Orchid; 3, N Prendergast’s Woodend Pebbles. 2-y-o mares 1, N Sweeney’s Doon Hill Lass; 2, Mrs C Bradbury’s Kilbride Pearl; 3, Eastlands Stud’s Eastlands Dunielle. 3-y-o mares 1, C Curran’s Glencarrig Fiona; 2, J Grogan’s Lady Jennifer; 3, N Melody’s Nire Valley Liath. 4/5-y-o mares 1&ch, H O’Toole’s Castle Urchin; 2, JA Crowley’s Roundstone Heather; 3, C Conlan-Dempsey’s Lissroe Hollyhock. 6-y-o&over mares 1, S Keady’s Gleannn Rua Sea Mist; 2, M Igoe’s Kippure Heather; 3, PJ Burke’s Beckingdale. Kitty O’Shea’s National Ridden Connemara ch’shp 4-y-o&over 1, M Kelly’s Flash; 2&Res, J Cazabon & E Keane’s Draiocht na Mara; 3, D Posnett’s Coolmore Donna Mist. 4/5/6-y-o&over 1&ch, E Murray’s Fionn Mac Cumhaill; 2, A Stanley’s Bob Marley; 3, J Cazabon & E Keane’s Taibhse na Mara. 7-y-o&over 1, C Reid’s Dooneen Benson; 2, O Holden’s Wild About Rain; 3, N Spurr’s Clanrye Milford Magic. jnr side-saddle 153cm 1&ch, M Dempsey’s Celtic Legend; 2, P Hoare’s Chill Pill; 3, M O’Connor’s Lukie Pebbles. 143cm 1&res, Mrs JE McNiece’s Tilston Jacana; 2, C O’Carroll’s Golden Grove Boy; 3, M Dempsey’s Ardcru Master Minstrel. coloured horse 153cm 1, M Duffy’s Cisco; 2, C Devaney’s Alary; 3, L Crutchley’s Monochrome Apache. over 153cm 1, F Foster’s Arletrix; 2, M Murphy’s Charlie Blue; 3, I Leonard’s Warpaint. Paul Behan Equitation Final riders 14-18yrs 1, A Broderick’s Ballypatrick Beauty; 2, HJ Kuhnle’s Tullibards Figaros Girl; 3, D Morris’ Dream Clover Dancer. riders 22 yrs &under 1, J Costigan’s Brigade Lad; 2, L Flynn’s Randazzo; 3, C Kenny’s Covers Uptown Girl. Swatch Watches Hunt Chase 1, Limerick; 2, Kildare; 3eq Golden Vale and Ballymacads. 3-y-o loose performance jumping 1&ch, B Daly’s Newmarket Vasco One; 2&res, D Campbell’s Miss Baloubet; 3, F Casey’s Ballyknocks Bouncer. Aiken Promotions young horses 3-y-o geld h’wt 1, D Gibson’s Emerald Isle; 2, F Lynch’s Kealderra Star; 3, G Chapman’s Ballaghkeen. 3-y-o geld m’wt 1, S McCormick’s Hope of Kilrush; 2, MJ Lyons’ Kilmastulla Gold; 3, V O’Connor’s Ballinapark Regal Star. 3-y-o geld l’wt 1&Res, D Gibson’s Silver Symphony; 2, D Gibson’s Ringfort Landmark; 3, T McGuckian’s Moon River. 3-y-o filly h/m’wt 1&ch filly, Hurst Show Horses’ Tattygare My Fair Lady; 2, Mrs P Mansergh-Wallace’s Sonata; 3, A Lyons’ Key-Note. 3-y-o filly l’wt 1, D Gibson’s Uptowngirl; 2, C Kirkpatrick’s Redwood Blaze; 3, D Rothwell’s Greenhall Miss Cruise. 2-y-o geld h/m’wt 1&res, Mrs D Walsh’s Just Joe; 2, L McGowan’s Hillowan Frosty Morning; 3, T Gill’s Master of Moments. 2-y-o geld l’wt 1&ch&supreme young horse, J Hayes’ Playboy; 2, D Gibson’s Country Boy; 3, JJ Bowe’s Laura’s Ghareeb. 2-y-o filly 1, D Gibson’s Country Times; 2, PJ Meere’s My Lovely Hope; 3, D Moran’s Hallo Diamond. y’ling geld/colt 1&ch&res supreme young horse, D Fahey’s Cheeky Imp; 2&Res, D Gibson’s Versache; 3, P & L Downes’ Doughmore Bay. y’ling filly 1, M McKelvey’s Cloudy Bay; 2, T Gill’s unnamed; 3, M O’Hare’s Golden Jubilee. Westward Scania ladies hunters m’wt 1, V McBride’s Valamiro; 2, Ms W McIlwaine’s Lord of the Dance; 3, T Holland’s West Cliff. l’wt geld 1, Chapman’s Pipkin; 2, S Collins’ Shadow Rock; 3, DSM Clifford’s Step to the Music. RH sml 1, Mrs RPA McCarthy’s Bobby Fennell; 2, Mrs G Glynn’s Carraigh Cosban; 3, L Hutchinson’s Free Spirit. lge 1, D Gomes’ Braveheart; 2, M Purcell’s Berberous; 3, J McGrath’s Kalgoolie Gold.

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