Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: playing with the big boys

  • Well the last few weeks have certainly been busy, so busy in fact that I’m struggling to remember everything that I’ve been up to.

    Pop has been out playing with the ‘big boys’ in HOYS qualifiers with varying levels of success. We finished an impressive 4th in our first, were unplaced in the next as we reverted back to being a true baby and found the big open ring a bit much, and the less said the better about the last, even though Pop was back on fine form!

    Sandy (pictured right) has also been out contesting some HOYS classes with similar results: unplaced, 5th and 7th. Both the boys were very well behaved at my local county show, South of England — I was particularly pleased with Sandy as he had to cope with the flying motorbike display!

    Alongside the bigger shows, I have managed to get Francis out with Sandy to contest some NPS and PUK qualifiers. I borrowed my friend’s daughter to ride Francis in the novice first ridden class at his second show. It was a much anticipated class from outside the ring and we were all betting which jockeys would want to canter, which ponies wouldn’t and which ponies would, but jockeys wouldn’t. Thankfully my little jockey rode expertly and Francis showed off two nice canters to win the class.

    Not to be outdone, Sandy then won his mixed breed novice class with me. We then decided to pop the first ridden jockey onto Sandy for the junior ridden class which he also won. He looked great with someone a little smaller on him. To finish the day Francis won his picton class and Sandy also won his intermediate class. It was a very late finish, but worth the wait — it’s not very often I get to take home five wins!

    In between the shows, Francis has moved house to a field which is nearer to me and is on a get fit regime. We have also been practising our jumping as I’m hoping to attempt a worker class for our next outing.

    In between competing and a very busy time at work, I’ve also been doing some judging. I had a great day at the North of England horse show, where I was privileged to ride some beautiful horses — they all felt a lot bigger than my current hairy rides!

    Until next time,


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