Chloe Chubb’s showing blog: HOYS butterflies are fluttering

  • This is probably the shortest blog I’ve written, because all I can think about is HOYS! The fact I already have a stomach full of butterflies and heart palpations isn’t a good sign, especially as I am at work and trying to organise schedules and press releases.

    I am never a nervous rider, especially at shows, but there is something about HOYS that turns me into this stressed and clammy-handed person. I think it is because HOYS is often the end of people’s partnerships with their horses. Over the years I have had a few ponies that have gone onto new homes from there, and it really is a horrible situation to be in.

    Although Jacob is not being sold, it will be my last ride on him and I am already having flashbacks to when I rode my intermediate for the last time, which was a disaster. I cried going into the ring and in line, wrong legged it in my show and rode — well I didn’t even ride, I just kind of sat there! I am desperate not to do that this time.

    HOYS is pretty much what people aim for all year and yet it is over so quickly, the qualifying day always seems to be the highlight. The show is so short you really don’t get time to do anything — two minutes and you are back in line, in my case generally wishing you had done better. Yet at the same time there is nothing like the buzz of being at HOYS, despite working the horses in at 4am, and seeing all your friends compete.

    Well it is just one day to go and I am keeping everything crossed that Jacob and I make it into the ring. We had our HOYS practice on Sunday, which seemed to go well, Jacob looks fab and I guess that is all you can do. What will be will be — I am just hoping I remember my up-downs! Hopefully we can go out and do everyone who likes Jacob proud, especially my mum and Justin and Heidi from the Popsters Stud.

    Good luck to everyone competing at HOYS. I hope you all enjoy every moment, and for everyone who is having their last ride, I hope you manage to keep the tears at bay.

    Wish me luck.


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