Cheshire Premier Spring Show 2 May ’04

  • CHESHIRE PREMIER SPRING Somerford Park, Cheshire, 2 May

    BSPS show pony (Mrs J Dean) mxd ht rest 1, C Yates’ Thirkleby Blue Magnus; 2, Mrs Parkin’s Courtland Country Life. nov LR 1 & ch, P Prickett’s Park Court Jester; 2, NJ Gwinnet’s Rosemellyn Bubbling Burn. do FR 1 & res, H Turner’s Wynswood Janquill. mxd ht nov int SRT 1, R Templeton’s Odins Profession; 2, SL Cottle’s Huntroyd Haute Couture; 3, G Street’s Rotherwood Bow Tie. nov SP 128cm 1, W Harvey’s Chaseford Chanel; 2, S Cannon’s Fingerpost Pearl; 3, Mr & Mrs Georgakis’ Westhill Forget-Me-Not. 138cm 1 & ch, A Fowler’s Broadgrove Chatterbox; 2, PJ Ahern’s Wilderness Wizard; 3, EJ Boardman’s Mayeath Royal Flight. 148cm 1 & res, J Findlow’s Small-Land Dream Away; 2, Lady M Benton-Jones’ Daldorn Spring Whisper; 3, Courtland Country Life. BSPS Pretty Polly mxd ht int SRT 1, Huntroyd Haute Couture; 2, A Smith’s Wentward Gift Of Fidelity; 3, C Hamilton’s Yealand Validity. BSPS Heritage (Mrs A Colles) nov 1, J Dawson’s Shinniy Star; 2, A Rimmer’s Barry Done; 3, Mrs C Clare’s Newcott Anastas. LR 1 & ch, Team Hollings’ Sunwillow Georgina; 2, L Walker’s Rookery Souffle; 3, P Moore’s Brierdene Benjamin. FR 1 & res, J Rosebury’s Heniarth Quill; 2, S Cuthbert’s Wishfield Glenfiddich; 3, Team Hollings’ Dykes Rosie Mead. do rest 1, C Walker’s Springwater Lightening; 2, L Ennet’s Cefn Mimble; 3, K Wheyway’s Hobcroft Jock. RIHS Heritage sml brds 1 & ch, L Steven’s Senruf Gin Fizz; 2, S Challinor’s Shilstone Euro; 3, D Gregson’s Cayberry Lieutenant. sec B/C 1 & res, EN Derbyshire’s Brabyns Sampson; 2, S Cunningham’s Wyken Riverdance; 3, C Twiston-Davies’ Wortley Wizard. New Forest, Connemara 1, E Rodman’s Goosemoor Eros; 2, E Milner’s Captain Mac; 3, J Ford’s Rebels Ghost. lge brds 1, K Manning’s Wellbrow Jacko; 2, Hobcroft Jack; 3, J Barton’s Gowbarrow Henry. RIHS int SRT (Miss MJ Brace, Mrs SA Fluck) sml 1 & res, C Twiston-Davies’ Whalton Highlight; 2, G Twitchett’s Palmfields Star Time; 3, JE Nuttall’s Sycamore Special Edition. lge 1 & ch, D Smith’s Gentle Breeze; 2, K Harris’ Starlyte Pageboy; 3, G Twitchett’s Comberton Cavendish. RIHS SP 128cm 1, J Rosebury’s Moorhall Cats Whisker; 2, C Walker’s Spinningdale Araminta; 3, C Crumpton’s Barnsbrook Royal Portrait. 138cm 1, A Green’s Knowle Sprucewood; 2, J Findlow’s Ffosway Chat Noir; 3, B McArdle’s Willowhice Forget Me Not. 148cm 1, ch & sup, J Rucklidge’s Jackets Maybee; 2, Kapadia & Team Jago’s Radway All Talk; 3, Rosettes Direct’s Moorbank Fabian. LR 1 & res, K Chounovski’s Colne Heiress; 2, D Scottney’s Barkway Miss Money Penny; 3, S Horne’s Moreton Mill Joella. FR 1, ch & sup, K Brar’s Barkway Bridesmaid; 2, Mrs Green’s Glegan Hill Sirin; 3, H Turner’s Wynswood Jonquil. RIHS Pretty Polly mxd ht SP 1, Knowle Sprucewood; 2, E Weir’s Forgeland After Eight; 3, D Flather’s Lemington Moondance. LR 1, Barkway Miss Money Penny; 2, NJ Gwinnett’s Rosemellyn Bubbling Burn. FR 1, J Powell’s Radway Mandinka; 2, K Walmsley’s Maisie Jayne; 3, H Hulme’s Nantcol Lady Penelope. skewbald/piebald (Mr NG Hollings) not exc 153cm 1 & res, Patterson Horseboxes’ Copybush Chuckle; 2, C Knipe’s All Fired Up; 3, R Bennett’s Springhill Bally Bay. exc 153cm 1, ch & 2nd res sup, S Ambler’s Endeavour; 2, SA Rose’s Pussy Galore; 3, D Gebhard’s Country Lone Ranger. RIHS SHP (Mr AE Illsley, Mrs HM Thomas) 122cm 1, J Clorley’s Bronhelliog Charmer; 2, C Thackray’s Pumphill Victor; 3, L Anderson’s Millay Manoleto. 133cm 1, T McKay’s Crimson Night Light; 2, SP Martin’s Fair Julian; 3, Dr E Cowen’s Bicton Fruit Loop. 143cm 1 & ch, A Downing’s Sapperton Inca; 2, P Coster’s Marshbrook Limited Edition; 3, J Cook’s Tyrdulais Marshall Monty. 153cm 1 & res, Mrs Williamson’s Tarantella; 2, K Lace’s Corinthain; 3, J Wright’s CB Esquire. RIHS Pretty Polly SHP 122-133cm 1, Knowle Sprucewood; 2, A Crier’s Deanhills Masterpiece; 3, D Holberry’s Keyhouse Coriander. 143-153cm 1, Thompson & Aspinall’s Chiddock Foxglove; 2, Corinthian; 3, P Keepe’s Dartons Red Robin. RIHS int SHT 1, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Renoir; 2, Harwick/Newbury’s Bangoll; 3, RD Binks’ Montana II. do LR SHT 1, P Prickett’s Lindsey’s Future Star; 2, L Dickinson’s Parkbourne Sweet William; 3, Mr & Mrs Johnson’s Pringles Ladybird. novice SHP 122cm 1, N Curbishley’s Rumworth Gold Spirit. 133cm 1 & res, Keyhouse Coriander; 2, A Crier’s Deanhills Masterpiece; 3, R Templeton’s Whalton Wizz Kid. 143cm 1, Mrs Hinton’s Highmead Evening Silhouette; 2, F Bowers’ Marshbrook Honeysuckle; 3, Boardman & Shaw’s Yealand Desdemona. 153cm 1 & ch, DL Thomas’ Another Time; 2, J Littlewood’s Golden Hornet; 3, J Houlker’s Pebbly Dunnaway. BSPS Pretty Polly int SHT 1, R Johnson-Townley’s First Choice; 2, F Pass’ Escada; 3, J Massey’s Carnsdale Oliver Twist. BSPS Res SHP 1, S Fearn’s Willys Lovesong; 2, C Cole’s Va Bien; 3, J Rowlands’ Cariad III. nov Int SHT 1, J Littlewood’s Golden Hornet; 2, F Pass’ Escada; 3, Mrs Abel’s Escapado. RIHS hunter (Mr S Somers, Miss K Sears) small 1, Mr & Mrs M Underwood’s After All; 2, S Ambler’s Riverdance; 3, V Chanyler’s Red Admiral. lwt 1 & ch, L Killingbeck’s Canterbury Tales; 2, C Greenwood’s Oceans Eleven; 3, C Greenwood’s Crest Cavalier. mwt 1 & res, Endeavour; 2, Monserrat Sport Horses’ Robertstown Silver; 3, D Heath & B Jepson’s Lowry. hwt 1, S Ambler’s Another Quest; 2, I Susca’s Ballyhoo; 3, M Jones’ Spot On Eddie. ladies’ 1, J Vallance’s Ruby Tuesday. RIHS cob (Mr A Mickleburgh, Mrs A Wight) lwt 1 & ch, Ms McKenzie’s Highlander; 2, P Coope’s Lord Of The Rings; 3, Y Renwick’s Oliver Brown. hwt 1 & res, C Neame’s Invincible; 2, J Pimbley’s Thomas Pink; 3, M Hitchen’s Desperate Dan II. RIHS hack sml 1 & res, P Gula-Walker’s Apres Nous; 2, A Fowler’s Crafton King Of Swing; 3, N Woods’ Rotherwood Victor. lge 1 & res, J Williams’ Highland Peel; 2, A Embleton’s Longriver Eternity; 3, J Knipe’s Silver Wedding. RIHS riding horse sml 1 & res, Dell Park Stud’s Gosh; 2, J Knipe’s Special FX; 3, EC Wilkinson’s Waterlands Gone With The Wind. lge 1 & ch, K Bacon’s Kings Gold; 2, I Susca’s Cavanagh; 3, J Mooney’s Diamond Dancer. BSPS Heritage M&M WHP (Mrs JN Little) mxd ht nov 1, F Heron’s Sunroyd Prince Regent; 2, C Walker’s Hobcroft Adam; 3, K Wheyway’s Peasedown Mr Muddle. NS 1, RK Leavesley’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 2, CA Preece’s Smoketree Caesar; 3, J Woodhead’s Roseisle Lewis. 122cm 1, D Holberry’s Valepark First Symphony; 2, P Keepe’s Gryngallt Playsome; 3, G Heapes’ Bengad Dulchins. 138cm 1 & res, R Leavesley’s Sannanvalley Souvenir; 2, C Walker’s Hobcroft Adam; 3, Davies & Johnston’s Millford Hallmark. exc 138cm 1 & ch, K Bagshaw’s Scarletts Spindrift; 2, R Johnston’s Ynysacel Daniel; 3, M Wharmby’s Lisdearg Boy. BSPS nov WHP (Mrs S Fitton, Miss S Jull) Int 1, H Johnson’s Ellas Drum; 2, SK Lander’s Corrib Diamond Mist; 3, A Lintott’s Irish Lights. 153cm 1 & ch, J Knipe’s All Fired Up; 2, SA Taylor’s Jungle Jim; 3, Ellas Drum. 143cm 1, S Nicklin’s Glengoogle Boy; 2, Smith & Devaney’s Touch Of Spice; 3, KJ Farrar-Fry’s Huttons Ambo Lullaby. 133cm 1 & res, P Nordell’s Joey B; 2, P Edwards’ Blackford Christie; 3, Sannanvalley Souvenir. BSPS Pretty Polly WHP 1, SA Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, P Nordell’s Joey B; 3, J Thompson’s Huttons Ambo Gemini. nov NS 1, Blackford Christie; 2, P Nordell’s Bunbury Bestman; 3, A Dear’s Pennyvale Billy Button. BSPS rest WHP 1, CL Davies’ Ruby Reflection; 2, Smith & Devanney’s Touch Of Spice; 3, S Nicklin’s Pennygale Billy Button. RIHS WH (Mr S Somers, Miss KM Sears) 1, J Callwood’s Miss Amber II; 2, C Greenwood’s Crest Cavalier; 3, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s Isaac. BSPS WHP (Ms C Lomas, Mr P Thompson) CS 1 & ch, D Brown’s Guinnness Pure Genius; 2, RK Leavesley’s Gwynisle Masterpiece; 3, G Heaps Bengad Dutch Irish. RIHS WHP int 1 & res, Mr & Mrs Underwood’s The Midnight Sun; 2, F Bodman’s Silk Cut; 3, J Gornall’s Old Springfield Stravinsky. NS 1 & res, S Loughton’s Pennbrook Tara; 2, A Newsham’s Oldcourt Amadeus; 3, R Platts’ Rhoson Matisse. 133cm 1, C Jenkinson’s Millcroft Scallywag; 2, J Teare’s Defaelog Rhiannon; 3, K Heginbotham’s Wrayton Monty. 143cm 1 & ch, SA Taylor’s Oscar Charles; 2, JC Cooper’s Janem Rosen Cavalier; 3, E Lees’ Irish Dragoon. 153cm 1, H Johnson’s Bowhouse Tomos; 2, T Janion’s Peeping Tom; 3, J Massey’s Farne Island.

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