Canwell Show, 11 August

  • CANWELL SHOW Canwell Estate, Sutton Coldfield, 11 August

    ridden Hunter (J Wormall) open 1 & ch, J Wilson’s Guiness XV; 2, A Chadwick’s Jack; 3, S Galloway’s Lacken Master. local hunter 1, J Owen’s Harvey; 2, C Wofford’s Atlantic Reveller; 3, J Ward’s Deeside Max. riding horse 1 & res, L Fielding’s Millbridge Flashman; 2, R Spence’s Busela Lady; 3, L Murphy’s Spellsbury Sentiment. local riding horse 1, J Fulton’s Arno; 2, J Clarke’s Bejing Breeze; 3, K Thackham’s Fiddler On The Roof. hunter b’mare 1, V Mitchell’s Deprivitive. do foal 1,V Mitchell’s Winnie. do y’ling 1, M Frost’s Avanti Rannoch; 2, J Del-Giudice’s Embla Mousel Magic. do 2/3-y-o 1 & ch, R Minton’s The Blue Road; 2 & res, P Rabin’s Kalini. RP (R Parker-Jones) open int SRT 1, A Rainbow’s Moonlyte Serenade; 2, L Murphy’s Spellsbury Sentiment; 3, E Irwin’s Paya van Met Schoterhof. do sht 1 & ch, B Steven’s The Biz; 2 & res. N Hayes’ Suk Hothai; 3, D Venables’ Lotty. do local 1,G Michaelides’ Thirkleby Holly Blue; 2, B Edney’s Moonshimmer Puzz; 3, Z Morris’ Rocedo Beach Boy. BSPS open LR 1 & ch, V Sidaway’s Cosford Charming; 2, Rochedo Beach Boy; 3, A Field’s Danny’s Magic. FR1 & res, J Robinson’s Blithbury Be Fair; 2, A Field’s Dannys Magic. BSPS MH open SP 1, Thirkleby Holly Blue; 2, D Hall’s Wharf Ullyses; 3, F Steven’s Brocklehurst Brambling. do SHP 1 & res, N Hayes’ Chiddock Over The Limit; 2 & ch, A Boyle’s Copybush Quiz Kid; 3, The Bizz. RP breeding b’mare 1 & overall sup, B Smith’s Fenwick Bloomsbury; 2, D Murray’s Radway Tarantella. foal 1, D Muray’s Flecknow Fandango. y’ling 1, H Hughes’ Barkway Tranquility. 2/3-y-o 1 & res, J Careless’ Fairley Tranquility; 2, L Nott’s Chasecroft Chocolate Drop; 3, B Smith’s Fenwick Flight of Fancy. Irish Draught (C Hewlet) pure-bred ridden 4-y-o & over 1 & res sup ridden, S Roche’s Cabra West; 2, O Robinson’s Monnybrook Simply Gold; 3, B Gates’ Monnybrook Amanda. do sport horse 4-y-o & over 1 & res, Suk Hothai; 2, A Chadwick’s Jack; 3, J Needham’s Fahavane Arctic Boy. do y’stk 1, B Gate’s Heathers Rebel; 2, Avanti Rannoch. grade 1 maturity 1 & res sup in-hand, Cabra West; 2 & res, Monnybrook Simply Gold; 3, J Needham’s Fahavane Arctic Boy. M&M (A Dale) Glyn Greenwood small breeds y’stk1, H Else’s Overgreen Bright Spark; 2, H Cornes’ Brookwater Private Dancer; 3, B Simcox’s Rochedo Beach Bandit. do 4-y-o & over 1, M Brown’s Cholderton Sapphire; 2, C Russell’s Highveld Tamora; 3, A Jarvis’ Crossways Caol Ila. large breeds y’stk 1 & ch, Shearwater Stud’s Fronarth Egyptian Queen; 2, J Crane’s Severnvale Griffon; 3, M Hutchinson’s Caerdanniel The Maitrix. 4-y-o & over 1 & res, S Cattell’s Derrartha Cailin; 2, C Crutchley’s Caedanniel Top Totti; 3, J Wright’s Wishaw Bouncing Lady. Lobster Pot LR 1 & res, Z Morris’ Telaid Playful; 2, B Simcox’s Rothiemay Baywatch; 3, A Lines’ Lacy Lwcus. FR1 & sup ridden ch, C Phillip’s Wilcrick Bobby Dazzler; 2, L Wood’s Ulverscroft Carlton; 3, A Cinar’s Glanymor Ceriden. Kingsford ridden sml breeds 1 & ch, D Hollinshead Follgate Ant; 2, T Clavin’s Bunbury Beachwood; 3, B Simcox’s Rothiemay Baywatch. large 1 & res, B Simcox’s Westonhouse Seamus; 2, J Rumble’s Trefaes Hayleys Comet; 3, J Jordan’s Shalamar. Shetland (J Holt) y’ling 1, P Hall’s Threapwood Velvet. 2/3-y-o1 & ch, Britlands’ Melland Daisy; 2, D Black’s Amys Early Peach; 3, J O’Nions’ Handale Voyager. mare/geld 4&over 1 & res, C Preece’s Buckberry Emile; 2, M Hawkin’s Foldhouse Charcoal. do stallion1, Baraughs’ Birchmoor Mulberry; 2, L Wood’s Hose Rainbow; 3, E Saxton’s Briar Piccolo. 34in 4-y-o & over 1, A Aspley’s Longfield Lisa; 2, G Needham’s Romany Santos; 3, B Joyner’s Kentstone Rhea. foal 1 & 2, A Aspley’s Longfield Robin & Longfield Robbie; 3, B Joyner’s Somahouse Pip Squeek. y’stk 1, G Smith’s Sharptor Quail; 2, L Hutchinson’s Longfield Peanut; 3,S Penfold’s Ringkay Rambo. coloured (G Hill) CHAPS in-hand cob/trad 1, J Thopson’s Kassabian; 2, A James’ Saracen; 3, E Partridge’s Slumberjack. do non-native 1 & ch, G Needham’s Highedge Diddy Coy; 2, V Bramwell’s Bramwell Pipsqueak; 3, G Smith’s Southfield Gate Camilla. do ridden native/cob 1 & 2, S Samuels’ Just Huff’N’Puff & Job Done; 3, E Partridge’s Funtime Frankie. non-native 1 & ch, J Cox’s Jack Frost; 2 & res, A Boyle’s My Blue Eyed Boy; 3, C Preece’s Mr Binks.

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