BSPA National Championships 25-26 August

  • BSPA NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS Addington EC, Bucks, 25-26 August

    ridden (Mrs A Hooley, Mrs C Davenport, Mrs M Thomas, Mrs R Sannick, Col S Sanderson, Mrs K Holder-Vale, Mr R Gooding, Miss R Thomas, Mrs M Tingley) traditional horse 1, H Stinson’s Hanlan Puzzle; 2, F Murray’s Seamus; 3, J Gosling’s Tinker Tim. do, pony 1 & res sup ch of ch ridden, A Katowska’s Cormac; 2, J Harrison’s Scrumpy Jack; 3, R Newing’s Dereks Red Lion. native horse/pony types 1, S Wright’s Mr Smith; 2, C Knowles’ Harlequin Kerryor; 3, Scrumpy Jack. vanners & light draughts 1, S Denley’s The Mighty Samson; 2, Tinker Tim; 3, S Farley’s Toy Story. coldblood mares, horses & ponies 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Eirins Clover; 2, MFallburn’s Maggie’s Pride; 3, C Wells’ Autumn Tapestry. British coldblood verified breeding 1, V Bullock’s Janill Prunella; 2, C Gale’s Obie Kanobi; 3, K Dixey’s Wulfstan Ama-Doo. British coldblood types 1, ch, sup ridden horse & sup ridden ch of ch, J Buchanan’s Sudgrove Sid; 2 & res, Mr Smith; 3, L Pickfield’s Star Of Michleane. utility horse/pony 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Wulfstan Fen Tiger; 2, M Etherington’s Cannon Ball Tom; 3, J Waddington’s Summertime Sequel. lead-rein, smartest on parade 1, C Coulsdon’s Adencroft Warra-U-Like; 2, P Woodward’s Mary-Ann; 3, K Wilson’s Polly Pickles. Noddy Penny ridden pony of the year Mary-Ann; res, A Sizmur’s Samuel Whiskers. 4-y-o horse/pony 1, Sudgrove Sid; 2, T Oliver’s Harlequin Dream; 3, O Ridout’s Symmetry. hunter/WHP 1, M Pickford’s Tidkin Tamara; 2, A Clark’s Spider II; 3, L Hyde’s’ Diamond Decision. riding, show, SHP 1, Rain Dance Warrior; 2, H Rawlings’ Buzz Lightyear; 3, Adencroft Warra-U-Like. hack & riding horse types 1, V Jenkins’ Domino Dancing Sox; 2, Harlequin Dream; 3, P Pearce’s Misty Magpie. hunter 1 & res sup ridden horse, A Dalby’s Mr Nutmeg; 2, F Rawlings’ Lord Of The River; 3, C Beaver’s Jazzwan. show cobs 1, Mister Smith; 2, Sudgrove Sid; 3, Punchinello. lightweight types 1, Domino Dancing Sox; 2, Misty Magpie; 3, Harlequin Dream. m’wt 1, Mr Nutmeg; 2, Jazzwan; 3, L Garland’s Harlequin’s Dream II. h’wt 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Eirins Clover; 2, S Green’s Total Eclipse; 3, Tinker Tim. ridden pony restricted 1, S Wheeler’s Mystery Puzzle; 2, Tidkin Tamara; 3, Summertime Sequel. graded stallions 1, F Murray’s Seamus. amateur horse 1 & ch, Obie Kanobie; 2, S Brownstone’s Zeigfield; 3, D Brunt’s Cavalier. do, pony 1, S Walker’s Just Mickey; 2, Summertime Sequel; 3, P Towler’s Dudley Bay. WH style & performance 1, Dudley Bay. sports horse/pony 1, J Grant’s Colourful Cat. WH cobs, traditionals & vanners 1, H Baldwin’s The Train Spotter; 2, L Jones’ Courtgates Gilbert; 3, Scrumpy Jack. WH mixed height open 1, Wulfstan Stud’s Ballanhassig Princess; 2, F Edmonds’ The Spycatcher; 3, Summertime Sequel. novice WH final 1, Ballanhassig Princess; 2 & res, The Spycatcher; 3, Summertime Sequel. WH over 158cm 1 & ch, J Southall’s Romany Carousel. open WH Derby 1, Romany Carousel; 2, Scrumpy Jack. junior equitation 1, Dudley Bay; 2, S Watson’s Hollyland Planet; 3, Diamond Decision. do, senior 1, Harlequins Dream II; 2, Cormac; 3, Janill Prunella. novice horse 1, E Kelley’s Doorman Bill; 2, L Hegarty’s Westbrink Magharee; 3, Janill Prunella. do, pony 1, J Chamberlain’s Woodstock; 2, A Yates’ Amigo II; 3, K Sheath’s Otters Jet Stream. side-saddle 1, D Clayton’s Wishes To Be; 2, S Green’s Total Eclipse; 3, A Majendie’s Galaxy Magic. best-trained 1, Harlequins Dream II; 2, Wishes To Be; 3, Mystery Puzzle. Lola family horse/pony 1, Scrumpy Jack; 2, A Sizmur’s Reef; 3, Harlequins Dream II. in-hand (Mrs R Jarvis, Mrs C Davenport, Mrs J Holder, Mrs M Thomas, Mr R Gooding, Mr Paul Miller, Mr L Selby, Mrs J Nutland, Mr M Mohammed, Mrs S Seward, Mrs R Jackson) traditional pony 1, Cormac; 2, C Nevill’s Millers Mountain Shadows. do, horse 1, W Moore’s Blue Shadow II; 2, Seamus; 3, Just Charlie. native types 1, J & D van Praag’s Steely Dan; 2, Millers Mountain Shadows; 3, A Sizmur’s Mr Two Tone. pure-bred Shetlands 1, K Smyth’s Helza Bric A Brac; 2, Blenheim Bunny Girl. vanners & light draught 1, Hanlan Puzzle; 2, S Kane’s Mr porter; 3, The Mighty Samson. driving types 1, Tinker Tim; 2, Just Charlie; 3, Dereks Red Lion. British coldblood horse/pony verified breeding 1, ch, y’stk ch & res overall sup ch of ch, Wulfstan Stud’s Jenboston Crystal Gayle; 2, B Evans’ Blenheim Bunny Girl; 3, Obie Kanobi. do, unverified breeding 1 & res, R Newling’s Derek’s Red Lion; 2, J George’s Just Charlie; 3, L Barker’s Princess Maria. large British & h’wt types 1, L Bias’ True Colours; 2, A Croft’s The Mighty Samson. utility horse/pony 1, Raindance Warrior; 2, Spider II; 3, B Marshall’s Chase. riding/show/SHP under 153cm 1 & ch, The Harveys’ Hollyland Heaven Can Wait; 2, H Rode’s Soulbury Song And Dance; 3, A Sizmur’s Bright Spark IV. hack types 1, A Yates’Amigo II; 2,D Hasty’s Appledore Miss Serenade. riding horse 1 & sup ch, J Thompson’s Sub Zero Thyme; 2, K Barrett’s Pawneese; 3, Zeigfeld. best female 1, C Welch’s Campden Kate. do, gelding 1, Sub Zero Thyme; 2, Harlequin Kerryor; 3, E Taylor’s In Print. y’stk British native 1, Steely Dan; 2, Helza Bric A Brac; 3, K Spillett’s Danger Mouse. do, hunter/WHP 1, A Coulson’s Wulfstan Jazz Singer; 2, Total Eclipse II. do, riding/SP 1 & sup pony ch, Hollyland Heaven Can Wait; 2, T Kelly’s Riverford Love song; 3, A Metcalfe’s Millpond Look At Me. do, cobs, vanners & draught types 1, L Garland’s The Draughtsman; 2, S Barrett’s Wulfstan Black Fen Royalist; 3, H Locke’s Pocket The Difference. do, warmbloods 1, A Banks’ Harveyrose; 2, C Bates’ Free Spirit; 3, M Shaw’s Urbanus. do, TB & first cross verified breeding 1, S King’s Henrys Out Of This World; 2, L Robins’ Widlake Tigerlily. do, traditional 1, H Locke’s May Bell; 2, W Moore’s Blue Shadow II; 3, C Remy’s Jessie’s Girl. y’ling colt 1,T Kelly’s The Lucky One; 2 & ch, Urbanus; 3, Henrys Over The Moon. do, fillies & geldings 1, J Mynard’s Puzzles Sweet Sensation; 2, A Cunningham’s Red Volanta; 3, Dexters Calico Joe. British coldblood y’stk 1, Jenboston Crystal Gayle; 2, Blue Shadow II; 3, The Draughtsman. 2-y-o horses & ponies 1, Free Spirit II; 2, Badgers Lunar; 3, N Miller’s Soulbury Snaffles. do, 3-y-o 1, ch& overall sup ch of ch, J Wingfield’s Dragon Slayer; 2, Hollyland Heaven Can Wait; 3, Soulbury Song And Dance. potential sports horse 1, Dragon Slayer; 2, Henrys Out Of This World; 3, Free Spirit II. graded stallions 1, Seamus. warmbloods 4yo & over 1, G Harman’s Forget Me Not. do, TBs & first cross verified breeding 1, Zeigfeld; 2, J Simmons & N Mills’ Creephole Late Arrival. amateur horse over 153cm 1 & res, Zeigfeld; 2, Creephole Late Arrival; 3, J Shaw’s Disney Magic. do, pony under 153cm 1 & ch, A Yates’ Amigo II; 2, Mary Ann; 3, The Train Spotter. l’wt horse 1, Sub Zero Thyme; 2, K Russell’s Badgerswood Joie De Vivre; 3, Forget Me Not. do, m’wt 1, K Garrett’s Afrodite;2, E Hughes’ Haxey Warpaint. do, h’wt 1, True Colours; 2, Mr Porter; 3, The Mighty Samson. do, pony 1, Amigo II; 2, O Mead’s Mid Summer Dreams; 3, Spider II. do, novice 1, J Goudie’s Little Braveheart; 2, Pawneese; 3, Westbrink Magharee. miniature horses 1, D Windsor’s Toyhorse Princess Solitaire; 2, D Windsor’s Toyhorse Ice Fantasy. paint horse/pony 1 & ch, E Dash’s Ice’n’Fire; 2 & res, Amigo II; 3, B Fryer’s Honky Tonk N Bars. Arabs & part-breds1, D Hasty’s Meridian X-tra Pizzazz; 2, Ice’n’Fire. best colour & markings y’stk 1, T Kelly & J Lyon’s Riverford Love Song; 2, Campden Kate; 3, Toyhorse Princess Solitaire. do, horse/pony 1, Mid Summer Dreams; 2, S Brady’s Looks Like Trouble; 3, Princess Maria. do, overo 1, Ice’n’Fire.

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