BHS introduces new showing exams

  • The British Horse Society is to introduce new qualifications geared specifically towards the requirements of the showing world next year.

    The new initiative, which is being set up in association with the British Show Pony
    Society, includes three levels of qualification for individuals, plus an approvals scheme for showing yards.

    The scheme is the brainchild of BSPS area committee member, Penny Hollings, who contacted the BHS because she felt that the society’s exams lacked the specialist knowledge required for the showing sector.

    “The BHS has been very enthusiastic and I am thrilled by the positive response. There is so much to be gained from this by trainers and anyone with an interest in showing,” says Hollings.

    The new qualifications are:

    • Accredited Show Groom
    • Assistant Show Trainer
    • Accredited Show Trainer

    The Accredited Show Groom exam will be based on the current BHS Stage 3 horse knowledge and care syllabus and will incorporate specific show groom modules.

    The Assistant Show Trainer exam will include modules on show training and riding, while the Accredited Show Trainer qualification will be awarded to those who successfully pass the previous examinations and are consistently training and showing at national level.

    A new category of BHS yard approval — BHS Approved Showing Yard — is also in the pipeline for 2006. To gain the new status of approval, the yard must fulfil all the standard criteria along with additional specialist showing requirements.

    Pilot days and standard-setting workshops for the new exams are expected to take place in October this year, which the scheme will be rolled out during 2006.

    For more details contact the BHS training department (tel: 01926 70782

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