Stierna Performance socks: ‘fitted well and didn’t slip’ 7/10

Welcome to our independent group test of technical riding socks. All of the socks in this group test have been put through their paces by former eventer turned para dressage rider Tamsin Addison. Find out what she thought below

Stierna Performance socks


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Official description

The Stierna Performance socks are technical advanced socks with performance zones developed for high-intensity activity.

First impressions

These were not quite as long as some of the other riding socks, but looked really professional.

Overview of performance

These socks were really easy to put on — the fabric was really comfortable and stretchy enough without being too loose. I thought the panelling was a good idea but I didn’t really notice any difference in terms of sweating in these areas.

Tamsin’s likes and dislikes

I like how they fitted really well and didn’t slip down, even when working all day without long boots on. I would say, however, that they are quite expensive. They looked the part but didn’t really stand out in terms of performance.


I would recommend these for someone who likes stylish and professional-looking socks.