Le Chameau Isère Merino Wool Socks: ‘ideal for very cold weather’ 8/10

Le Chameau Isère Merino Wool Socks


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Le Chameau

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Welcome to our new group test of socks suitable for use with wellies and country boots. All of the sock in this group test have been put through their paces by international event rider and BE coach Jo Rimmer. Find out what she thought below.

Le Chameau’s official description

Le Chameau Isère Merino Wool Socks are full-length merino wool and acrylic hunting socks, which are machine washable.

Jo’s first impressions

They reminded me of my father’s army socks, but fortunately they were considerably softer.

Overview of performance

These sock were very warm and comfortable to wear, but they are thick so would only use them in very cold weather.

Jo’s likes and dislikes

I liked how soft, thick and warm they were, which makes them perfect for a cold day at a point-to-point. They couple well with wellies, but would be too warm to wear on milder days.


I would recommend these, although at £45 a pair they might be too expensive for some people.

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