Derby House Elite Kynton gel knee breeches: review

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  • Derby House Elite Kynton gel knee breeches


    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Style:
    • Value for money:


    • Lightweight
    • comfortable
    • Very grippy
    • Low priced


    • Material snags easily
    • Not very warm
    • Gel knee grip peeled off
    • Pocket too small for mobile phone


    Derby House

    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer liked these value for money breeches but they didn't wash particularly well

    I tested these Elite Kynton breeches in size 32” colour blue. The sizing seemed right and the breeches were very comfortable and lightweight.

    The gel knee grip is a good concept, they really do provide more grip. As I ride side-saddle, if a full seated version of these were on the market I would definitely buy them.

    Left knee

    Left knee

    Although the gel grip was good while in the saddle, after a few washes the gel on the right knee started to peel off (and I religiously stuck to manufacturer guidelines). I’d only spent about ten hours in the saddle at this point. However, it didn’t affect the functionality and still had the same grip. The knee area, as a result of washing, didn’t look very good.

    Right knee

    Right knee

    I do put my breeches through their paces. I spend many hours in the saddle in a variety of disciplines through any weather. I run a yard with my husband who spends a lot of time coaching other riders, leaving me with quite a lot of yard work to get done. With a three-year-old son and two part time jobs, I often don’t have much time to spare. For this reason my breeches go on in the morning and stay on all day. Although very comfortable I seem to have picked up several snags in the fabric, something that I’ve not come across with most of my other breeches.

    I’d like to say good value for money as comfy everyday breeches but if I’d bought these I would return them due to the disintegration of the right knee gel patch. This was presumably a fault as the left knee is still fine.


    Our reviewer liked these value for money breeches but they didn't wash particularly well

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