Ariat Ladies Cloud 9 Jacket: review

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  • Ariat Ladies Cloud 9 Jacket


    • Fit:
    • Performance:
    • Style:
    • Value for money:
    • Durability:


    • Good robust zip
    • Perfect sized pockets
    • Non-restrictive and comfortable
    • Warm light-weight body
    • Dual purpose


    • Not water-proof
    • Arms are not wind resistant
    • Expensive



    Price as reviewed:


    Our reviewer liked this stylish and comfortable jacket and found herself wearing it both on and off the horse

    I have tested the Ariat Ladies Cloud 9 Jacket in black. This type of jacket is not normally what I would go for, the soft arms and the quilted body is more of a sporty look that I am used to. Although, I was excited to try this well-made, quality product.

    When on, this jacket is flattering and stylish but very comfortable and doesn’t restrict your movement at all. It is short and therefore feels great in the saddle. The jersey sleeves meant that I have complete freedom of my arms. I felt very comfortable when doing dressage, showjumping and cross-country training.


    There is a secure, robust zip up the middle and two perfect-sized zip-up pockets for your phone. In the past when riding, I have struggled to find a place for my phone that isn’t impossible to retrieve or risks it falling out — however, there is no such problem with this jacket.


    I also loved the flexibility of this product. I can wear it during the summer, with the benefit of a long sleeve and good pockets, without getting hot. It also has performed as a great layer under a larger coat due to the non-restrictive jersey arms and lightweight but warm body.

    I feel that this product will be most helpful to me during the winter as a layer. I have also wearing it off the horse, especially when I have gone on a rare run


    Overall I have been pleasantly surprised by this chic and comfortable jacket, which has been worn in a variety of situations. I would definitely recommend it to a friend

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