Veredus E-Vento boots: review

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  • Veredus E-Vento boots


    • Style:
    • Fit:
    • Value for money:
    • Performance:


    • Durable
    • Good padding/cooling
    • Full tendon protection


    • Big sizes (back boots especially)
    • Stiff material



    Price as reviewed:


    These front boots went down a storm with our reviewer, but the hind boots left a little more to be desired in terms of fit

    I have tested the large horse, black E-Vento boots from Veredus with Velcro fastenings

    My first impression of the product was that it was presented well with clear direction of which boot was for which leg and clear, neat packaging.

    In term of the fit of the product, the front boots fitted my horse’s legs better and were obviously more comfortable for him as he didn’t respond well to the back boots due to their length up the leg. The fastenings were secure and easy to use.

    Front boots

    Front boots

    The boots were of good quality, however as mentioned above the comfort for the back boots was not great compared to the front.

    The product was good when in use although, when jumping my horse’s jump was effected. The hind boots were making my horse kick and buck out. However, once I used purely the front boots he was much more comfortable.

    Hind boots

    Hind boots

    The sizing for the front boots was great and fitted my horse well. The back boots were not such a good fit, they were very long on his tendons and therefore more uncomfortable and restricting.

    Overall, I would recommend the front boots to any friend. I would only recommend the hind boots if their horse had thicker legs or longer tendons and not a more thoroughbred type.

    A good refinement would be to look at the sizing of back boot. I will continue to use the front boots, but will need to ease my horse into getting comfortable in back boots that take up so much of his hind tendons.


    Our reviewer loved the front pair of boots but the hind boots were too long and made her horse uncomfortable


    Front boots: £107.90
    Hind boots: £109.50

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