Equilibrium Products Field Relief Max fly mask: review

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  • Equilibrium Products Field Relief Max fly mask


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    • Good eye clearance
    • Soft and comfortable
    • Easy to fit and use

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    Our reviewer, Gaby Cooke loved this fly mask thanks to its UV protection technology

    Firstly, the Equilibrium Field Relief Fly Max Mask comes in some very neat packaging. On the back there is in depth instructions on how to use, fit and care for the mask. It also gives you a clear size guide and some strong do’s and don’ts so the welfare of your horse is put absolutely first.

    The fit is exceptional. Most importantly it gives the eyes plenty of clearance yet at the same time it has a snug, neat fit secure firmly by two large strips of Velcro under the horses cheeks.

    The whole mask is made of mesh, a firmer plastic mesh over the horse’s eyes and a soft fabric mesh for their ears and under the cheeks. Thus meaning there is no extra heat being kept in on hot days.

    The edges to the mask are lovely soft elastic and have loads of padding over the nose and browband area. The nosepiece is detachable, and the Velcro fastening is very tough and durable. This is a great addition for horses with pink noses as the mask blocks 80% of UV Rays.

    This has to be one of the best on the market, and I would certainly recommend it.

    Horse’s eyes are such a delicate area that if not looked after can lead to serious problems, therefore in my opinion its worth every penny to know my horses are safe and comfortable.


    This fly mask is worth every penny


    Colour: Also available in grey

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