Point-to-point championship leaderboard update

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  • Men
    8 James Tudor; 6 Richard Burton, Oliver Greenall, Sam Waley-Cohen, Phillip York; 5 Will Biddick, Mark Wall, Richard Woollacott; 4 Darren Edwards, Fred Hutsby; 3 Chris Dawson, Tom Ellis, Neil Harris, Rhys Hughes, Jeremy Mahot, Ran Morgan, Stuart Morris, Nick Pearce, Adrian Wintle.
    9 Polly Gundry; 7 Claire Allen; 5 Lucy Gardner, Rachael Green; 3 Hannah Watson.
    Novice men
    2 Sam Allwood, Frasar Barr, Rhys Flint.
    Novice women
    2 Chloe Boxall, Jenny Carr.
    Horse & Hound Leading Horse
    3 Mr Tee Pee.

    Read reports on the past week’s point-to-point meetings in today’s Horse & Hound (7 February, ’08)

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