Point-to-point championship leaderboard

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  • Men

    16 Richard Burton;
    11 Dickie Barrett;
    10 Julian Pritchard;
    9 Oliver Greenall, Jamie Snowden, Richard Woollacott, Phillip York;
    8 Nick Scholfield;
    7 Darren Edwards, Neil Harris, Stuart Morris, James Tudor;
    6 David Maxwell, Sam Waley-Cohen, Mark Walford, Adrian Wintle;
    5 Tigger Barnes, Will Biddick, Gary Hanmer, Fred Hutsby, Tim Lane, Matthew Mackley, Michael Miller, Luke Morgan, Ran Morgan; 4 Ryan Bliss, Ian Chanin, Joe Docker, James Owen, Miles Seston.


    11 Claire Allen;
    10 Polly Gundry;
    9 Jacqueline Coward, Rachael Green;
    5 Diana Hobbs, Charlotte Tizzard;
    4 Jenny Gordon, Isabel Tompsett;
    3 Lucy Alexander, Kelly Bryson, Maxine Filby, Lucy Gardner, Cynthia Haydon, Katherine Hobbs, Emily Jarvis, Alice Mills, Angela Rucker, Caroline Taylor;
    2 Rose Davidson, Lucy Franks, Claire Hobson, Val Jackson, Emily MacMahon, Sarah West, Jane Williams, Jill Wormall.

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