Point-to-point championship leaderboard

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  • Men

    31 Richard Burton; 21 James Tudor; 19 Dickie Barrett, Nick Scholfield, Richard Woollacott; 18 Stuart Morris; 17 Oliver Greenall; 16 Darren Edwards, Phillip York; 15 Ryan Bliss, Julian Pritchard; 12 Ian Chanin, Chris Dawson, Neil Harris, Michael Miller, Sam Waley-Cohen; 10 Tim Lane, Nick Pearce, Adrian Wintle.


    22 Claire Allen; 16 Jacqueline Coward, Polly Gundry; 15 Rachael Green; 9 Isabel Tompsett; 7 Lucy Gardner, Rilly Goschen, Diana Hobbs; 6 Cynthia Haydon, Charlotte Tizzard; 5 Jenny Gordon, Katherine Hobbs, Jodie Hughes, Emily Jarvis, Alice Mills Sue Sharratt.

    Novice men

    19 Nick Scholfield; 9 David Maxwell; 5 Will Telfer.

    Novice women

    7 Diana Hobbs; 5 Emily Jarvis, Alice Mills; 4 Lucy Alexander, Hannah Watson; 3 Carey Buckler, Maxine Filby, Marta Graholska, Clare Hobson, Joanne Mason, Emily Noszkay, Kelly Smith.

    Horse & Hound Leading Horse

    7 Sea Snipe; 6 Carryonharry; 5 Ballylusky, Irilut, Let’s Fly, One Five Eight; 4 Aaron’s Run, Bon Accord, Dante’s Back, Fauntleroy, Iron Express, Lady Myfanwy, Lough Ennel, Millenium Way, Nautical Lad, Noakarad De Verzee, Noble Persian, Southwestern, Twenty Degrees, Watchyourback, Why Connie, Wise Man.

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