Horse & Hound; 7 November 2019

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, out on Thursday 7 November 2019, don’t miss our ‘Veteran special’ including why growing old with your horse can be uplifting and much more. In this week’s ‘Vet clinic’ we look at pinpointing neck pain in horses, and don’t miss our picture gallery from opening meets across the country. We also talk to talented young event rider Cathal Daniels, plus read our hunting features in which we explore the deep-rooted links between the sport and racing and more.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 7 November 2019


    • FEI changes for 2020: what’s on the cards?
    • Significant challenges to be faced in Tokyo
    • Experts bust myths on worming horses

    Veteran special

    • Life partnerships: Why growing old with your horse can be uplifting
    • The cost of a veteran: Do the rewards outweigh the challenges of older horses?
    • Still competitive: What you can aim for with your veteran across the disciplines


    • All in a day’s work: The ex-jump jockey
    • Property: South Downs
    • Vet clinic: Pinpointing neck pain in horses
    • H&H interview: Young Irish eventer Cathal Daniels
    • Fix it: Event rider Millie Dumas on keeping horses focused across country
    • Goodnight: Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary


    • Letters page, plus our weekly cartoon
    • Hunting: Andrew Sallis
    • Dressage: Carl Hester
    • Racing Kim Bailey


    • A day’s hunting with the Tetcott
    • Out and about: Pictures from the opening meets
    • Hunter of a lifetime: Pigwidgeon
    • Racing connections: The links between the two sports are deep-rooted
    • Hunt stalwart: Cattle farmer Phil Jones


    • Eventing: Highlights
    • Dressage: Vale View, highlights and more
    • Showjumping: Addington and highlights
    • Racing: Ascot, Wetherby and Santa Anita
    • Team chasing: Essex and Suffolk

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