Horse & Hound; 31 May 2018

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, out on Thursday 31 May 2018, don’t miss our training special including a look at the world’s top trainers, whether you should have multiple coaches and more. Plus, don’t miss our summer clothing guide and in this week’s H&H interview we talk to showjumper and recent winner of the Hamburg Derby, Matt Sampson. In ‘vet clinic’ we investigate health problems in miniature horses and check out the reports from eventing at Houghton, showjumping at Herts County and much more.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 31 May 2018


    • WEG prizes: some more equal than others
    • Eventing is becoming safer but more to be done
    • New disciplinary powers in hunting
    • Riders encouraged to donate brains to research

    Training special

    • Top trainers: The who’s who of the coaching world and what they can offer riders
    • Foreign perspective: We speak to riders who’ve spent time training abroad and reaped the rewards
    • Is two — or three ‚ better than one? Having multiple trainers can work, if it’s approached the right way


    • Derby and Oaks preview: We check out the horses to watch at this year’s Epsom showcase
    • Electric fencing: Tips and tricks to make it hassle-free this summer
    • Products: Keep one step ahead of the summer nasties
    • Summer clothing: Stay cool and comfortable with our best pick of riding gear
    • Bloodlines: Event horse Brendonhill Doublet
    • Puppy walking: Why caring for hound puppies can be both delightful and chaotic


    • All in a day’s work: Auctioneer John O’Kelly
    • Property: Extravagant horsey homes
    • Vet clinic: Health problems in miniature horses
    • H&H interview: Showjumper Matt Sampson
    • Masterclass: Show producer Craig Elenor on improving in-hand showing
    • Horse hero: 2018 Badminton victor Classic Moet
    • Goodnight: Columnist Tessa Waugh’s country diary


    • Letters page, plus 100 Horseworld Clichés
    • Eventing: Mark Phillips
    • Dressage: David Trott
    • Sport horse breeding: Carole Mortimer
    • Showjumping: Graham Fletcher
    • Showing: Simon Reynolds


    • Eventing: Houghton, Tweseldown, Bishop Burton and highlights
    • Dressage: Highlights
    • Showjumping: Herts County, Pyecombe, Fife County and international highlights
    • Showing: Devon County, Fife County and more
    • Point-to-point: Dingley, Cothelstone and Sedgefield
    • Endurance: Golden Horseshoe
    • Riding club: Festival of the Horse

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