Horse & Hound; 30 May 2024

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound, in shops from 30 May, read our showjumping special, where you can find out jump-off tips from Scott Brash and we explore the options for young showjumpers when they are trying to make it to the top of the sport. This week’s H&H interview is with dressage rider Pippa El Derby, who chats about horses and illness. You can also go behind the scenes with an Access All Areas feature with top racehorse trainer Aidan O’Brien, ahead of the Derby, plus William Fox-Pitt shares his Olympic memories. Also find out what it’s like flying horses to championships, celebrate Bramham’s 50th anniversary, find out how the Olympic Games has changed over the past 100 years, since Paris last hosted, and so much more. This week’s Vet Clinic focusses on atrial fibrillation and how we can treat this cause of poor performance. We have exclusive columns from Piggy March and Stuart Hollings for eventing and showing fans, plus read dressage, eventing, showjumping, showing and point-to-point reports, while hunting fans can read about why ex-racehorses can make good hunters.

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    • Tragic loss of top rider
    • What to be aware of in co-ownership
    • Calls for change to firework regulation
    • The importance of lorry payload

    Showjumping special

    • Jump-off tips: From Scott Brash and more
    • How to make it to the top: We explore the options for young showjumpers


    • Letters of the week
    • Eventing: Piggy March
    • Showing: Stuart Hollings

    People and horses 

    • H&H interview: Dressage rider Pippa El Derby on horses and illness
    • All in a day’s work: King’s Troop commanding officer
    • My Olympic Story: William Fox-Pitt’s memories
    • Access all areas: Aidan O’Brien
    • The picture, the story: The inimitable Stroller

    Vet clinic

    • Atrial fibrillation: Treating this cause of poor performance


    • Property: East and West Sussex 
    • New in the ring: The latest innovations
    • 100 years ago in Paris: How the Olympic Games have changed
    • Flying horses: Getting equines to championships
    • A golden jubilee: Celebrating Bramham


    • ‘They’ve seen everything’: Why ex-racers can make good hunters 


    • Eventing: Bicton Arena and Frenchfield
    • Dressage: Somerford Premier League, Senior Inter Regionals and more
    • Showing: Devon County and more
    • Showjumping: Wellington Riding, Wales and West and more
    • Point-to-point: Berks & Bucks and much more

    Classified Ads

    • Horses for sale, horseboxes, vehicles, jobs, insurance and more

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