Horse & Hound; 22 November 2018

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, out on Thursday 22 November 2018, check out our veteran special with a look at equine legends with longevity, plus read our point-to-point special too, which features a behind-the-scenes look at the successful operation run between Phil Rowley and Alex Edwards. We also delve into the world of equine winter management and don’t miss our interview with Irish event rider Sam Watson. We have reports from across the disciplines including racing action from Cheltenham and showjumping and dressage reports from across the country and much more.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 22 November 2018


    • Farewell to a legend
    • World Championships changes on the cards
    • Governing bodies defend riding after report

    Veteran special

    • All in a day’s work: Irish National Stud yard manager
    • Legendary longevity: Veteran horses across the different disciplines
    • Dynamic retirees: The equine stars still going strong

    Point-to-point special

    • Phil Rowley and Alex Edwards: We visit the successful pointing duo at their base in Shropshire
    • Alternative training: Ways to prep horses for races by thinking outside the box
    • The sport’s changing face: How point-to-pointers have changed over the years


    • Winter management: How owners can help their horses when the weather turns, plus our pick of clever products for the cold
    • Hunting reads: We reveal some of the sport’s best fiction to enjoy
    • Hunt legend: Capt Charlie Barclay
    • Hunter of a lifetime: The “perfect conveyance” PJ
    • Bloodlines: Event horse Albano Z


    • Property: Well-connected equestrian homes
    • Vet clinic: Spotlight on scoping of horses’ airways
    • H&H interview: Irish event rider Sam Watson
    • Fix it: Dressage rider Ruth Edge on the perfect trot
    • Goodnight: Columnist Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary, plus our weekly cartoon


    • Letters page, plus 100 Horseworld Objects
    • Hunting: Robert McCarthy
    • Dressage: Dane Rawlins
    • Breeding: Carole Mortimer
    • Showjumping: Michael Whitaker
    • Showjumping: Graham Fletcher
    • Showing: Stuart Hollings
    • Racing: Paddy Brennan


    • Hunting: Llandeilo Farmers and Farquhar’s Diary
    • Dressage: Highlights
    • Showjumping: Morris EC, SNEC Scottish Trophy Show and more
    • Showing: SFAS M&M Championship
    • Racing: Cheltenham, plus bloodstock
    • Point-to-point: Buckfastleigh

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