Horse & Hound; 14 May 2020

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, on sale Thursday, 14 May, don’t miss our ‘Budgeting special’ on dealing with the economic crunch caused by the pandemic, plus check out our ‘Rare breeds special’ in which we explore Britain’s “critical” native breeds, plus five breeds you may not know about and more. In this week’s H&H interview we talk to the new BHS chief executive James Hick and Olympic breeder Kim Barzilay tells us about her daily role. Don’t miss ‘Vet clinic’ about the significance of swellings on horses’ legs and we also have some great rider-focused exercises to keep lockdown boredom at bay. Enjoy our long-read feature ‘Legends of the sport’ on former top eventer Ginny Elliot, one of the first female Olympic medallists in the sport, plus much more.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 14 May 2020


    • Horse world’s first steps to a new normal
    • International recognition for grooms
    • Farriery research could open door for new ideas

    Budgeting special

    • The downturn: Dealing with the economic crunch
    • Managing costs: How those in our industry are budgeting during Covid-19
    • The cost of ownership: How to spend less without compromising on horse care

    Rare breeds special

    • A rare treat: Britain’s “critical” native breeds
    • A passion for the unusual: Lesser-known breeds with a cult following
    • Something new: Five breeds you may not know


    • Letters of the week
    • Eventing: Mark Phillips
    • Dressage: Anna Ross
    • Showjumping: Nick Skelton
    • Showing: Rebecca Penny

    People and horses

    • H&H interview: New BHS chief executive James Hick
    • 5 minutes with: Eventer Willa Newton on dream dates and being too apologetic
    • All in a day’s work: Olympic breeder and producer Kim Barzilay
    • We can’t wait to see: Event horse Vendredi Biats, ridden by Kitty King
    • Charity spotlight: Racing Welfare
    • Goodnight: Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary

    Vet clinic

    • Puffy joints: Exploring the significance of swellings


    • Life lessons: Showing producer Sam Darlington
    • Lockdown fitness: Great rider-focused exercises


    • Good in a crisis: The hunting world pulls together
    • Hunter of a lifetime: “Exceptional” Nelson
    • Countess Goess-Saurau: On life as a senior master of foxhounds


    • Legends of the sport: Olympic eventer Ginny Elliot

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