Horse & Hound; 14 March 2019

  • In this week’s Horse & Hound magazine, out on Thursday 14 March 2019, don’t miss part one of our ‘Sport horse breeding’ special issue, including our feature on the Helgstrand Dressage empire, plus we look at the influential sires of 2019 and much more. Also check out our interview with champion National Hunt trainer Nicky Henderson. In this week’s ‘Vet clinic’ we take a look at vaccinations, and we find out more about the banana-loving dressage gelding, Hawtins Delicato. Enjoy our hunting content, including days out with the Morpeth and Hursley Hambledon and more, plus we have reports from across the disciplines including eventing, dressage, showjumping and much, much more.

    What’s in Horse & Hound magazine: 14 March 2019


    • Unleashing the Central Equine Database
    • Crib-biting horses may learn faster
    • Royal Windsor brings in rider age rule
    • French impose ban on removing whiskers

    Sport horse breeding: part one

    • Helgstrand Dressage empire: Home to some of the most in-demand stallions
    • Breeding surprises: When foals turn out not quite to plan and the reasons why
    • 2019 sires: Influential stallions across the disciplines
    • Puissance: We visit the 31-year-old eventing sire
    • Brexit: How it could affect the breeding industry


    • All in a day’s work: The riding school founder
    • Property: Nestle in Northumberland
    • Vet clinic: Vital vaccinations
    • H&H interview: Champion National Hunt trainer Nicky Henderson
    • Fix it: Nicky Hanbury MFH on encouraging youngsters to jump hedges
    • Horse hero: The banana-loving dressage gelding Hawtins Delicato
    • Goodnight: Columnist Tessa Waugh’s hunting diary, plus our weekly cartoon


    • Letters page, plus 100 Horseworld Objects
    • Hunting: Robert McCarthy
    • Eventing: Harry Meade
    • Dressage: Maria Eilberg
    • Showjumping: John Whitaker
    • Point-to-point: Darren Edwards


    • Out with… The Morpeth and the Hursley Hambledon
    • Hunt stalwart: Field master Neil Gittens
    • Farquhar’s diary: An informative visit to the “professional” Percy hounds
    • Hunter of a lifetime: The “machine” Gus


    • Eventing: Tweseldown, Poplar Park, Oasby and more
    • Dressage: Myerscough, Wellington, Doha and more
    • Showjumping: Doha, Arena UK and highlights
    • Showing: Winter highlights
    • Point-to-point: Kingston Blount, Alnwick and Bangor-on-Dee
    • Racing: Sandown Park

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