What’s new: ZAMAR therapy system

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  • If running a busy yard makes it difficult to find the time to apply hot and cold therapy to horses’ legs through hosing and bandaging, then a new temperature treatment machine, designed by Italian refrigeration specialists, could be the solution.

    The ZAMAR system provides cold and hot treatment, combined with massage therapy, to improve circulation and promote healing. It is designed to help reduce and prevent joints problems, muscular strains and soreness. The machine is non-invasive and can be used both prior to and following competition for general maintenance of the legs, as well as to help with recovery from an injury.

    The system consists of a portable machine, similar to a small fridge, which is attached to two wraps via hoses. The machine pumps a liquid called Glycol through the hoses into the leg wraps, which are fitted onto the horse with Velcro fastenings. These wraps are soft and remain so even in a cold condition. The hoses have safety connectors fitted so if the horse pulls away, the hoses are instantly disconnected and the machine remains safely in position.

    The machine is designed to be fairly mobile so it can be used in the stable or taken away to competitions. It can be placed on a shelf, hung over the stable door or fixed to the wall within the stable area allowing the horse to be treated either in the stable or just outside. There is also a specially designed trolley available, which allows the system to be moved easily and safely from horse to horse.

    The system is available in a choice of hot and cold or cold only options with factory set recommended temperatures from 3 degrees C to 40 degrees C. The cold machine, which is also available in a battery-powered model, has a constant cold temperature and the hot/cold machine has a programmable cycle to give a combination of hot and cold treatment on as many cycles as required to treat the injury. All the machines have a massage function, which also helps to aid recovery.

    The system, which costs from around £2,600, has already found popularity in a number of top competition yards including those of John and Michael Whittaker, Jennie Loriston-Clarke and Peter Charles.

    For a free UK demonstration or for further information on the ZAMAR system (tel: 01706 829888 or 077345 66583) or visit: www.zamar.it

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