Sprenger launches new bitting collection

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  • A new bit material has been launched by the German brand Sprenger, containing the micronutrient manganese. Sensogan® is a development of Sprenger’s patented Aurigan material — a copper alloy that has been used in Sprenger bits for the past 20 years.

    Sprenger claims that the Sensogan range “maintains the positive features of Aurgian, yet intensifies them, giving an even more delicate and sophisticated connection to the horse”.

    The new material is white-gold, a distinctive composition of copper, manganese and zinc, which is designed not to tarnish easily and to polish to a high shine. A unique stamped black ring features on the cheeks of the mouthpieces.

    The reduced copper content, combined with manganese, is said to provide a more consistent flow of saliva. Manganese is known to assist in building up connective tissue and for muscle metabolism. It can also help prevent skin reactions.

    Sensogan_RingTests at Hannover’s University of Veterinary Medicine and the German Riding School in Warendorf showed that this combination of metals has a positive influence on the horse’s willingness to perform.

    The Sensogan range is available in many of Sprenger’s popular bit styles and sizes, including the KK Ultra, Dynamic RS, WH Ultra and Turnado ranges, plus many other individual weymouths, bradoons and jumping and training bits. Different bit rings can also be ordered to match stainless steel or bronze-coloured bridle work.

    Costs will be in keeping with the traditional Aurigan range, and will be available from selected retailers from October.

    For information contact Zebra Products, tel: 01352 763350

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