New Performance Flash Bridle by Mark Todd

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  • Mark Todd has launched a new Performance Flash Bridle.

    It is made from top-quality leather and is intended to be more comfortable for the horse.

    Key features include a unique, ergonomically designed padded noseband that is constructed to give “fixed positioning”, so that the front of the noseband is not pulled downwards by the action of the flash attachment.

    The noseband has buckles on both sides for a balanced fit and also slots through the bridle’s padded headpiece so that it passes externally over the poll in order to reduce pressure points — the headpiece incorporates a groove so that the noseband strap remains central and sits flush.

    “These new Performance Bridles are very supple and well padded on the noseband and headpiece,” said Mark Todd.

    “I especially like the flash version, since it’s designed to prevent that annoying tendency where the front of the noseband is pulled down by the flash attachment, which then in turn increases pressure at the back of the jaw and at the poll.”

    Available in black or brown in cob or full size, costing £177.99.

    For more information visit: www.wefi.co.uk

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