New horsefly trap released by Sentomol

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  • Sentomol has released a new product designed to reduce horsefly numbers. 

    The H-Trap is chemical-free design that mimicks the look of a large animal, using a large, black, inflatable ball. The ball absorbs heat and emits it and attracts insects by its temperature.The fly lands on the ball and a cone shaped cover funnels the insect into the collection bin, which stops the fly from escaping.

    David Loughlin managing director at Sentomol said: “The H-Trap is designed for outside use throughout the season, which typically covers from May to October. Anyone who’s encountered a horsefly bite knows how painful their stings are, and how they can swell and cause prolonged pain too. With the H-Trap, the number of horseflies is significantly reduced, in fact, independent trials have shown a reduction of over 90% in horsefly numbers in areas continually protected by H-Traps.”

    1 H-trap should be used for every 5 horses and they cost £180.

    For more information visit: www.horseflytrap.co.uk 

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