New equine supplement from Alltech

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  • Alltech has unveiled a new supplement designed for horses on minimal hard feed. Lifeforce Focus has been created to aid digestion in leisure horses with low levels of activity, or those that spend a lot of time grazing.

    Its manufacturers claim that the supplement creates “an ideal digestive environment, which allows good bacteria to work most effectively throughout the gut, helping to prevent digestive upsets.”

    “Increasing numbers of horse owners are recognising the benefits of allowing their horses to live more naturally,” said a spokesman for Alltech. “While undoubtedly nature’s own diet is the best, pasture quality can vary significantly.”

    Lifeforce Focus contains all natural ingredients, and provides organic trace minerals.

    It should be fed at the rate of 56g per day, split between two feeds.

    It is available in a sample pouch of 1.7kg (30-day supply) or 5kg (90-day supply) at a cost of £60.

    For further information, visit www.lifeforcehorse.com or tel: 01780 764512.

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