Nettex Gut Balancer designed to aid digestive health

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  • A new digestive supplement, which the manufacturer claims “will keep the gut healthy and functioning at its best all year round”, is now available to horse owners.

    Nettex Gut Balancer is intended to be fed either to prevent or cure digestive problems.

    The product will reduce acidity, enhance condition and provide relief from gastric discomfort, says the company.

    Nettex also claims that Gut Balancer will help with vices such as windsucking and crib-biting, maintain weight and calm irritable horses.

    Made from “the highest grade ingredients”, the supplement contains Diamond V XPC, a concentrated yeast culture.

    Prices start £19.99 for 750g, which is around a 30 day supply.

    For more information visit: www.nettexequine.com.

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