Low starch and sugar feed launched

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  • Dodson & Horrell has launched a new feed for horses needing a low starch and sugar diet.

    The new feed contains soya lecithin to support weight maintenance, fat digestion and absorption and B vitamins and carnitine to help the metabolism of fat.

    The horse’s immune system is supported by Dodson & Horrell’s patented QLC package of antioxidants, the digestive system from the live Actisaf yeast and prebiotics and joint function by the omega 3 fatty acids and glucosamine.

    Also added into the mix are herbs, essential amino acids and digestible fibre to make the feed easy to chew and palatable.

    “A great deal of research has gone into developing this new product, CushCare Condition. We are confident it will fill a big gap in the market,” said Sam Horrell, the company’s marketing director.

    The vets and horse owners consulted in the trials were “extremely positive” with 87% of owners saying they will continue feeding CushCare Condition.

    Owners consulted said their horses had improved coat condition, appetite and weight gain. “She has eaten each feed and her appetite is slowly increasing,” said one respondent.

    “Previously vets have not been able to effectively manage the needs of older horses in poor condition. The challenge is enormous; there simply have been no appropriate weight-gain feeds with a low enough sugar and starch content to minimise the risk of laminitis,” explains Dodson & Horrell company vet, Chloe Bristow.

    She said CushCare Condition is “a feed that enables condition gain but is suitable for horses prone to laminitis.”

    The feed should be introduced gradually and any queries can be answered by the Dodson & Horrell’s company vet through the nutritional helpline tel 0845 345 2627.

    The feed costs £14.24 for an 18 kg bag. It is available for pre-order now and will be shipped from 17 November.

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