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Driver certificate of professional competence (CPC):

• This will apply to new drivers of goods vehicles from September 2009, and is required for all professional drivers of goods vehicles over 3.5tonnes.

• Drivers of vehicles who require a driver CPC and who do not possess one, are liable to a fine of £3,000.

Welfare of animals during transport certificate of competence:

• This is needed if you transport horses for hire or reward. There are two types — one for journeys over 65km or up to eight hours and the second for all journeys, including those over eight hours.

• Since January 2008, there has also been a requirement for transporters of livestock to possess a second certificate of competence — if, for example, the driver is accompanied by a travelling groom.

• Operators of vehicles without the correct operator licence are liable to a fine of £5,000.

Driving hours:

• These apply to drivers of horseboxes over 7.5tonnes, or combinations of vehicles exceeding 7.5tonnes — i.e a car and trailer.

• A person can drive for 4.5hrs continuously, but is then required to have a break of 45mins.

• A driver must take an 11hr daily rest period within each 24hr period. On three occasions in a week the driver can reduce this to 9hrs.

• Individuals cannot drive — or work — for more than 56hrs in any one week (from 00.00 on Monday to 23.59 on Sunday) or 90hrs in any two-week period.

• After six daily driving periods (or periods of work), a weekly rest period is required. This can be 24hrs after one week, but in any two-week period a driver must have a weekly rest period of 45hrs and a reduced weekly rest period of 24hrs.

• Drivers not complying with the regulations on rest periods are liable to fines of up to £2,500.

This article was first published in Horse & Hound (5 March, ’09)

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