Increasing your income through horses

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  • Find an equestrian business

    Learn more about legal issues with equine businesses

    Whether it’s hiring yourself out as a freelance groom or renting your fields for retirement livery, find an opportunity that works for you.

    Assess your skills, your set-up and your available time before choosing an enterprise to suit you.

    Good, old-fashioned, word of mouth works wonders, but social networking through Facebook and Twitter is the hot new way to promote your services.

    Be upfront about your extra income to keep the taxman happy. It’s your duty to inform HMRC as soon as you start.

    Do you need insurance? Check that you — and your customers — are covered.

    Weigh up the risks if you can’t afford to take time off from your day job.

    To find out how you could supplement your income through horses, don’t miss our money-spinning special in the current issue of Horse & Hound (13 January, 2011)

    Looking for an equestrian business?

    Find out more about legal issues with equine businesses

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