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  • WHEN it comes to bits, silver stainless steel has long been the only colour option available, so when H&H spotted show jumper Matthew Sampson using what looked like a gold-coloured bit we could hardly believe our eyes. Were we seeing things, or are bits available in different colours? What will the traditionalists say?

    What are they?

    THESE bits are made by Equipe and are available in pink, blue, green and gold (the colour fades naturally over time).

    It’s not just about the colour though — the manufacturer says the coloured titanium is the best bitting material available due to its anti-bacterial properties and light weight.

    Titanium is, by nature, covered by a layer of dioxide which destroys bacteria and is effective against polluting agents in the atmosphere. The material is also a low heat conductor and non-magnetic. Tests have shown that horses produce more saliva when using titanium bits.

    Who uses them?

    EIGHTEEN-year-old Matthew Sampson is one of the first to break away from tradition by trying a gold-coloured bit on his horses.

    “I like these Equipe titanium bits as the horses seem to mouth-up really well in them,” Matthew says.

    “They are much lighter than stainless steel which is why I like to use them on younger horses as well. While I haven’t competed in the gold bit yet, it will no doubt get its competitive debut in 2008.”

    Where can I get one?

    TITANIUM coloured bits are available from Equipe and will be launched in the UK this month.

    Price: £99
    Zebra Products Tel: 01942 681002

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