H&H Asks: ‘continental-style’ trailers

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  • Many of us can’t afford a lorry, but envy horsebox owners with a dry place to change or wait between classes. Trailers with living areas are an alternative, and seem to be getting more prevalent at events around Britain.

    Who makes trailers with living compartments?

    YORKSHIRE-based company Equitrek manufactures a range of trailers with living areas. The Show-Trekka model comes with a hob, sink, wardrobe, table and seating that can be used as bunks, and carries two horses. The Four Star-Trekka offers seating for four people, sleeping for two as well as the above, while the Five Star version includes all of this, plus insulated walls, oak doors, wall cupboards and a separate toilet.

    Fautras makes a trailer with custom-made luxury living — the Olympus Voyager. It can sleep two people.

    Who uses them?

    LORRAINE Arnell, who events at pre-novice level, opted for an Equitrek trailer.

    “I love my trailer and would be lost without it,” she says. “It does its job fantastically, and I don’t have the budget for a lorry. We can quite happily sleep two people and a dog in the living area.”

    For Lorraine, the trailer offers comfort, as well as entertainment, when staying at a show.

    “My trailer has a seat that converts into two bunk beds, a sink, cupboards and a gas hob and lots of storage. I’ve installed sockets so I can run a heater, fridge, stereo and TV,” she says.

    Are they difficult to tow?

    Not for Lorraine: “I find the Equitrek smooth to tow, and I can do so easily with my Shogun Sport Warrior — but I only have one horse in the trailer.”

    Equitrek says that the trailers are “designed for easy towing, within the capacity of most 4x4s”.

    However, trailers with living tend to be slightly heavier than standard trailers, which often weigh less than 1,000kg. Equitrek two-horse trailers weigh 1,250kg to 1,750kg (unladen, depending on model), while the Fautras Olympus Voyager trailer weighs in the region of 1,800kgs.

    How much do they cost?

    EQUITREK trailers with living start at a basic price of £7,279 (inc VAT) up to £12,868 for the Five Star-Trekka.

    Contact tel: 01484 662912 www.equi-trek.com

    For information about the Fautras Olympus Voyager, visit www.fautrashorsetrailers.co.uk

    This Q&A was first published in Horse & Hound (11 January, ’07)

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