An accident and a bleak future can be the mother of invention. When Danielle Hendy thought she would lose her horse, Missy, due to suspensory injuries suffered in a freak field accident a year ago, she made a candle-holder out of her mare’s shoes as a keepsake.

The candle-holder proved popular, so Ms Hendy put her new skill to profitable use, selling a variety products welded from horseshoes to pay off her vet bills. Two months ago, she set up a company, Eqwine, selling wine racks, candle-holders, picture frames, letter-racks and hooks.

“On top of my insurance I still owed £3,000 [in vet bills] so I started selling my items and went from there,” said Ms Hendy, who has completed part of a farriery apprenticeship and knew how to weld.

“Fortunately Missy is still with me after six months’ box-rest — retired as a field ornament.”

The products are made from new horseshoes supplied by Arthur Cottam, unless customers prefer to supply their own.

A website will be set up imminently, but in the meantime, products are available for purchase on

Prices start at £17.99 for a single bottle rack; £14.99 for a candle holder; £7.99 for photo-frames.