Equilibrium has added 2 new products to its nutritional range

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  • Equilibrium has added 2 new products to its Munch range — Calmmunch and Fleximunch

    The new grass based products can be given wet or dry in a bucket or hay net and will benefit both your horse’s health and temperament.

    Calmmunch is low calorie, low sugar, high fibre specifically designed for anxious or excitable horses and ponies.

    Fleximunch will benefit your horse and help with joint support because it contains glucosamine as well as other nutrients.

    A spokesman from Equilibrium said: “Calmmunch offers a dual approach to calming a compressed fibre form that promotes an extended eating time, so satisfying the innate need to forage and supporting gastric health, which has then been combined with added calming ingredients.

    “Fleximunch is made from top quality Timothy grass and the blocks are enriched with glucosamine and MSM, plus rosehips, ginger and Boswellia, all known for their joint supporting properties.”

    Both Calmmunch and Fleximunch come in a 1kg block and they cost £3.95 each.

    For more information visit: www.EquilibriumProducts.Ltd

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